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  1. moonshadeau

    Any good tips to know before building a house

    Thanks everyone. My husband wouldn't care it the property was a 60 acre lot as long as it has the capability of building a pond or has one that already exsists. As for my experience in home building... Yeah, that is a big, fat, zero. I expect that we will be doing a good chunk of the work independently. My husband is the most perfectionistic man that I know. It WILL be built right the first time. That much I know. What scares me is how much the RIGHT way will cost. And yes, that is my little one in my avatar. 9 months old at the end of the week. Not a tooth in sight.
  2. moonshadeau

    What's in your CD Player Right Now?

    Monsta Jams. All the good RB/Hip Hop stuff from the mid 90's. Cheesy, but good. The bass vibrations keep me awake on the long drives.
  3. Hey guys, In our search to find a decent house, we have discovered that the housing market moves much faster than we do. We we asked to look at a house that was just going on the market, hadn't been listed yet... Already has an offer on the table and it isn't even LISTED yet! So in our wealth of frustration we decided that we are going to build a house. Any one have words of caution before starting this endevor? I looked at the estimated cost of building just the house at 45-150$ per sq foot. The price ends up somewhere between 164K and 600K, that kinda variation scares me a bit. Help!
  4. moonshadeau

    Questions Only game--part 2

    Did you see Frog Prince and I driving around town in MY 55 chevy?
  5. moonshadeau

    Questions Only game--part 2

    Where is my frog Prince Charming?
  6. moonshadeau

    Any one else poor?

    AHHHHHHHHHH! That feels at least a little better. My finances have become way out of control. I feel like I am circling the drain. Now remember, I am young and inexperienced so I have a mother to tell me how bad it is to be in debt and all of those good lectures. I work two jobs one I make 17.85 base/hour and the other 19.65/hr. AN average of 70 hours a week. I am worried about med errors and patient safety, but also worried that I am too young to declare bankruptcy. HELP! Any advice?