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  1. DDRN4me

    Saturday 26th of June

    Good Morning! been neglecting this site as i have been on fb and farmville! Sabbby..looks like you had a lot of work to do..both you and hubs need to take it easy!! I am on vacation this week! woot!! took dgs to the beach yesterday. then dd#1 had a false alarm;we were in the hospital l&d for 4 hrs; contrations d/t dehydration and a uti..so no baby yet! dh and i are headed to york maine for the weekend... a long awaited time awaY!:yeah: weather is warm and sunny so we are off!:) will drive up the coast to get there so should be a fun day!meeting some work friends of his for dinner as they are staying nearby. Hope its a great day for all!!:redbeathemary
  2. DDRN4me

    Guilt over a lack of emotion?

    Dudette...nice of your step sibs and sibs to gather like that. glad that in some way, your step mom showed that she did care. My mil was similar. nasty lady for a long time. brought her here when she had stage 4 lung CA.took care of her till hospice house at the end. .thought she would have changed...didnt really in many ways. but on her deathbed; thanked me and told me she loved me. first time in almost 30 yrs...so you nevr really know what people are like or are thinking...
  3. DDRN4me

    Thursday June 17, 2010

    Morning friends! busy time at work getting things settled for the end of the year and our summer program beginning. but i love it. cant believe a year ago i was a stressed out mess. what a difference!! Sabby, you sound bright and chipper. Hope the MRCP gives some answers! and that you dont have to re do it again !!!! Tweety enjoy your day! hope everyone else has a great day! :redbeathemary
  4. DDRN4me

    Good Tuesday Morning June 15!

    Good Morning friends! thinking of Dear Sabby this am as she undergoes her ERCP.. hope it fixes or gives her an answer to her pain!!!(((Sabby)) beautifl sunny morning here in NE... lots to do at work but love every day. So nice to not have the on call phone ringing at all hours! going to go out and play in my garden before work! Have a great day everyone!!:redbeathemary
  5. DDRN4me

    FRIDAY 11th June, 2010

    good Morning! ((((((Oh Grace))))) as someone who knows what it is like to have a loved one deployed; my heartfelt prayers and hugs to you and your family. I wish this senless war would just end. Please know that you can come here and vent and grieve and sputter or whatever you need. This thread is like a lifeline of friends and we have all called on it from time to time in our hour of need. not much going on here...except dh is finally on his way home. this has been a long trip for both of us. hope its a good day for everyone:redbeathemary
  6. DDRN4me

    Wednesday 9th of June

    Good Morning! ((((Sabby))) so sorry for your pain. it is unfortunate that you have had to go thru this for 18months for this diagnosis!:mad: Hopefully the ERCP will send them in the right direction!! can only imagine the pain you have been in. i know i have some gi issues and its miserable! started my day with a sick call from one of my nurses at 5 am. :eek:not good since her class is already down a nurse. and she knew.:mad: oh well will have to call in a pinch hitter. just makes it slightly more complicated! dh is still away. feeling the pain of managing alone; bills house yard commitments... :uhoh3:ready for a vacation!! but only 2 weeks left of school before i have time off so i can deal!!! then i work 6 and have 2 more off!:yeah: having two bridal showers and a retirement party today at work...so it will be fun! HOpe its a great day for all!:redbeathemary
  7. DDRN4me

    Good morning!! Tuesday, June 8, 2010

    Good Morning!! I understand what you mean about sleep schedules, Zoe... for some reason i often wake up before the alarm; then cant fall back to sleep. Busy weekend here.. did our town's Relay For Life...camped out on our local HS track and walked a lap q hour all night to fight cancer. spent sunday trying to recovr..now i remember why i dont do nights any more!! not much else going on. Prayers that Sabbys procedure is successful! have a great day!:redbeathemary
  8. DDRN4me

    This is my 50,000th post!!

    all i can add is woot!
  9. My ideal weekend is a long one; spent in Key West at our favorite motel ...with Margaritas on the beach and the sound and smell of the ocean (minus the oil, of course) and the sunset in Mallory Square....
  10. DDRN4me

    Happy Wednesday June 2, 2010

    Good Morning!! Liddle; we have been experiencing that haze of smoke as well ..bizarre. going to an all day conference on med delegation. not my favoirte thing but it is happening in many schools. I might as well be informed and do it right if i have to do it. My former boss refused . I think i dont have a choice so i will do it right and supervise it diligently. nice warm weather back again! love it. gearing up to do relay for Life this weekend with my family. hope its a good day for all! :redbeatheMary
  11. DDRN4me

    "Let's Have A Wedding!"

    I understand what you mean. dd's sil is getting married in October. dd said all she is concerned about is being a bride; not a wife..thought that was quite a profound statement! on the other hand; even living together does not make you know one another any better. dd#1 and her ex lived together and she thought they were happy...till he cheated. They had seemed very level headed planning etc.. and went into marriage "knowing it was work". he lied. :mad:
  12. DDRN4me

    Sunday May the 30th

    hi again! Liddle..that should have been dh..bad typing early in the am! fun day today... church then flower shopping with mom planted for her; then to cemetary for dh's mom and grandparents graves then to a bday party; dinner with dd and her significant other then some yard work here. sitting here with an adult beverage then bed! see you in the am! :redbeathemary
  13. DDRN4me

    Sunday May the 30th

    Good Morning! (((Sabby))0 so sorry that you are still in pain. hope the ercp is the trick! steph, i understand how you feel. sometimes i just need to mull things over for awhile before i let them go! Clemm, that restaurant sounds lovely! I rarely treat myself like that..need to learn to! dhi is still in Sweden so our nice quiet unencumbered weekend has become a free for all. watched the grands overnight on fri (first time for little miss peanut) then kept her for the day while i did various errands. Have 3 birthday parties to attend!:eek: One was my nephew's last night..had a great time sitting with my sibs and their kids! Church today with mom and then i will help her get flowers for her yard ( a tradition i started when my dad died) then to the cemetary to bring flowers to MILs grave and dh's grandmother. (Myfamily is all buried in syracuse):crying2: then off to two bday parties. REALLY need to clean my house after my little hurricane Jack flew in!! well that will never happen if i sit here! Enjoy your sunday everyone! and please dont forget those who died so we are able to!! :redbeathemary
  14. DDRN4me

    May 27, 2010 Good Morning Thread!

    Good Morning! wow steph another full work day. Any relief from call yet? HI Camaro Nurse! welcome! After a few days of unseasonalby warm and beautiful (imho) weather the thunderstorms reduced the temp by about 30 degrees alst night. Nice and cool for those who like it that way. It is supposed to be a beautiful weekend here too. Dh is in Sweden again for work and will not make it home. kinda bummed as we have been on the go for what seems like months; and we were going to have a nice relaxing weekend together. have a couple of bday parties to go to ..if i choose . Plan to do some gardening and maybe house cleaning. im sure my dds will have ideas for me!:confused: having a haircut and pedi tonite to start my weekend. Playing with the idea of taking off to go see my cousin and Aunt; havent seen them since we cleaned out Nanas house in Oct. cant believe its been almost a year since she passed. I find it odd that im just so up in the air; i am usually a very scheduled person. must be old age:D gonna run ..hope its a wonderful day for all!:redbeathemary
  15. DDRN4me

    Toy Story 3 vs. Shrek Forever After

    the trailer for toy story 3 caught my attention more than shrek. may steal a grandson and bring him as an excuse :clown: