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  1. DowntheRiver

    Trying to get pregnant between UDC3 and 4

    I don't know, I wouldn't wait. My husband and I waited until after nursing school and after I got my first job and now here we are, over four years later, with no baby. We didn't find out that my husband had sperm issues and a varicocele until 6 months ago, and he didn't have surgery to correct it until 3 months ago. He's the healthiest person I know, never had any health issues. We're 32 and 33. So, my advice to you is don't wait if it is what you want. You'll have to prioritize what you really want in life. Nursing school will always be there but having kids won't be.
  2. DowntheRiver

    Do YOU Keto?

    Not diabetic, A1C has never been an issue for me BUT my PCP does check every year and it went from 5.1 last year to 4.5 this year. Start again! Do it. We all fall off the wagon sometime. I'm just restarting myself after a month long birthday food vacation. I have felt miserable because of it but the past few days I have been back to Keto I have felt so much better.
  3. DowntheRiver

    Do YOU Keto?

    True. The Keto diet isn't for everyone. My husband is very tall and lean, and if he doesn't have carbs he will suffer. He is also 10x more active than me, so I can see why diets aren't one size fit all. We make it work with me preparing a Keto meat dish with a vegetable, and then I prepare potatoes or quinoa on the side for him.
  4. DowntheRiver

    Do YOU Keto?

    I understand your point. I actually wound up with a kidney stone when I first attempted this because I was not drinking enough water. Christ, that hurt. I learned my lesson and worked with a dietician this time around to modify my diet with PCP support.
  5. DowntheRiver

    Do YOU Keto?

    I am getting back on after being off a month so I know it is tough. I do agree that you need a certain amount of daily carbs. I "keto lite" or "lazy keto" in that I take in 35g carbs/day. When I'm mountain biking it is not uncommon for me to hit 45g carbs/day. I use it, though, and still stay in keto so it does work.
  6. DowntheRiver

    Do YOU Keto?

    I believe it would. For me, this is a lifestyle change, not just a diet. I plan on eating this way for the rest of my life, minus celebrating my birthday and the holidays. Even then, I only give myself two days each. If it is too restrictive for you, Paleo might be better? I highly suggest starting with The Whole 30 to find out what your body doesn't like and going from there. It really is different for everyone!
  7. DowntheRiver

    Do YOU Keto?

    The "keto flu" can be hard but you can get through it. There is a lot of conflicting information out there. Some people don't eat dairy but I do. Cheesesticks are my favorite snack because they're so easy to scarf down. What I try to stick with is homemade meals and cut out the processed food. That is a huge part of this diet that a lot of people overlook. I try to to lots of eggs, meat, veggies, and avocados. I try to meal prep as much as possible for the week. For instance, I make a frittata on Sunday that I can just pop in the microwave for breakfast. I eat leftovers for lunch at work as well. I do eat nuts, specifically macadamia, walnuts, and cashews, which is where I get the majority of my daily carbs from.
  8. DowntheRiver

    Do YOU Keto?

    Just wondering if there are any fellow Ketoers out there. I've been Ketoing since January and have lost 40 pounds. I feel great, and my numbers have gone down significantly (BP, cholesterol, CRP) since I started. Now, I am not one of those folks that thinks the Keto diet will cure cancer (a la The Magic Pill documentary) but I can see that it has numerous health benefits. That being said, I don't believe diets/ways of eating are one size fits all for everyone. I started by doing The Whole 30 and found that carbs and sugar were my "poison" so I cut them out. I also consulted my PCP who said as long as I hydrate, keep my electrolytes in check, and stay above 1400 calories a day he was on board. So, here goes... does anyone else Keto?
  9. DowntheRiver

    Your Period and Its Spiritual Significance

    Uterine transplants are a thing now, ya know?
  10. DowntheRiver

    We're not English Majors, but...

    It isn't just here, it is the schools as well. I'm completing a RN to BSN program right now and in some of my courses we have to peer edit each other's work. I'd say half of the stuff I have read has been awful. Imagine an APA style paper that is just one big long run-on sentence. Or people don't know how to cite and just cut, copy, and paste. The grammar is just awful as well. I just can't believe that it is written by other RNs.
  11. In 2013 when one of my friends donated her eggs to pay for nursing school she had to have her husband's permission to do so. This was also in Florida. 2013.

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