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  1. MattNurse

    America's got talent

    This is my first year watching AGT. What do you think of the country singer who lied about his injuries in the military?
  2. MattNurse

    Jury duty summons!

    I would love to get on a jury! in reply to HonestRN, I can see your point: I could also see how having a "medical person" would hurt the process if they were a juror interpreting the testimony/evidence reported incorrectly and swaying the juror with false testimony. While I don't know you, I know many people in the medical industry I would not want interpreting evidence for a jury if I were on trial. I have known medical assistants to represent themselves as nurses to the general public.
  3. MattNurse

    "Nurses eat their young"

  4. http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/headlines/2012/04/okla-blind-dog-gets-new-life-with-canine-pal/ Spread the word if you live in this area, sounds like a nurse would be a perfect home for these two dogs.
  5. MattNurse

    LUV; don't play the stupid game; I'm a different kinda

    huh? I applaud the OP for getting responses because I read the post twice and have no idea what OP is talking about. Seems all like gibberish to me.