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  1. arciedee

    Anyone a workout junkie??

    Kinda... my biggest obstacle is time. I want to exercise more but sometimes the schedule just doesn't allow. I've never been into gyms, used to be dance classes, but now it's more walking or using workout DVDs (I like the privacy of my own place, plus I can pop one in whenever I want). Recently I've gotten on a Kundalini yoga kick and also have upped the walking.
  2. arciedee

    Manual or Automatic?

    My parents had me learn first on the drivers' ed car which was of course an automatic. But after that it was stick shift all the way (that's all my parents owned at the time and they weren't about to go buy another car for me, so it was either learn or keep having to get rides). In fact, I had to order my current car from the factory just to get the manual... manual was more of an option on my car and not one that many dealers were stocking. It's great fun, though. I wish more cars were made with manual trannys. I feel more in control with them than with automatics, especially up here with the snowy winters.
  3. arciedee

    elizabells' narcissism thread

    Okay, just to jump on the Icky Psychiatrist bandwagon, here's an excerpt from a client handbook of a counseling place regarding what are UNacceptable therapist attitudes and behaviors. Professionalism (Therapist's credentials and office practice): avoiding or refusing information about credentials/licensing using alcohol or illegal drugs during sessions indulging in an erotic relationship with you during therapy Power (Use of the therapist's authority and knowledge): degrading, humiliating, intimidating, shaming or pressuring you personally/emotionally or socially and/or physically/sexually for the purpose of exploitation Relationship (Quality and use of therapist's and client's feelings): using inappropriate erotic comments touching you sexually having any sexual or social contact with you, in or out of the office, with or without your consent Their response is to end the relationship, terminate therapy, see another therapist, and consider reporting the action. Seriously, you can mail him a check, but you do NOT have to put up with this every week. It sounds far from being theraputic. As for the guy, exactly, whatev. There are more (and better) out there. And actually, being single can be pretty good, too.
  4. arciedee

    Funny stories about your family

    One day when my niece was around two-years-old my mom was watching her for the day. This was before Super Nanny was on TV, but my mom employed the "naughty chair" technique... they had a child-sized rocking chair that used to be mine and when K was naughty she was made to sit in the chair. That day she was serving her pennance when my father arrived home for his lunch break. The chair was facing the front door and when he opened it he was greeted by "Hi Papa! I'm being naughty!!!" with a big grin from K. He had to quickly put on a stern face and then walk quickly to the bedroom so that he could laugh without her hearing.
  5. arciedee

    Some Fun facts about .....the members here.

    Congrats Gompers!!! :balloons: Wonderful news... best wishes for the next 28 weeks!
  6. arciedee

    PLEASE ANSWER: How do YOU know when YOUR "In love"?

    I actually disagree that love means "no doubts." I think that doubt, fear, etc. are pretty normal emotions, especially if you are considering a change in the relationship (whether it's getting engaged/married, planning to have a baby, move across the country, whatever). The tough part comes in distinguishing what is real "uh-oh" fear and what are just emotions that crop up as part of the transition.
  7. arciedee

    PLEASE ANSWER: How do YOU know when YOUR "In love"?

    :yeahthat: That pretty much sums it up for me... and I say this as my wonderful FH and I are treading some choppy waters in our relationship at the moment. I don't know what's going to happen with us. I know that if we decide to split that I'll be okay... I liked being single. But while I don't NEED him... but I sure as heck WANT to be with him. For me there was no divine sign, no fireworks (well, actually it WAS the 4th of July when we got together, so I guess there were), no immediate feeling that this was "The One." I had that feeling once with someone else, but that relationship ended very badly, so I wouldn't have believed in it if I had felt it. FH and I spent weeks being "just friends" and through the conversations we had I began to realize that the guy I thought could never exist was sitting right there next to me. It was a revelation, but it still took me a while to get fully comfortable with the feeling. Once I did, though, whoo! Of course I think love is defined as many ways as there are people... so this is my own experience. And I'm not sure that I'm the best person to talk about love at the moment. It's not all puppy dogs and roses, that's for sure! But I also know that if we get through this rough patch together that our relationship will be even stronger and I'd rather go through this stress with him than to have the ease of being alone.
  8. arciedee

    In dire need of hugs.....my kitty died.

    Guess I'm a little late here, but I wanted to add my condolences. Our animals become such an integral part of our lives and they leave such a hole when they go. It sounds like Billah had a wonderful life with your family. Hugs and a pint of your favorite brew to you. (((Weetzie & Weetzie family)))
  9. arciedee

    Do you have a library card?

    I didn't have one for years until I moved to my current home two years ago. I don't have cable, so it seemed like a good way to pass the time, lots of books and DVDs. The best part about the DVDs is that you can keep them for a week FREE! Beats renting them. Though the selection is a bit more limited, of course...
  10. arciedee

    TGIF June 2, 2006

    Hey bethin... Wow, what a roller-coaster for you! Scary when a 3.25 isn't "good enough." I'm sure you've considered it already, but have you thought about applying for an LPN program and then working up that way? I just hate to think of you giving up a dream if there are other paths to travel to accomplish it. On the other hand it sounds like you enjoy the criminal justice stuff, so maybe that is the right path for you for now. I certainly understand how frustrating it must be, though. Know that we're all here supporting you no matter what direction you decide to go in. Good luck w/ the yoga! I just ordered a new yoga DVD the other day... it got great reviews on amazon, can't wait to try it out! Hi Beary... spiky, huh? I've fantasized about cutting my hair that short, but never had the guts to do it. I've been trying to grow it out, but have an appointment tomorrow and think I might cut it shorter... there's a reason I ditched the long hair years ago! Hope work goes well this weekend! Fun, I'm sure Kaylee would just LOVE it if you got her a horse :lol2: Enjoy the time w/ the niece and the kiddos at home. Hope you're enjoying stats. I'm thinking I might get a book to review that... I have my book from when I took it in college, but I was a math major, and sad to say, that book is way over my head now! Kat, sorry about the lab results. Especially when you've been working so hard on your health! Hope the appointment helps clear up what's going on! Suzy, you don't know your own powers! Not sure if the rain has reached us here in Boston yet... haven't ventured outside. It's supposed to be cooler today, but still wicked humid. Hoping that will go away with more rain (shh... did I just say that?!?!). Of course, this is New England, so no, the humidity will not be going away until September or so, I fear! Hi Donna, hope you are feeling better today! Good luck getting everything done! Well, they were handing out samples of the Coca-Cola Blak in our work caf today. We'll see if the caffeine jolt will help me get stuff accomplished this afternoon!
  11. arciedee

    24 hour baby channel, the latest bad idea

    It does make you wonder... especially considering that research has pointed, numerous times, to the fact that television is not appropriate for babies. Isn't the American Pediatrics Association recommendation something like no TV until the age of 2? I have no problem w/ a little Sesame Street or Mr. Rogers for the pre-school set. But the TV should not be a substitute for caregiving.
  12. arciedee

    Hang-up and drive

    I usually take a commuter bus to work, so I get a pretty good vantage point of other drivers. One morning, I kid you not, I looked over and saw a man READING A BOOK. Not a glance at a map or the headlines of the newspaper during a stop in traffic, but a big ol' chapter book open on the steering wheel while driving in heavy traffic at highway speeds. :trout: One of my coworkers saw a woman eating a bowl of cereal while driving. Okay, so one hand holds the bowl, the other the spoon and, um, what exactly is steering the car?!?! I mean, you can get away with knee steering for only so long. Not to mention that if you have to make a sudden stop (and in this part of MA you can expect to need to do that rather often) you've got milk down your front! They do make those handy milk and cereal bars now, ya know. Or just hold off 'til you get to the office!
  13. arciedee

    I Got A New Van!!!!!

  14. arciedee

    TGIF June 2, 2006

    Hi there. Bethin, sorry to hear that nursing didn't work out for you. But we like to have you check in and let us know what you're up to. Good job on the exercising thing. I've been pretty good about it this week, myself. Hope to keep it up! Weetzie, good to see you around, too! Studying?!?! Whatcha studying for? Personally I'm feeling a little lost without a textbook to lug around right now. It's quite strange. Rain, I am hoping you have a truly awesome work weekend. I know you get stressed out, but remember that this is just part of the learning curve. One of my best friends took about a year of nursing to get to feeling really comfortable with her skills. You'll get there! Donny, enjoy your week off. Sounds like it will be great! Tweety, have a good day at work. Hi compassion1 Suzy, your dance worked WAY too well! Power went off right around 12:30 this morning, didn't come back on for two or three hours! Oh well... hopefully this flood stuff they're talking about won't happen. We've had enough flooding for one year! Hi native, siri, and Sue :wavey: rn2be_nj, hope your cold goes away soon! Okay, suppose I should get to work now :uhoh21:
  15. arciedee

    Thursday June 1st 2006

    Hi everyone... lots of iced coffee here. I suppose I can make some hot, too! I love iced coffee, this time of year. :penguin: Tweety, hi! Have a good day at work. Tim, don't believe I've met you yet, but :hbsmiley: Suzy, what's on your schedule today? Hi Native! SueB, I'm still waking up from my bus nap... coffee definitely helps! Mary Ann, what a long night! Hope the inservice goes well. Siri, wow, your countdown is just zooming down! You'll be on the beach in no time! Okay, gotta go work now :(