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  1. LadyFree28

    Pile on threads that last forever, OP long gone

    Thank you. :yes: This is exactly what I try to do as well. I think some take stock and say "you wouldn't say this if you are online" and I think that they are fooling themselves most of the time; we live in a day and age that even on social media with their actual pic people will post and say the most inflammatory stuff imaginable; I would've thought that 12 years ago when I joined, but I don't think that's the case anymore. :no: When a poster is giving an OP a straight response, I don't doubt that they wouldn't say this in public, or at least the majority; some people have been through enough that their intention may be to "help", but then not every one has that helping "tone" in terms of delivery; and that's real-there have been times in my career the most crusty person can say the most important thing, and I am able to shift through the crust and get the message that is essential to know and will prevent me from killing somebody...and I think some posters are consistently going to do that. I think most posters have to look at the poster's history; and then think of a response, or do the most mature thing possible and state "thanks for your response" and keep it moving.
  2. My fiancée has NOTHING to do with healthcare; he works in IT. Sometimes he thinks I should be under the guise of a "compassionate angel of mercy," when he is sick but most of the time he knows what I do and will listen when I vent; and vice versa when he vents about his career. We have mutual interests and hobbies that we do that take us away from our respective careers; and sometimes silence, sitting or laying together closely can be just as soothing as anything else.
  3. LadyFree28

    Thank you Planned Parenthood!

    ...And the ones who inspired her to be a nurse; who provided her NOTHING but unconditional, unbiased nursing care? Whether anyone has feelings about a place who promotes better sexual health while performing abortions (as controversial as they are) when women have to make a very difficult decision about terminating a pregnancy-and it IS difficult, but necessary depending on the individual-to have someone give unconditional care while the person is making a difficult decision is the BEST glimpse of nursing care and it can inspire, and I'm sure it has inspired others to enter nursing.
  4. LadyFree28

    Thank you Planned Parenthood!

    EXACTLY. No one is lining up to adopt the kids that's I take care of-not even their own family members-aunts, cousins, grandparents are king up, especially with those parents who have multiple kids and they are taking care of said parents other kids; no matter how smart and polite the child is, I see far too many children going into care, or when a child is ready to receive a child, they back out at the last minute.
  5. LadyFree28

    Thank you Planned Parenthood!

    Agree. Is we far too many people who were raised in a system that I turn, have their own children in the system...most people don't adopt older children or children with special needs and are basically institutionalized, then left to their own devices when they turn eighteen-most end up homeless; and the other hand is when a parent is not suitable to parent, the families that I deal with allow the children to go into the system; the same system that have children who have endured such abuse that they abuse the vulnerable children that have been released by their families-it is certainly a risky situation for all involved. :down:
  6. LadyFree28

    Thank you Planned Parenthood!

    Um... :no: Some of us make the decision to abort because 24 hour support for a child, especially for the first 10 years of their life is SO important, even more important is the first 3 years of a child's life. MILLIONS of children live in poverty, and live in single parent households... NCCP | Child Poverty NCCP | Basic Facts about Low-Income Children Do you even know how much childcare costs? As for your follow-up about support for single parents, in my state they have continuously cut and underfunded programs...and there isn't Daddy Warbucks out there concerned about the plight of single moms. :no: With those startling facts...having abortion as a choice have produced better outcomes for the individual that makes that choice, as controversial as it is, is a personal choice, and may produce a greater good, considering not contributing to an increase of children in poverty.
  7. LadyFree28

    Prince died

    I had the fortunate experience to go to see him in concert. I wanted to marry him as a child; so technically I am his widow and now the spokesperson for getting the flu shot. (not like I wasn't before) I will miss him, he was one of my favorite musician, and his spirit to to do this on his own terms as an artist, especially when he was battling with his contract with Warner Bros., he was a wonderful activist for artists to aspire to, and was an inspiration for me to understand that one can be a freethinker and push back against the status quo. PRINCE-RASPBERRY BERET - YouTube
  8. LadyFree28

    I think my cerebellum is damaged...

  9. LadyFree28

    How do you feel about anti-vaxxers?

    Quite calm, thank you. Not fierce-just a free thinker and a truth seeker, especially since being on forums and at least this forum since 2004.
  10. LadyFree28

    How do you feel about anti-vaxxers?

    Are YOU one, and is that the reason YOU are asking?
  11. Sorry not sorry-Bernie Sanders. I think people also have to keep in mind Congressional and local. representation as well...from a nursing perspective one should look for candidates that would improve healthcare, safe ratios, public health crises and their plans to reduce such crises-those issues are important in helping be the advocates that we are supposed to be.
  12. LadyFree28

    I fear I need to rejoin Facebook

    I have friends in the UK, and military friends stationed all over-FB, when done right-like having proper security settings, unfollowing people that are inflammatory, and glossing over public comments, and select whose posts you rather see more frequently (I select few friends and keep up news and articles that global and out of the box), then FB can be enjoyable. It helps me stay connected to people I have forged friendships with-we connect there to connect in real life, and it keeps me in touch with my family members and friends across the country and world.
  13. LadyFree28

    10/17 What I Learned This Week

    Great that this is early!!! :woot: I have learned that my street cred status as a ER nurse has been upped a bit; most people think that I am nice; however, I KNOW I can verbally slay someone, and I had the fortunate chance to slay a senior resident who was making "our" patient who I suspected was a Munchausen's by proxy more anxious, and was interfering on a rapport I built up for almost 7 hours so that diagnostic labs could be sent-this pt was terrified of needles, been in and out of ERs and mom was relishing the story and the attention. I asked several times pretty nicely that when they were done, I needed privacy-my pt was hiding underneath blanket at this point (pt hid from me for a half an hour not trying to pee for me because after the pee, guess what-we need the blood!) and they were standing around! I politely pulled the curtain to give my pt privacy; afterwards, this resident thought they had the right to dress me down for my rudeness and inappropriateness, then the tables turned...I put the team on notice that they missed a salient assessment because they failed to at least collaborate with nursing (ME), wasn't allowing pt's right to privacy AND instead of collaborating with nursing on some very important information, they risked compromising information-diagnostic information that they needed-I even stated that the resident felt butthurt (yes I said that :bag:) for failing to communicate with someone who spent SEVEN hours with this pt vs the physician who barely spent 15 minutes with the pt, almost compromising the ability for me to get information in order for them to do their job right-no yelling, more direct and a lot of 'I'm advocating for the patient' stump speech. I did walk off afterwards, wooshah-no tears for this nurse :nono: and my charge nurse backed me up and the ER doc came to me and told me that she vouched for me-then it got around to the rest of the unit...I think a team LadyFree has been formed-if they thought I was "nice"...they at least know what my mouth can do! I also learned: Playing in a ripped up street can deglove a finger to the bone and have a burly 11 year old cursing like a sailor and then after morphine agree to giving me his college jersey after his first sack all in a cotton-mouth accent can be the funniest and interesting night after being on a 11 day hiatus. I also learned being excited for three days off after returning from 11 days off is not necessarily a bad thing. And sometimes logging in the website is worth it...I gained new friends-I wasn't ignoring you-I promise!-and I got to spice up my post more. Thanks for letting me rant-best way to learn and grow!
  14. LadyFree28

    10/10 What I learned this week

    It's OK...I've been knitting the same scarf for going on two years. AN has been my hobby more than my sorry 1/4 scarf that I REALLY want to knit. The best thing about knitting is the muscle memory.
  15. LadyFree28

    10/10 What I learned this week

    I forgot one: I leaned what crackling was-Pork rinds! It was on a pork sandwich at Liverpool Station. Granted, I didn't know...I was like *** is crackling?!?!? I had a British friend let me know what it was. I still wouldn't want it on a pork sandwich, regardless of said pork already on said baguette. :no: