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  1. Trump is a moron, except when he's not. At least this election has people talking like never before. Vote for Pedro.
  2. Guttercat

    Hillary Clinton regarding nursing

    Oh, girl, we are sisters from another mister, I swear. :)
  3. Can it be any worse than "House?" (Where nurses were non-existent unless House was calling for a Code Brown clean up on aisle five.)
  4. Guttercat

    I just did something stupid...and I love it

    Last midnight movie I saw was the Rocky Horror Picture Show. That was a loooong time ago.
  5. Guttercat

    Undercover Boss

    Anyone seen the show? You know, where the CEO of a large company or corporation goes to work incognito as a grunt in frontlines of his or her company? Oftentimes they're paired with supervisors who are still working the actual job, while performing management/directing duties as well. I always thought that hospital management and administration went home more exhausted than I, and had more stress overall at the end of the day. However, after watching several episodes of this show, I am inclined to believe differently. Time after time they show the "Undercover Boss" in the hotel room after his or her "shift" in utter physical and mental exhaustion. Each one seems to collapse into bed saying "I am soooo exhausted." I don't think they get it. Or they do and they just don't want to "see" it, as it will always be somebody else's problem; not theirs. In the end when that CEO is sitting around the boardroom with their croney underlings, the conversation always circles back to profit-turning. So far, the only one I've seen genuinely "get it" is the Waste Management CEO. He seemed to come away with a new understanding of the nature of professional expertise and responsibility, paired with the added physical component...the combination of which makes one fall into a pile of unrecognizable goop at the end of the day (all y'all RN's know what I'm talking about). Sometimes I do wish our hospital CEO's/CFO's/Administrators could go to work as RN's for a few days. However, while I think they'd gain a greater appreciation for the magnitude of our responsibility, they'd still see us as "willing suckers" in the pawn game... maybe even moreso. I mean, our problem is not their problem, after all. .
  6. I understand occassional missssspellllls and faulty garmmar (:) ). We all do it. It's the wanton disregard of, and lazy inattention to the basics that bother me. I started a thread about this very topic around a month ago. Someone went totally off on me, "You are a horrible nurse! Get out of here! You don't care about people!" That there was gold.
  7. Guttercat

    In a slight situation....

    No one was ever harmed by heeding red flags. Ignore them at your own peril. They went up for a reason and from what I read in your post, they're waving madly.
  8. Guttercat

    NETY Law proposed

    I think Neti pots should be banned. But anyway, I say NETY should live on like the cockroach. It can never die! But hey no worries, if "NETY" becomes yet one more banned "word/phrase/acronym/reference/thought/idea" here on AN, someone will find a way around the forum's filter-police. Kind of like renaming oral herpes a cold sore.
  9. Guttercat

    Being on the receiving end of nursing, ugh.

    I wouldn't mind infusion. Can you get me a job? :) oh, AND CONGRATS ON the NEW BEEEBEEEE!
  10. Guttercat

    Whiny older nurses...

    Winner winner chicken dinner. My first position 20 years ago as a New Grad, was in an ICU filled with veterans both male and female. They were mean, unhelpful, not willing to teach or mentor, and merciless. It was stupidly unpleasant but I got through it. If the culture of a workplace is entrenched with wankers, there is not a lot you can do about it. I took away a great learning experience on many levels. As for the New Grads at our hospital, I've not encountered issues. They all seem eager to do a good job and fit in. I like working with them.
  11. Guttercat

    Older Nurses: What Were They Thinking?

    *Derp* Nest Eggs...Good luck with that. Nest Eggs are so 1985.
  12. Guttercat

    Pats, Giants or neither?

    And hockey is basically curling, in FF. (ducks under desk) :)
  13. Guttercat

    He's uncomfortable with me touching male pts.

    No one here will call you an idiot. You are in an abusive relationship, and I'd bet a year's salary that this "issue" of his, is far from an isolated instance. I'd bet the next year's salary, that there has indeed been a history of subtle and not so subtle clues as to his "type" that you have wished away, or ignored, or simply not picked up on. I see hallmarks of a woman who cognitively knows his behavior is not rational, but makes excuses for him and feels the classic guilt abusers inflict on their victims as a weapon of choice in wielding power over them. The intent of abusers is to keep you confused, doubting yourself, and wondering if you are overreacting to behavior that they feel they have every right to inflict. Maybe sometimes he throws you a bone with, "I'm sorry honey. I know I overreact sometimes. I don't want to be that way." I highlighted the glaring red flags in your post above. Right now, would you read through those highlighted lines without reading anything else? Take a quick moment to do so, please. Now, how do you feel about that? Let's take one expample: So... you cried all night long... but you understand where he's coming from? He's just a bit insecure and needs a little extra understanding and time to adjust, right? Can you see how he's effectively made you confused, and doubting yourself? No. You don't understand him. His behavior you may recognize as nutty and irrational, but you can no more truly understand him any more than you can "understand" someone that drowns puppies. Do you really want to surrender one more day of your well-being, your life to this? I sincerely hope he doesn't come back around a week or even a year later proclaiming, "Baby I'm all better now." Sister it's going to take time to heal, and get your head on straight. One day you will look back and be amazed at yourself that you ever allowed him any place in YOUR life. Don't let him steal any more of it. Signed, been there done that. P.S. here's an excellent link. http://helpguide.org/mental/domestic_violence_abuse_types_signs_causes_effects.htm
  14. Guttercat

    disappointed and disgusted

    Exactly what I was thinking. But let's give this gentleman some credit for being a master-deducer. He was able to deduce that, a.) nursing has historically been a female-dominated career and, b.) female-dominated careers have historically been limited to sex, and clerical. Since nurses handle body parts in addition to answering phones, filing mass amounts of paperwork and bending over for physicians, therefore the only logical conclusion is that nurses are poorly paid whores. This guy's a genius. Go out with him again.
  15. Guttercat

    Ovulation and Sex.

    I think we can help poor Scott out with understanding how hormonal changes affect women's behavior.

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