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  1. uRNmyway

    Is it just me or all the female nurses

    Well call me crazy, but I qwerty to nursing school to be a nurse, not to date. This is kinda what these comments come across as. On top of shallow.
  2. uRNmyway

    Is it just me or all the female nurses

    Oh God, you boys are caught. This is just...sad...
  3. uRNmyway

    Just Write it Right!

    ESL is no excuse. English is not my first language, but when I am communicating with other professionals, whether on the internet, charting, or actually speaking to someone, I make sure to speak properly. Sure, sometimes my syntax might be a bit off. I have the horrible habit of coming on here when I'm tired, and my flighty thoughts make for some interesting reads later. But I will re-read my post and correct it as needed. There is a HUGE difference between requesting perfection and a simple legible post.
  4. uRNmyway

    Conservative nurses

    Of course not, without being one of the bigwigs, it's impossible to know 100%. But knowing how much this change is really going to affect their staffing, I can't help but be pretty darn convinced they are doing it because of being forced to give benefits to full-time employees.
  5. uRNmyway

    Conservative nurses

    The ACA affected the department I was hired for, shutting it down. The one created to take it's place had no benefits, and as of 2014, had maximum hours per week that could be worked, 29.5. Because I needed coverage for my toddler and I, I had to apply for other positions, and all that was available had drastically lower pay, not to mention the scheduling sucks.
  6. uRNmyway

    Conservative nurses

    Yes, and how many people LOST their insurance because of the ACA? I had a great job, made great money. Then rules changed, I had to take a huge pay cut just to get coverage for myself and my daughter. Almost half my salary. Is it fair that people like you can't get covered? Of course not. But is it fair for people like me to lose it and a great job because of it?
  7. uRNmyway

    'Obamacare' and your job

    And to add to that, is it fair that someone would be denied insurance coverage because of a pre-existing condition? Of course not. But is it fair that because of all this, I, a healthy individual, lost MY coverage, for me and my young daughter. And I make too much for her to be covered by Medicaid. And then on top of that, my position will soon only be part time. So I lose my insurance coverage, AND lose income?! Where's the fairness there?!
  8. uRNmyway

    Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning?

    Ironically, I was in my highschool history class, in a small rural town in Quebec. My teacher walked out of class when someone came to speak to him, and her came back in with a tv a few minutes later. He said history was being made with this tragedy happening to our American brothers, and nothing would ever be the same. And he was right. I had no idea there was still so much hate in this world. And I had even less of an idea of how much of that hate was directed at us as North-Americans. Viva, I'm like you. I was still a kid myself at that time, but now, I think back on it, on all the horrible crap that keeps happening...all I want to do is hug my daughter tight, find some private island somewhere and just isolate ourselves from all that hate.
  9. uRNmyway

    British Soldier Hacked to death

    Depends on where you are and what penalties are like. In the US, the justice system is often too extreme. In fact, I think it tends to CREATE more criminals than to punish them. In Canada, I think the justice system is too weak. Penalties there can be a real joke, a slap on the wrist, really. Another one of those things that needs some major reform.
  10. uRNmyway

    British Soldier Hacked to death

    That's not just the US though. It seems most governments in the West have just been bending over to avoid offending the Muslim faith, because they want to remind us all that not all Muslims are radicals who kill. However, at some point, they will have to start condemning the hate speech. I mean, they have no issues condemning the Westboro Baptists or the KKK for their hate speech, they aren't afraid of offending white people after all! So why not the radical Muslims? I just don't get it.
  11. uRNmyway

    Think I'm Gonna Write That Book........

    Let us know when you do, I'll buy!
  12. uRNmyway

    Obama must console student who couldn't answer what 2-1=.

    Don't remember where, I could dig it up if needed, but I could swear I saw statistics showing how education started going downhill in the US soon after the federal Department of Education was created.
  13. uRNmyway

    How many of you are aware Israel controls the USA?

    BTW, any postings I make about 9/11 will just defacto assume Israeli leadership of the terrorist event, it's not something I will debate. If others have a different view on it, we'll just have to accept that people have different views. That is an extraordinary thing to say, given all the evidence there is to the contrary of your statement. Once again, a issue from this point I am not willing to debate. 'Not willing to debate' usually just means 'I actually have nothing to prove my point so I might as well not start'.
  14. uRNmyway

    How many of you are aware Israel controls the USA?

    It is my understanding that anyone of Jewish ancestry can apply for Israeli citizenship before the age of 18. Correct me if I'm wrong, as I did not really investigate. But I find it extremely foolish to accuse Israel of trying to cause problems when really, they just defend themselves and their interests. The rest of the world is trying to take away THEIR land to appease the 'Palestinians' (again, no such thing). The fact that they are better, more organized fighters than the rest of the Middle East and thus are more successful, that does not make them trouble makers.
  15. uRNmyway

    How many of you are aware Israel controls the USA?

    You do realize there is no such thing as Palestine, thus no such thing as a Palestinian, right? Jus' sayin'.