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  1. DDRN4me

    Guilt over a lack of emotion?

    Dudette...nice of your step sibs and sibs to gather like that. glad that in some way, your step mom showed that she did care. My mil was similar. nasty lady for a long time. brought her here when she had stage 4 lung CA.took care of her till hospice house at the end. .thought she would have changed...didnt really in many ways. but on her deathbed; thanked me and told me she loved me. first time in almost 30 yrs...so you nevr really know what people are like or are thinking...
  2. My ideal weekend is a long one; spent in Key West at our favorite motel ...with Margaritas on the beach and the sound and smell of the ocean (minus the oil, of course) and the sunset in Mallory Square....
  3. DDRN4me

    "Let's Have A Wedding!"

    I understand what you mean. dd's sil is getting married in October. dd said all she is concerned about is being a bride; not a wife..thought that was quite a profound statement! on the other hand; even living together does not make you know one another any better. dd#1 and her ex lived together and she thought they were happy...till he cheated. They had seemed very level headed planning etc.. and went into marriage "knowing it was work". he lied. :mad:
  4. DDRN4me

    Toy Story 3 vs. Shrek Forever After

    the trailer for toy story 3 caught my attention more than shrek. may steal a grandson and bring him as an excuse :clown:
  5. DDRN4me

    Happy mother's day 5/9/10

    good morning my friends! happy mother's day to al the moms out there !:flwrhrts: remembering all of our moms and grandmoms who arent here today. having brunch with the kids and then maybe some gardening if it warms up..so cold i have the heat on.! (((steph))) god bless you and all the other hospice nurses! my sister's father in law passed away friday at a hospice house..and she was saying the same thing! sabby..prayers for a speedy recovery for joey! hope all of you have a wonderful day! :redpinkhemary
  6. DDRN4me

    somtimes i hate being a mom.

    (((Leslie))) yes, Tiff is acting her age. she'sscared..as i am sure you are....but remember when you hear hoof beats look for horses not elephants or zebras..? perhaps endometriosis? doubt the tuberous sclerosis ...most cases i have seen have been diagnosed very early ; usually in infancy and have more sx than you describe by age 20...but i am def not an MD. prayers for a simple and early definitive diagnosis. Hang in there,,,you know the harder she pushes you away the more she really needs you!
  7. DDRN4me

    Motto to Live By

    Sharpei Mom, that is the motto of the "Red Hat Society" ..and a great motto to live by! My favorites "Just keep Swimming"..Nemo and the Serentiy Poem.
  8. DDRN4me

    Monday 15th- Feb

    Good Morning my friends! I know, I have been AWOL again, :nono: please forgive me!! dd and dgs have been staying with me as dsil is serving his time for the accident:mad:..we wont get started on how i feel that turned out. It was too hard for her at 32 weeks along with gd and an almost 2 yr old to live 1/2 hr away from family that can help ... and although i hate the circumstances i am loving having them here.. the little guy wakes up in the am calling "Naaanaaaa" :yeah: ON VACATION this week from work..the joy of being back in the school system not to mention how much less stressed i am . this move was perfect for me. sooo hope everyone has a wonderful day.. I plan to enjoy the time with Jack this morning as i get him ready for school; spending some time with dd#1's step son while she is at the dentist; then who knows??? i do want to do some spring cleaning. dh is home and most likely underfoot today so i may wait till tomorrow:p again; have a happy and productive day my friends!:heartbeatmary
  9. DDRN4me

    Where we all live

    I live in a town called Methuen ; on the border of Massachusetts and New Hampshire. about 30 minutes from Boston, 40 minutes from the ocean, and 90 minutes from the white mountains. Love that we have all that so close to home. HATE the cold. but, I was born near Syracuse NY so this is a little better!!
  10. DDRN4me

    Happy new year! 1-1-2010

    :clpty:hAPPY nEW yEAR eVERYONE AT AN! Had a nice dinner out with dh, dd and her bf and son...saw dd's ex mil there too...interesting way to end the year. She is always nice and gracious but its been a year since dd's ex left; and we've seen her. So much has happened in 2009; both good and sad. I'm looking forward to a year of new beginnings and new life in our family. Small family gathering at my sister's today; will also continue to clean up Christmas and begin moving MIL into her new place. Some furniture is coming tomorrow and some on Wednesday ...when she will finally be all moved in. Its been a long 2 months but i will feel better knowing the good care she is getting there; without destroying our relationship by having her stay here... Hope this New Year brings wonderful things and good health to all of my AN friends...:heartbeatmary
  11. DDRN4me

    so how was your Christmas?

    Thanks, Leslie for starting this thread. That is what i find so wonderful about AN...we CAN talk about the god the bad and what infuriates us without judgement!! YOur gift to DH was amazing..not only in the material sense but in that it allowed him to release those pent up feeling. And your sons follow your footsteps in kindness and generosity..no greater compliment can be had. Siri and Dianah, i wish i had the talent that you both freely give to others. God Bless for the joy that you bring.\ Kohlohe....prayers that your wife stays strong and is ok with that. No reason on earth for her to have contact with that man. Good for her that she can recognize her mothers shortcomings and still love her. Christmas eve and day were both fun and bittersweet..My mom had cookbooks made with all of my grandmothers recipes. Also looking at how much our family has grown since Dad died...amazing. But all of the sibs were there with all of their families so it was nice. Christmas day at my house was relaxed and fun. again bittersweet cuz its the first Christmas we have spent with MIL in 15 yrs; and most likely her last. Made quilts for her and both coming babies and it was great pleasure to see how much joy they brought. It was also the first Christmas with dd's bf and his 3 kids...and both dh and i love having more grandkids!! its amazing how they all just fit into our family so well.
  12. DDRN4me

    Merry Xmas from the desert

    :santa: good Morning and Merry Christmas to my AN friends!! ((Nursey)) I hope you and your home are safe; prayers for the family that just lost theirs.:o Had a wonderful family Christmas eve with my sibs and mom and families. Welcomed dd's new bf into the fold! nowgetting ready to finish my last present ...I made quilts for the pending babies and MIL; and fleece blankets for the other 4 grandkids... (((jnette)) thought about you last noc, my mom and sis had a book of Nanas recipes printed for each of us. bittersweet .....even though we didnt spend recent christmas eves with her we always called. :sniff::christmastree: Going to church with Mom this am then brunch with dds and their families and Mom and MIL...her first Christmas with us in 15 years!!! hope each and every one of you have a wonderful Christmas:heartbeatmary
  13. DDRN4me

    My Christmas Present

    thanks you AKY....and may your faith and friends continue to help you heal.
  14. DDRN4me

    Good Saturday Morning, December 19

    Hello my friends!!! sitting here enjoying a cuppa coffee (caawfee in bostonian) and enjoying the first peaceful moments i have had in a long time. (((jnette))) prayers continue for your friend and her family... and you as well. Tragedys like this affect everyone around. (((Grace))) hugs to your friend and her dh as well. Thursdays post regarding all of us and how much we care brought tears to my eyes.. i know that my friends here on AN have been a great support over the past few years and i know i can always turn here, no matter the time of the day or night for love and friendship:heartbeat:heartbeat:angel::giftbox:you are all such precious gifts to me! DH finally home from a 2 wk business trip last noc. much to do to prepare for his family christmas party which is at dds home. also told him about his moms diagnosis:o not surprised but saddened. We did learn that she is at stage 3b, doc says a year is a very generous estimate. We will deal with it as it comes. makes me more convinced that we did the right thing bringing her here for the holidays instead of waiting. well i should get off of here and begin my lists of things to do. still have gifts to finish and cards to send...but needed my "fix" of AN to get thru the day. Hugs and blessings to all of you for a wonderful day.:heartbeatmary
  15. DDRN4me

    What was I thinking??????

    Sending positive thoughts that this is the right job for you and it will work out! :heartbeatmary

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