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    My puppy was hit by a car! I'm heartbroken :-(

    I know this is a late reply but in this case, it's never too late to get pet insurance. My friend has a 2 year old golden retriever and luckily, they had pet insurance. They did their research and you can google it yourself, but one of the best ones is called Pet Plan, www.gopetplan.com It only cost them about $36 a month and that's their golden plan (no pun intended). Their dog was hit by a motorbike, the biker did a hit-and-run and broke the dog's rear leg. But the plan they had entailed a 90% reimbursement with a $200 deductible...after all medical cost from meds to surgery to physical therapy amounted to almost $8,000, they got a check back for a little over $7,000 in about 2 weeks! You can go to any vet, the vet will submit the claim forms on your behalf, you just sign the form for the vet to fax over. You can still get insurance for your little one as they can still get into accidents (sometimes on their own), swallow things that clog them and requiring open surgery, can get real sick, etc, but knowing you have insurance for them, you don't have to worry about whether to put them to sleep or lose sleepless nights just because you can't afford the vet bills. You owe it to your pet who gives you nothing but unconditional love. They don't ask for much other than food, water, shelter and some play time. You can do your own looking around for other pet insurance companies as well. Hope your little one is recovered and doing well these days and you too!
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    I like the new site look, but what happened to ALL the postings from Dec. 14, 2011 onwards, it seems like all that was deleted and more newer postings are filling in the gaps, I can only speak for the CA section for now, it's the main one I follow. So it jumps from Dec. 14 to today's postings. Hope nothing was lost in between the updated work maint. schedule.