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  1. Raviepoo

    Thank you Planned Parenthood!

    Debate s OK, but lies really are not. Could you please stop spreading lies?
  2. I lived through it. I remember. Are you not aware that there is a historical record and it is possible to fact check any claim made by any entity? You can't just believe everything you read on the Brietbart Report.
  3. This never happened. Check snopes.com. It's just another one of the many things that the tin foil brigade has made up to discredit Hillary over the years. It simply is not true. Unfortunately, many people believe it. In my opinion (and I'm not alone in this) the Watergate investigation is probably the reason that Hillary is so loathed in Republican circles. Oh, and the fact that she's an uppity female who doesn't understand that her place is in the kitchen.
  4. Raviepoo

    Thank you Planned Parenthood!

    I am respectfully requesting that the name calling cease before this thread gets frozen by the admins for TOS violations. PJABRAHAM, I don't appreciate you hijacking this thread. Your opinions are your own. You're being rude trying to force them on those who don't agree with you. If you loathe the good work that Planned Parenthood does, why don't you post your own "I hate Planned Parenthood" thread and leave those of us who support the work of Planned Parenthood alone? We will continue to fight to assure access to birth control and women's health care to all who need it. You're not going to stop us. It's a personal matter between patient and clinician, and no one has any right to intrude.
  5. Polls tell us what people think. Sometimes people's thoughts have very little to do with reality.
  6. Raviepoo

    Thank you Planned Parenthood!

    Um, what do you call a blastocyst that fails to implant? Or a non-viable zygote that miscarries so early that the woman carrying it doesn't even know it's there? I call both of those clumps of cells. You are never going to convince a person of my religious background that life begins at conception. It's a fool's errand. Why expend the energy? Planned Parenthood does not do mammograms and has never claimed to do mammograms. Young woman do not need mammograms for screening. They only need manual breast exams. If a manual breast exam shows something suspicious, they are referred out for a diagnostic (not screening) mammogram. Facts. I love them. They are much more reliable than propaganda.
  7. Hillary Clinton is a public servant who has devoted her life to justice and to improving the quality of the lives of people less privileged than her. Her political enemies have tried to pin legal infractions on her for decades. She has always been exonerated. Sadly, despite a legal code which clearly states that citizens are innocent until proven guilty, all of the false allegations of past, failed court procedures and partisan ethics investigations are used by Hillary's enemies to create the illusion of untrustworthiness around her. You seem to have drunk the cool aid. That's unfortunate. Hillary is not a liar. She is a brilliant, well-educated, passionate, visionary public servant who knows how to work effectively within our political system. She is our best hope. I'm proud to belong to a professional association that is wise enough to see that.
  8. Raviepoo

    Thank you Planned Parenthood!

    Just for the sake of argument, I would like you to think about a different point of view. My religion (not a fringe religion, by the way) does not teach that human life begins at conception. In my belief system, the soul of a human child does not enter the body until the moment of quickening. That means that for the first 5 months or so, we are not dealing with a human person but with a clump of cells with the potential to grow into a human person. Under my belief system, there is no evil involved in a first term abortion. Now, you certainly have the right to believe as you do, and I have the right to believe as I do. That is what it is to live in a pluralistic society. If you do not want to have an abortion, I will never argue that you should have one. All I want for my niece and the daughters of my friends is that they remain able to make their own private, intimate healthcare decisions without interference by those who do not share their beliefs. I don't think that's too much to ask. Oh, and I would also like for them to continue to have access to birth control to minimize the risk that they will be forced to make very difficult decisions. Also pap smears and breast exams. That would also be nice to have, IMHO.
  9. Raviepoo

    a little different question about planned parenthood..

    Not for me. I would gladly work in one of their surgical centers. The women who utilize those centers need compassionate care as much as any other patient.
  10. Raviepoo

    Thank you Planned Parenthood!

    Sarah, I'm not offended by you. I just think differently. Would you like me to express my gratitude to Planned Parenthood for my first diaphragm, my first pelvic exam and for teaching me how to do a self breast exam. I am grateful for all of those things. Planned parenthood does wonderful work and abortion is only a tiny fraction of it. I have read so many anti-abortion and anti- Planned Parenthood posts on All Nurses. I just think a little balance is needed. And oh by the way, I did NOT choose not to use birth control. I have used birth control since I first became sexually active. If you are educated as a nurse you are aware that every birth control method had a failure rate. All of the women I knew who got pregnant during college did so because of birth control failure. I'm not spoiling for a fight. Not even a little bit. I just want you to know that if a young man can have sex without consequence, his partner should be able to do the same. Sex is fun. I enjoy it. I'm happily married now, but before I found my husband I had sex with men with whom I would not have considered raising a family. It's my right to do as I please with my own body. Patient autonomy is everything.
  11. Raviepoo

    Thank you Planned Parenthood!

    Because I'm a nurse, and the nurse standing by my side, holding my hand during my termination was one of the inspirations for going to nursing school. Tenderness and care is appreciated in all medical situations.
  12. Raviepoo

    Thank you Planned Parenthood!

    I'm just popping in here to say that I've thought about that; I know that i would have lived a very different life if I had carried that child to term; and in retrospect it's clear that it would not have been the fabulous life I ended up living. I owe no one reasons or explanations. That's something i learned from my marriage. My decisions are my own and I am not required to explain myself. With that said, I absolutely agree with you that mothers (especially single mothers) need more support. Single motherhood is a difficult path. I respect and admire those who are willing and able to walk it. I'm not one of them, nor do I have to be.
  13. Raviepoo

    Thank you Planned Parenthood!

    Mother's Day is a very important day in my life because I am not a mother. I would be a mother if not for a choice I made many decades ago. That decision allowed me to maintain control of my own body and my destiny, to finish my education, and to step away from a role that I was nowhere near ready to fulfill successfully. If not for my abortion, I would have been an impoverished single mother instead of a college graduate. I would probably be a waitress today instead of an RN. I am grateful for the ability to choose my own destiny, rather than be forced down a road that I did not wish to travel. Thank you to Planned Parenthood and to the young nurse who held my hand during my procedure, and inspired me to become an RN. Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers out there, and to those of us who are not mothers, whatever the reason.
  14. Raviepoo

    I Don't Go To Church..

    I don't believe in god, so going/not going is not a problem for me.
  15. Raviepoo

    A nurse who was a pt has a question.

    The exact same thing happened to me a few years ago. I also left AMA. Pulled out my own mini-cath. It turned out to be my first bout of really bad heartburn. My insurance paid for the visit.

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