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    I really need a cyber hug..and a prayer or two

    ((((((((((((((huggs))))))))))))))) for you and your family. I wish I was there to give you a nice big hug. I will keep you and yours in my prayers. Sonya
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    Good morning Allnurses! Sunday June 29,2008

    Well it is late on Sunday for me but I haven't posted in the daily logs for a while but I am sitting her at my house, it is 99 degrees at 6:30pm and it looks like we are going to have a thunderstorm here soon. I am cooking me a little dinner, baked asparagus and a tilapia filet and I am going to make some of that instant Hollendaise sauce here in a few minutes to go with dinner. I babysat my 3 year old grand niece last night while my niece and her husband went out to dinner for thier anniversary. I bought dinner and I only ate two of the pieces of pizza and the rest they are probably having for dinner tonight if it even lasted that long. Anyway, Mollie (my grand niece) had a late nap yesterday so she wouldn't go to sleep. I tried and tried but she wouldn't go to bed. She didn't get cranky or anything so I just kept watching movies and answering her hundreds of questions. Finally at 1am my niece and her husband came home and I got to go home. She called this morning to tell me thank you but nothing about paying me for dinner or anything. I have been working doing the clinic at work. I am working 10 hour shifts with Friday, Saturday and Sunday off and it makes for some really nice days off. It has only taken me 19 years to get where I can have the days off that I want and I only have 3 more years to work. I have to get ready for work again tomorrow so I better get off my butt, check my laundry and get my sauce ready for dinner....hope to get in here more often to let you know what is up with my life.... Sonya
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    Casualty of War?

    AWWWWWWW I am sooo sorry this had to happen to you especially now with everything else that you are going through. I will keep you and yours in my prayers. Let your daughter know that I will keep her in my thoughts. Sonya
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    Forgotten foods

    Jen they still sell Jiffy Pop and it is fun to make sometimes...I have a new contraption that I use when there is more than just me at home. It is called a whirly Pop and it makes the best popcorn but it is enough for four people not just one... The things that I miss is my mothers Red Velvet Cake and my aunts peach cobbler...she had a recipe where you put the topping on the bottom of the pan and it bubbled up onto the top of the cobbler it was soooooooo good. Sonya
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    Summer Vacation? share your plans here!

    OH MY GOD>>>>I HAVE FINALLY WRITTEN OVER 1000 MESSAGES!!!!!!! LOLOL:yeah::yeah::dance::dance:
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    Summer Vacation? share your plans here!

    Well like everyone else I am not going a lot of places this summer because of the gas prices. I am doing some VFW things and going to two conventions, one is local and the other is in Florida in August for goodness sake. I hope to go to the Oregon coast for the 4th of July holiday with an old friend of mine and just relax for that weekend. But we haven't totally made plans for that yet. I am going to have some surgery in August hopefully and that is at the end of my vacation. I do have a conference in Chicago in October and I am going to see my nephew there. I have never been to Chicago and I can't wait to go there. That is my plans for the summer and fall LOL Sonya
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    The Thrill Is Gone

    I am so glad that you put in your resignation. You have to do what is right for you, I know that you feel badly for the residents and staff that are left there but you need to do what you need to do for yourself. I think that you will do a good job at the position that you are applying for. I would love to survey correctional facilities after I retire for some organization but I am also thinking about totally getting out of nursing and maybe start a doggy day care or dog babysitting service so that people don't have worry about their pets while they are at work like I do all the time. Anyway, good luck and I will keep you in my prayers for the job that you want. Sonya
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    Friday May 30, 2008

    Well it is early Saturday morning now but just wanted to let you know what a great day that I had today. I was my day off and the first thing that I did was pay some bills....man I love pay day. Then I took my car and got the oil changed and the tires rotated but I had one tire that was getting bald so I had to buy a new one. Then I stopped and talked to my brother and had lunch with him and my SIL. Then I went and did some grocery shopping for me and my kids...had to get some dental treats for Maggie and Maxie...their breath was smelling something bad...LOL:chuckle:chuckle Then I came home and ate alittle for dinner and now I need to get ready and go to bed, got another big day tomorrow, more shopping. I have to go buy some shoes, dog food and get my formal for a VFW thing that is going on later this month. Will write again tomorrow or today which ever you want to consider it LOL. Sonya
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    Why?--Very Sad, but good

    Thank you sooo much for the story, I am sitting here with tears in my eyes and it was soo moving. It is soo true and can't think of anything to say except thank you. Sonya
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    Good Morning, Memorial Day May 26,2008

    Just there, I had a gastric bypass almost two years ago and for the longest time I was called the puke princess but it is much better now. So a little puking with the flu isn't a big problem for me...but today is better and already to go back to work in the am... Sonya
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    Prayers please! please!

    I will pray for all those in need, especially all your sisters and the family that lost the mother of the child. We all need prayers now and again. Please keep us updated about your sisters okay?? Sonya
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    The Thrill Is Gone

    Marla, When something happens, you know who they will blame?? It will be you like they already have and it will get worse. Even at 50 you are very marketable. There is hospice and home health and have you ever thought about corrections??? That is another part of nursing that has a lot of autonomy and you don't have young children and no enemas!!! There are many positions in the Department of Corrections in Oregon because they keep building more prisons and with the nursing shortage, its hard to keep nurses....But anyway, get out of the position that you are in and go start looking for a new job before you get in trouble with the old job. Sonya
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    Good Morning, Memorial Day May 26,2008

    Good Memorial Day to all. I am an Oregon Department line officer for the Ladies VFW Auxiliary and I was supposed to be at Willamete National Cemetary today for a ceremony but will all the running around I have been doing for the VFW and the union and work I have been exhausted and Sunday morning I woke up at 3AM with all the symptoms of an intestinal bug. I would have had to drive 3 hours to get to where I was going and I didn't think that I could make it so I called the other girls and told them that I was out of commission. I got a phone call this afternoon that everything went okay and they just all wanted me to get well. So I have had a quiet day lying on the couch, drinking lots of fluids and taking time to get myself ready to go back to work tomorrow. I went to the cemetary where my mother and father (a WWII veteran) are buried and put flowers on their grave on Friday. My mother was a VFW auxiliary member also and the group put auxiliary flags on the ladies grave for memorial day along with the american flags for the men. Our local post has started an aisle of flags in our cemetary and I gave them the flag off my fathers casket. They are all on flag poles and the cemetary is sooo beautiful when you drive through there with all the flags there. It is so wonderful to realize how much people take for granted when so many people have sacrificed their lives for our country. I pray for the people that are overseas fighting for our country and I hope that someday we will have peace and everyone can come home from the wars. Anyway, I have been gone for a while and I hope that I can keep up and come in more often from now on. Things should slow down for me for a while and hope to catch up with what has been going on around here. I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers if things are in strife in your life. Glad to be back Sonya
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    My boys will be reunited at Rainbow Bridge tomorrow

    It is very hard to lose a furkid, I haven't had to experience for a while since I have been without pets until two years ago again, but I do remember the loss years ago when we had to put down a faithful friend. I am truely sorry for you Tazz, but your kitty will be better off at his passing and he will be without pain again. It is a good idea when you are ready to get another kid since they so fill your life with joy and happiness. My heart goes out to you and glad that the passing was peaceful. Huggs to you and your family. Sonya, Max & Maggie
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    Semper Fi

    I know a man that spent 20 years in the Navy and still didn't know how to swim...I thought that was pretty amazing but he was in the navy about 30 years ago. I know my father knew how to swim and so does my brother...LOL Even in the VFW there is a little joking between the services, each one thinks that the branch that they were in was better than the other. Its fun to watch them....the others call the Marines Jarheads. LOL Sonya
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    what kinda of car do you drive??

    2007 Chevrolet HHR...cost me about 17K and then extended warrenty about 2K. I haven't had any problems just regular maintenance. I have put 17,000 miles on il already so by the time I get it paid for I will probably have to buy a new car. I get about 26 mpg and it gets around pretty well even in icy weather. I really like it because I can haul things in it that I couldn't haul in a regular sedan and I am kind of hooked on Chevrolet's now. I had a 1999 Tahoe that we put over 100,000 miles on it with very few repairs and now my db and sil are driving it and they love it...it has so much room and they take it everywhere, even though it doesn't really get good mileage. Sonya
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    Semper Fi

    My nephew is in the National Guard and every six months or so they tell us that his group is going to be deployed and I know that he will be in a dangerous place because he is a munitions expert and you know where that would put him. But then they get a call and he is told that it isn't going to happen. I am at least a 2nd generation military family and very active in the VFW auxiliary and while I am not openly supporting this war, I won't stand up against it. I am not totally supportive of what the President is doing, I am supportive of the office. I don't think that the problem is in Iraq it is with the man that mastermineded the September attacks, Ben Laden...we need to get him and get out of a war that has been going on for more years than we can count. But now we are there and there is no way to really get out of there. Anyway, I will have your brother in my prayers along with all the others that I know that are in harms way. Keep your chin up and know that he will be fully prepared for his job and I hope that he comes back soon. I am sure that as soon as this election is over there will be some major changes in our role in Iraq so maybe we won't be there much longer. Sonya
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    How boyish or girlish are you?

    I am a eunich also 50% girl and 50% boy. I think that it is really weird because I work with mostly more men then women...Lots of correctional officers and I have 1500 male clients. I have also been a "Tomboy" for many years....Interesting test. Sonya
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    Good Morning Sat. Jan. 13th 2007

    Hey I know about the saggy skin, had gastric bypass in July and have lost 92 pounds and EVERYTHING is saggy.....I need to have a tummy tuck and my other things fixed and then I will have lost the amount that I need to lose. Cant get into any smaller clothes until I get rid of my belly...LOL I am on a weeks vacation, thought I would be moving into my new house this next week, but at least I will get packed and ready to move when the time comes. I spent today just relaxing cause I had a little back problem Friday and called in sick to work. So I got some work done on my books for the union and that was about all. Tomorrow after church my SIL and I are going to go look at furniture cause I need almost all new except bedroom stuff now. I don't have a dining room table or nothing for the living room so got to get all that...along with new clothes....what a life. Going to try to get a lot accomplished on my week off at least I hope to. Well it is almost midnight on the 13th so maybe I will start Sundays thread and go to bed LOLOLOL See you all tomorrow. Sonya:monkeydance: :monkeydance:
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    {{{{{{Mary Ann}}}}}}} My prayers are with you in this time of great strife. Protect yourself so that if he decides again that he wants it to be over you will be protected. There is nothing wrong with you going to counseling, you really need it for yourself, you have been through enough. Protect yourself financially also so that if he does change again and you are protected. Get a car and a checking account on your own so that you are not left without a penny in your pocket. Remember we are all here for you and if you need anything let us know...we are a shoulder to cry on when you need it. Keep your chin up an remember your work is your anchor...at least it has always been for me... Sonya
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    Meeting other alllnurses members in real life

    I have met people on other forums that I belonged to a have made very good friends of them. I think a lot of people know where I work or what area I work in and I am not worried about people knowing this about me. I would love to meet more of you since getting your Christmas cards, you are more real to me. I would like to get together for a weekend with the ones of you that want to meet. We could meet somewhere (like Kansas since that is the middle of the country) and get to know each other better. I love meeting new people and I think that we could have fun talking with each other and not only on line. JMO....Sonya:trout:
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    Oh Siri.....lookie here

    As I sit here watching the Jets and Patriots play football with my cup of coffee and fru fru to put my sugar and milk in the coffee and I think about all the times that I have went to work without coffee and it wasn't a pretty sight. I had a gastric bypass in July but I am able to drink coffee again (thank God). I drink the coffee that is easier on your stomach and it seems to help a lot. I do drink tea also, like sun tea in the summer and SoBe has some really good diet peach tea that I really like now. I need to start drinking more water but there are times the only thing that tastes good is a nice warm cup of coffee or a nice herbal cup of tea also.....Sonya
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    Saturday 12/23 - bethin's birthday!

    How do you make all those great pictures siri......I would love to learn...or is that some of the perks of being a monitor of the site......love the lighted Christmas tree....even though I didn't put a tree up this year LOLOLOL:lol2:
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    Saturday 12/23 - bethin's birthday!

    Happy Birthday Bethin.... I am so glad that I usually don't work my birthday but it is usually the holiday and don't have to work (Jan 15). All I have left to do is put my gifts in bags and I have one more present to buy (for my grandniece), but it is in a store that shouldn't be tooo busy today. All the rest are wrapped or gift cards so it is really easy to do Christmas. Don't quite know what I am going to have for dinner tonight, meals are figured out for the next couple of days though. I am going over to my brothers house in the evening tomorrow, we are just having finger foods and everyone is getting together. Going to have a little bit of wine and then we are going to drive around and check out all the lights. Going to come home fairly early and put some soup on in the crock pot. I am taking cheddar vegetable chowder and shrimp dip to work. We have this tradition at work when you work the holidays, we bring food and eat at work and sometimes all day especially when you have chips & dips to bring. We will have shrimp dip and spinich dip to nibble on all day along with the chowder, bread and fruit that we are going to bring. We also leave everything there for the other shifts to finish off. Just makes it nice when you have to work the holiday. I will get off work at 3:30pm and come home and get Max and go to my brothers house where we will open gifts and then eat dinner. I love Christmas and this year will be a good one for me. First one that I have really been back with my family in about 6 years and we have the baby and the new me..... I have been sooo excited about this Christmas, feel like a little kid again. I went up with my DB & SIL to pick up my nephew from the airplane Thursday night, he didn't recognize me from the WLS and he told me that I looked sooooo much better. I have a very busy January heading out so I hope that everyone has a great Christmas and I hope to get back on here to wish you all a great New Years. Love you all and bethin....remember have a great birthday from all the allnurses gang.... Sonya:lol2: :spin: :trout:
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    Word Game

    lead :welcome:

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