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  1. Definitely not Trump, but I think Bernie will keel over in office before his 4 years are up. Plus, he's not going to carry a) minorities, b) senior citizens, and I'm not a big fan of Clinton, so :arghh:. Screwed.
  2. Wrench Party

    9/19 What I learned this week.....

    I'm not the newest nurse on the block anymore at work. I was orienting my replacement today. (!!!) Scary world, this precepting thing. Our patients need Ativan and a few glasses of wine, free of charge.
  3. Wrench Party

    Sewing--it doesn't save time or money. Or does it?

    Update: I am so infuriated by the big box wedding store in my area over their treatment of me as a customer (read: they just suck), I am making my own wedding dress. It will look better and fit better than any off the rack creation.
  4. Wrench Party

    Do your pets make you happy?

    I have both pets and production animals, and they bring me joy in a profound way that few other things can. Sure the dogs get in the trash occasionally and I had to have a chicken euthanized today d/t an undiagnosed illness.
  5. I'm totally pleased this decision was made. I've been an advocate for open source software since I went to college- the majority of the people who use and develop it are quite socially liberal. I can't imagine Mozilla employees (lots of IT companies are grassroots, ground up types of places) tolerating this kind of nonsense. My own state shot themselves in the foot to become the East Coast IT hub of the 2010s based on social issues, but that's another topic for another day.
  6. Wrench Party

    What is your plan for retirement?

    My basic plan: sock away 15% of my yearly income, don`t have kids, or maybe just 1 to save money, on target to pay off my student loans in a few years, maybe we can retire by the time I`m 50.
  7. Wrench Party

    Any horse lovers out there?

    ^ Lol. I followed the same type of thinking of Quendi: I was definitely going to college to be a veterinary epidemiologist, went to a Research I institution based on their animal and ag programs, and its vet school was ranked one of the top in the country. I was going to ride on the equestrian team. I was going to own my own farm by 30 and my research career would be awesome. :roflmao: Fast forward 15 years later, I took a lot of life detours. I just got back into trail riding retired horses a few years ago, became a nurse, and have just now found a trainer I like and have started to look for my first horse as an adult. (A nice young gaited horse with athletic potential for versatility, maybe some local jumper shows. I raised them as a kid and think it's a shame they're not more widely used for the equestrian disciplines. But that's a topic for another day!)
  8. Wrench Party

    What is the biggest threat to our country today?

    All of the money going upward to the richest people and the rest of us scrambling for the scraps, turning on each other, and the behavior that causes.
  9. Wrench Party

    Wife moving across country for nursing school

    Arguing over military wives aside...back to the thread. Since you would know your wife best and we don't... I'm assuming you've discussed it with her and are on board with it. I'm assuming you've thought about the long term implications for your family. I'm assuming you know it's going to take a lot of work on both your parts. I'm assuming you already know Yale is expensive. I'm also assuming your wife is independent, strong willed and smart, and that's part of the reason you married her. Knowing all that, I'd be stoked if my spouse got into Yale for anything. That in itself is an accomplishment worth bragging about. She will have many great experiences and opportunities being in that community, especially if she can find supportive mentors who will nurture her development into a professional nurse. I used to be in academia at a large university, and leaving your family someplace while you worked elsewhere was not considered uncommon. People seemed to do just fine in marriages. Children are resilient. Support her, you both do your best, and I expect you'll come back here in a few years bragging about how awesome y'all did. Now personally, I'd choose to stay in San Diego because the weather is awesome and warm, instead of going to CT.
  10. Wrench Party

    Help me resolve my feelings about a very small engagement ring.

    Meh, it's a ring. Most people never question my lack of a ring when I tell folks I'm engaged. What's the point of something that will impede my ability to do my work as a nurse? I would never, ever want my fiance to go shopping for any ring for me either- he's great at picking out guns and trucks, jewelry, not so much.
  11. Let's assume this show is "real" for a minute. How did nursing management ok this? How did they not get fired for unethical behavior? How are they allowed to have fake nails as nurses? :***:
  12. Wrench Party

    When I graduate I'll be 30

    Hey OP, I think after being in your program for a bit and reaching out to your nursing classmates, you'll realize you don't really get the chance to feel 'alone'! (I certainly felt like that. I would come home some days and lock myself in my study away from everyone so I could have some alone time). If you still want to meet new folks, I would join some clubs or organizations (your program's SNA, for one) to make contacts and friends. And, 30 is by far not too old to be single- some people from my program in their 50s got married this summer and couldn't be happier :).
  13. Wrench Party

    Sewing--it doesn't save time or money. Or does it?

    Don't be too hard on yourself. It took me months of learning how to sew to make a halfway decent dress. One thing you can do to get better is take a sewing basics class. Also, I started with straight lines like on bags and curtains.
  14. Wrench Party

    The hopelessness of caring for patients with advanced dementia

    Why do we take care of the elderly? Because it is our moral and professional obligation to keep our elders safe and comfortable. They busted their behinds from the Great Depression onwards. I don't always agree with the way they vote or what they believe, but I have respect for what they've done. As far as younger people such as myself, I'd much rather take care of an older client with dementia than a younger client who made unfortunate health choices that affects their current quality of life. But professionally, I'll care for both because both deserve high standards of care.
  15. Wrench Party

    The war on men

    Oh, please "surrender to my femininity"- I say :poop: to that. Last time I checked, fixing bikes and other things with grease and dirt in my hands, or doing woodwork, didn't make my uterus magically go 'poof' and my periods disappear (ha! if only!) I'll gladly stay at home and bake cookies and quilt (which I do, btw) if someone paid me $60,000/year to do so. Until then, back here in the real world, I'll be working on my education, working because I have to pay the bills, helping foster the next generation of women cyclists, and being a productive member of society.