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  1. Godisthere

    Do you believe in Angels??

    Great post, and I should've been more clear in my original post about what my definition of an angel is...I was just wondering that if and when a person dies, are they able to still "look down on us" maybe, or still be able to guide us through life I guess.... Thank you all for the great responeses!! Love you all:redbeathe
  2. Godisthere

    A New Perspective on Today....

    Sometimes one's faith dwells within the person, and is much deeper and meaningful than what appears as illogical, and irrational...It's something much more personal than only believing what you can or cannot comprehend or see...Maybe that's why it's hard to seperate the person from the belief, because the belief is what makes the person complete as a whole...And while it's true that we "believers" may not hold all the answers to your questions, you may not hold every answer to your own beliefs...That's usually why it's called faith..Believing with all your heart without laying out and analyzing what you see as rational, logical, and reasonable.... I also think everyone here would defend their faith.....with ration and reason and logic....but you may interpret that as pushing our faith onto you...Just as if I were to attach a link to a Christian website.... As my grandma used to say, "They have ears, yet hear not.." I wish you the best, and a happy, reasonable, rational, coherent and logical day:redbeathe:redbeathe:redbeathe Be well :)
  3. Godisthere

    A New Perspective on Today....

    I respect your beliefs, and thank you for voicing them...Perhaps you didn't mean offense in your post, and those words just slipped out?!?!:redbeathe My point in this thread was to highlight the fact of the events of Black Friday, and to also point out God loved you so much He valued you more than His son, whether you believe in Him or not...Just another perspective from someone else's shoes :)....I wasn't trying to make you believe in a holiday you think is a bunch of made up stuff...:redbeathe
  4. Godisthere

    What makes you what you are?

    :yeah:I applaud all of you for explaining your faiths and beliefs...It's hard to do so, and something I have trouble doing...Thank you all and I hope to read more soon!! Thank you:redbeathe
  5. Godisthere

    Do you believe in Angels??

    I'm asking this out of hope..We all have that loved on that has passed on, and we want to believe that they can still see us, love us and comfort us, and even show us the way...Perhaps I am talking for myself, but there's been wayyyyy too many times in my life where strangers appear to me at the right place at the right time My grandmom died in 2007, and before she died, she promised me that whenever I heard the song "My Wish" (by Rascall Flatts) that at that very moment, she'd be smiling at me, and blowing me a kiss....Now, whenever I hear the song I burst into tears, thinking about her promise...I have to admit that I do believe she's there when that song comes on.. In a more physical aspect, there have been countless times where people will step out infront of me, and guide me with their light in my darkest hour, and it'll turn out they are the answer to my prayers...I also can't help but wonder and even believe that they are sent down from somewhere up above... Do you believe in angels? And if so, I really want to read your stories and thoughts!! Thank you for listening....Love you all:redbeathe Here's a link to the song, "My Wish"...I hope it makes you think of your special angel smiling down on you....
  6. Godisthere

    I Don't Go To Church..

    GREAT post!!!:yeah::redbeathe
  7. Godisthere

    Where is the line between faith and delusion?

    This brought up a good point....about how when people are nearing death, or are in hospitals, they claim they see God's face, or angels, or a staircase to Heaven, etc. A friend of mine said she saw Jesus' face smiling down from her when she was in the ICU....She believes she saw Jesus' face..who am I to tell her she's wrong, or judge her and say it was a mere delusion?!?! As far as the whole "tin foil" thing, I think basic logic and common sense could also determine where the line lays.....:redbeathe I also want to add that I feel God tells me to have compassion, to love, to have faith and hope, to make others smile....whether that's telling the cashier her nails or hair look nice, or telling the toll attendent that she's doing a great job, or just helping my elderly neighbor pull the trash can the rest of the way down their driveway.....Those are the types of things God tells me.....:redbeathe
  8. Godisthere

    Where is the line between faith and delusion?

    I'm just stealing this :D :redbeathe I can't even begin to say how much I agree with this......:redbeathe
  9. Godisthere

    A New Perspective on Today....

    Today is Good Friday...Most of us know what this day signifies, and recognize it as the day Jesus died on the cross...and going outide, seeing crossses shining on steeples, and seeing everyone rush around for "that Sunday Easter dress" and it made me think about how important the concept of today really is...... For example: A woman goes out to buy a shirt, and she finds one she really likes. She has the money to pay for it. If she exchanges her money for the shirt, she's saying the shirt is more valuable than the money. If she keeps the money and doesn't purchase the shirt, she's saying that her money is more important than the shirt. This shows her "values", I guess you could call it.... Now, God had a Son.......and He put so much value on US, that He gave us His son to pay the debt for our sin. God loved us so much, He gave us His Son! That's the value he puts on us; Even those who don't believe in Him...To me, that makes me feel pretty valuable and loved...because that's the ultimate price anyone could ever pay... Just wanted to kinda put yet another spin, or perspective on this...Hope you all have a wonderful, peaceful and happy day!!!! :redbeathe:redbeathe:redbeathe Feel free to comment!!!! Love you all:redpinkhe
  10. Godisthere

    Esme12 appreciation thread

    I wish I had found this thread sooner!!!!! Esme12, you are a truly genuine, gentle, and sincere person....In every single one of your posts you show the light, and cheer things up, and bring a new spin to everything you touch!...You bring understandment, and perspective to every single thread you post on!! So a million gagillion kudos and thank you's and hugs to you!!! :redbeathe:redbeathe:redbeathe :bow::bow::bow: And I think your dog is soooooo adorable as well !!!!!!!!! God Bless, and Keep it up girl!!!:redbeathe:yelclap::redbeathe:yelclap:
  11. Godisthere

    I Don't Go To Church..

    I like that idea about the Bible Study thread! Everyone has their own interpretation of the Bible, and it would be neat to hear different people's perspectives! You're right that it may not be the most popular, but so far I'm in :)
  12. Godisthere

    HELP!! I date a toddler!!!! :O

    lol, marriage is definitely not going to happen with him!!! just wanted to see if anyone else dealt with this?? haha =) Thanks for posting!!!
  13. Godisthere

    Am I too harsh with my little sister??

    I agree with all of the above.. You are diminishing the trust she has in you by going through her phone to see who she has called/texted..and that's mostly what she needs at this age...someone she can turn to and trust as she pokes her head out into the world..Believe me, I'm talking from experience... With my 15yo baby sis (lol) we just talk it out..and most times when she says her feelings out loud, the gears click and she says, "Oh, maybe that's not a good idea." My luck and God bless :redbeathe Afterthoughts: Mazy said it perfectly! We learn our best lessons from mistakes, and while those mistakes hurt, they teach us lessons, and those lessons mold us into who we are :)
  14. Godisthere

    Dementia: A Punishment

    My view? Dementia is the progressive deteoriation in cognitive function. It can be triggered by damage to the brain, various diseases and infections, head injuries, drugs, or nutritional deficiencies. It is linked to bad diet, brain/mind inactivity, poor diet, and depression..... I don't think it's a punishment to the person, or that there's some spiritual meaning behind it. It can affect anyone! It's also hard for me to think that my best buddy in the nursing home was diagnosed with it as a punishment....or that some greater power gave it to her to "get back at her" for something she did in her younger life.... But respectively, this is just MY view....it's how I look at dementia...:) (Whew!! Good thing I did a report on this last semester!!!:) ) God bless you all :redbeathe
  15. Godisthere

    I Don't Go To Church..

    I love your view! And just as I said in my original post, I'm just one of those people that felt that going to church kinda lured me away from God.... Just because I don't go to church doesn't mean I have abandoned all my faith/beliefs in Him....it's just how 'I' get closer to Him:) :redbeathe.............................

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