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  1. moonshadeau

    Any good tips to know before building a house

    Thanks everyone. My husband wouldn't care it the property was a 60 acre lot as long as it has the capability of building a pond or has one that already exsists. As for my experience in home building... Yeah, that is a big, fat, zero. I expect that we will be doing a good chunk of the work independently. My husband is the most perfectionistic man that I know. It WILL be built right the first time. That much I know. What scares me is how much the RIGHT way will cost. And yes, that is my little one in my avatar. 9 months old at the end of the week. Not a tooth in sight.
  2. moonshadeau

    What's in your CD Player Right Now?

    Monsta Jams. All the good RB/Hip Hop stuff from the mid 90's. Cheesy, but good. The bass vibrations keep me awake on the long drives.
  3. Hey guys, In our search to find a decent house, we have discovered that the housing market moves much faster than we do. We we asked to look at a house that was just going on the market, hadn't been listed yet... Already has an offer on the table and it isn't even LISTED yet! So in our wealth of frustration we decided that we are going to build a house. Any one have words of caution before starting this endevor? I looked at the estimated cost of building just the house at 45-150$ per sq foot. The price ends up somewhere between 164K and 600K, that kinda variation scares me a bit. Help!
  4. moonshadeau

    Questions Only game--part 2

    Did you see Frog Prince and I driving around town in MY 55 chevy?
  5. moonshadeau

    Questions Only game--part 2

    Where is my frog Prince Charming?
  6. moonshadeau

    Hi not a new nurse, but new to allnurses

    Welcome to our little family.
  7. moonshadeau

    gwenith's BIG DAY!

    Happy Birthday. I was going to sing "how old are you know" but since Brian put in the age thing... Hope that your birthday is great!
  8. I would be totally freaked out if I was in the subway system right now stopped with no power. They are saying that some of the cell phones aren't working either. Hope that people stay calm and not let fear get the best of them.
  9. They are saying they don't believe that it is a terrorist attack.
  10. moonshadeau

    Digital Cameras

    PRN a boppy is the greatest thing in the world. It is that red thing in the picture. It is a horse shoe pillow that can fit around the mom's waist to feed her baby. My baby sits in it, uses it for tummy time, uses it for bottle feeding. When he gets older and can support himself sitting up but could fall over, you sit them in it to prevent them from falling backwards. I couldn't live without it.
  11. moonshadeau

    Shopping for school clothes

    My sister who is 17 is into the "name" on the clothes rather than the clothes itself. She has found the great gift of second hand resellers. Now she finds all the brand names that she wants at a better price, so when it ends up to be a pile on the floor it isn't such a big deal. Now if only the clothes weren't so hideous. When I was in high school there was a great place that we called the Barn. Which is what it was. A place that people dropped off all the clothes that they didn't want to deal with. If you can imagine that clothes were strewn at least 6 feet high in some places and everything in there was 10 cents. You could still find some things with the tags on. You could throw clothes every which way and find real treasures. I stopped going when the owner got bored and put everything on hangers. Ruined the fun of being messy. I have digressed. Hope that you found some good deals shopping.
  12. moonshadeau

    Digital Cameras

    We just bought a Nikkon Coolpix 3100. It is awesome. 3.2 megapixels. We are still discovering all the cool things that it does. It took the picture of Nicholas sitting in his Boppy after bathtime that is in my avatar. I love the plug and play.
  13. moonshadeau

    National Post's Blatchford: Bring back the handmaidens

    I believe that the original intent of this thread was that the image of nursing in Canada was portrayed in a negative light. I also believe that really does work hard to empower nurses to take responsibility for the portrayed image of nursing to the public through the media. Ms. Summers is correct in stating that nurse professionals need to be mindful of how we present ourselves to the public, both to-be nursing professionals and the general public. Both groups which access this public board. I do believe that some comments were taken too literally and misinterpreted. Don't look for zebras when you hear hoof beats! I am posting the links to the Canadian post and the author of the article that started this discussion so that letters may continue to be sent to the author about the ignorance of her piece. I encourage letter writing if not for, but for the profession itself as we struggle to find our "respect" among the media and the public on a daily basis. We should not tolerate being thrown into a blanket statement of all Canadian floor nurses are essentially horrible to their patients. Remember how effective we as a profession were to the Clairol campaign? I am going to close this thread for comment now. Please email Christie Blatchford at Please make sure to copy the Editor of the National Post at and send a blind carbon copy of your letter to us at so that we can monitor the effectiveness of this campaign. Thank you for advocating for the nursing profession. Please pm me or any of the mods for further discussion regarding this thread.
  14. moonshadeau

    Edited title: Moonshadeau's baby is here!

    Thanks everyone. Definately interesting having a baby at home. I forgot to tell you about my psycho bed at the hospital. It was a newer basic Hil-Rom bed and the controls kept shorting out so that they wouldn't respond to the siderail anymore. After some monkeying around with it, it started working again. I loved the mattress and didn't want to get another bed, so I stuck with it. Then the bed tried to squeeze me to death. I was holding the baby and my friend sat on the bed with me and all of a sudden the feet of the bed started going up without anyone pushing any buttons. It was very similar to the cartoon where the character gets smushed by the bed. I had to have my friend pull out the power cord to keep it from killing me Funny but scary at the same time. Nicholas is doing well. Thank goodness for Grandma. Thanks for the well wishes. Content of this message, grammatical errors may be blamed on TUI (typing under the influence) caused by Vicodin treating the spinal headache.
  15. moonshadeau

    Edited title: Moonshadeau's baby is here!

    I am here. I have been schlepping on my mod duties because I went into labor on Saturday evening and delivered early Sunday morning. My water broke while I was taking a bath, how confusing is that to a first time mom in labor. My biggest complaint was that I was in severe 10/10 pain on arrival to the hospital. I was 4cm/90%. I begged for something for pain. In fact I begged for over two hours for anything. After the 2 hour mark, I asked why I wasn't getting my pain controlled. She said it was because she hadn't called the doc yet to even let them know I was here. And that she was working AS FAST AS SHE CAN. Grrr. Finally got some Fentanyl and an hour later my epidural ended up being an intrathecal. What a god send. Unfortunately, they checked me right after and found that I had jumped to 10 and ready to push. Two hours of pushing and a c-section later... Nicholas Ryan arrived... July 6th at 6:46am weighing in at a chunky 8lbs 13oz 21" 7 hours of good pain The only side effect was that I developed carpal tunnel? on my right hand since the surgery, which makes caring for baby and typing difficult. Hope it goes away...