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NutmeggeRN has 45 years experience and specializes in kids.

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  1. NutmeggeRN

    Snow Day

    Hoping for a snow day as I have a personal day to fly to a least it is on Sat so I have all day to get there!
  2. NutmeggeRN

    I think coworker is in witness protection program

    Good Grief, who has time to think about what somebody may or may not have done 30+ years ago?? Not this girl. Yeez, not everyone puts their crap out there for the rest of the world to speculate about.
  3. NutmeggeRN

    People you meet online

    It has not been a successful venture for me...
  4. NutmeggeRN

    Most Unusual Side Job

    Oh you guys!!! Bring it!!
  5. NutmeggeRN

    Devos. Welp, Public Education WAS a nice idea.

    We are experiencing the same thing in NH, the newly dubbed Commissioner of Ed has home schooled all 7 of his experience in the public school arena. We also have a bill on the table to allow for smoking to public venues: restaurants, stores etc...Proposed to be a bonus to tourism!! Oye!!! The person who introduced the bill is an avowed "Freestater", moved up here from another state with the specific intention of undoing many years of hard work and legislation intended to keep us healthy and educated. I gotta keep buying Powerball tickets
  6. NutmeggeRN

    Headed to Seattle!

    My college roomie and are headed to Seattle in late March (she has a conference!) On my list are 2 non negotiables; The Space Needle and the Pike Place Market. What else is a must do, we have Fri and Sat with an eaarly flight on Sun. Thanks!
  7. NutmeggeRN

    Help a country girl going to NYC

    Now I am starved!! Love NYC (grew up in southern CT so it was an easy jaunt in)
  8. NutmeggeRN

    2016 Trip to Italy (Photos)

    OH my Gosh, great pics!!! Got there last year, just Florence but it was magnificent!!!
  9. NutmeggeRN

    Military Relationships - Tell Us About Yours

    Thx Far, he will be gone 30 years this summer. When I say that, I am like Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?!? Gone longer than he was alive, weird. I have had several relationships since but for a good number of years I put my focus into my son. Did not want to have a revolving door of 'uncles". l now sometimes I wish I had carved out more time for me. Oh well. Someday. Maybe.
  10. NutmeggeRN

    Hey Girl

    Mmmmm okey dokey!
  11. NutmeggeRN

    Military Relationships - Tell Us About Yours

    I met my late husband when I was in college and he was in the USCG, with his station right next to where I rented a house.
  12. NutmeggeRN

    Man Card

    Gotta drink more...
  13. NutmeggeRN

    Man Card

    Me too!
  14. NutmeggeRN

    Man Card

    Boston Red Sox New England Patriots UCONN basketball, both women and men
  15. NutmeggeRN

    Sorta News

    Heard he was total jerk in Tulum, one of the prettiest places I saw in Mexico