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  1. TriciaJ

    September 2018 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    Yes I do. Let's fly there right now.
  2. TriciaJ

    How will history judge us?

    Actually, there are a lot of meetings going on in DC right now trying to hammer out solutions. Angry mobs and car burning? That's productive problem-solving? Okay. I'm done.
  3. TriciaJ

    How will history judge us?

    There is footage of Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and others discussing the problem of illegal immigration. They all used get-tough language, but the policies only worsened the problem. This is not a new problem; it's been building for decades. Trump was elected on the platform of cleaning it up, and it's not going to be an easy process. He has been called racist, Hitler and white supremacist for using the same language used by Obama, the Clintons, et al. People seem to have short memories. The problem has now been brought to a head. Let's hope that any attempt at fair and productive legislation isn't summarily blocked in order to demonize the president. He has his foibles, but EVERYONE at the table needs to work on a good faith solution.
  4. TriciaJ

    How will history judge us?

    I haven't heard anyone say they think this is a good thing. It seems universally agreed this is a bad thing. The disagreement is what to do about it.
  5. TriciaJ

    How will history judge us?

    I'm really not sure about illegal immigration into Canada because where would they come from? We do not have huge numbers of people pouring unvetted across the border into Canada. Canada does have immigration laws and they are enforced.
  6. TriciaJ

    How will history judge us?

    Also, not all of the children are separated from their patients at the border. Many of them are unaccompanied minors. There is a child abduction and trafficking problem. If anyone wants to come into the country with a minor child, they are required to prove that the child is theirs and/or they are authorized to bring that child across a border. This is no different from a single parent requiring an affidavit from the other parent or sports teams having documentation from players' parents to bring children across the border. If a child is abducted across a border, it's very difficult for the legal parents to get their child back. Every country has reciprocity agreements to vet children at the border to make sure they are not being transported illegally. This is a complicated and multifaceted problem. The histrionic media are being very disingenuous. And I believe policies are being debated and changed as we speak.
  7. TriciaJ

    How will history judge us?

    I really don't think anyone supports separating parents from their children, whichever side of the aisle they fall on. This is a problem that is several administrations in the making and there is a lot of disagreement on how to solve it, or even if it needs to be solved. (Although any thinking person should see that it needs to be solved, for myriad reasons.) Let's hope the hysteria can be dialed down and the powers that be can work cooperatively toward fast and lasting solutions.
  8. TriciaJ

    How will history judge us?

    The cage shot was from during the Obama administration. Most of those kids were not traveling with their parents in the first place. They are brought into the country by coyotes and traffickers. There used to be family detention centers but Obama scuppered them with a bill that looked good in the short term. Parents should not be bringing their kids (or sending them) on such an arduous and illegal journey. The mainstream media histrionics really need to be dialed down. This is a problem that has been ongoing for the past several administrations.
  9. TriciaJ

    132-pound ovarian tumor removed from Connecticut woman

    Words fail me. I'm glad that lady was able to have such a good outcome.
  10. TriciaJ

    Snowflakism: Is this a genetic trait, or learned behavior?

    If you're asking whether a condition is innate or acquired then childhood experiences become pertinent to the discussion.
  11. TriciaJ

    Snowflakism: Is this a genetic trait, or learned behavior?

    The poll is not helpful; it asks an either/or question and then requires a yes/no answer. For the record, it is learned. Everyone wants their child to have a better childhood then they themselves had. Our parents were happy to give us new clothes and an occasional vacation. As we've all become more affluent how do parents improve on that? By trying to eliminate all the unfairness and discomfort from their child's life. A good example is to read the school nursing forum and how different things are now. There was no nurse in my school. There was no food provided. There was no playground supervision at recess. A child could ask to leave the room to use the restroom. If anyone had a headache, earache, toothache they either toughed it out, or if it was too bad the teacher simply sent the kid home. Teachers had no qualms calling out bad behaviour and parents seldom interfered with discipline provided by the school. I'm not saying the old way was better; there are very good reasons why things aren't done that way any longer. But the flip side is children who are unable to receive correction without feeling devastated. Bluntness is conflated with "bullying" and "hate". Even nursing schools try to provide a "positive experience". However, hospitals care a lot less about nurses than they ever used to. So you have a young adult whose every experience has been controlled for her safety and comfort and now she's thrown to the wolves. The wolves are her hospital environment, not her seasoned coworkers. But it is their responsibility to get her up and running and they don't have the luxury of adequate time to do everything. They don't have the time to couch everything in diplomatic, affirming language. So they are seen as the bullies. And the fresh young thing who doesn't know what hit her is labelled a snowflake. We need to find ways to avoid the trap of being pitted against one another. We need a united front now more than ever.
  12. TriciaJ

    Your Period and Its Spiritual Significance

    Yes, I tried to do the whole in-tune-with-the-moon thing. If I hadn't had to work and otherwise function, it might have been halfway spiritual. Life got a bit better after the myomectomy. But that relief was temporary until my "coming out party". No more ruined underwear, no more dread of bleeding through clothing. Migraines are now a thing of the past. No more doubled-over cramping. I'm feeling a lot more spiritually in tune now.
  13. TriciaJ

    Ruby Vee

    It's all about perspective. When you're a fresh young thing and you read a Ruby post, you might think it's a bit intense. As you chug along and are no longer quite so fresh and young, a few lights start to come on. When you're having to precept fresh young things, a few more lights go on. At some point, all the lights are on. That's when the fresh young things start calling you a bully and accusing you of NETY and saying they wouldn't want you for a preceptor. That's when you've earned a crown and sceptre. But don't expect it.
  14. TriciaJ

    How Much Leftist Ideology Has Corrupted Nursing?

    While reading this thread Tetra, I was reminded of a lecture I attended in nursing school in Saskatchewan in 1981. The speaker started out by saying "It's a shame we have to incarcerate our criminals because we can't learn to love them unconditionally!" I have no idea what was said in the rest of the lecture, because I just stopped listening. So what you're referring to is not all that new. I think the answer to your overall question is "Yes." If your question was so out-to-lunch then people should have rolled their eyes and gone about their day. Maybe a lot of people did. But if you were trolling, you've obviously succeeded because you have triggered some palpable rage. That should tell you what you need to know right there. I believe if you're already good at thinking for yourself, you should be able to navigate nursing school no matter what type of slant they put on things. You will be able to sift the wheat from the chaff and work toward a goal of providing science-based, compassionate care to whomever needs it. You may have to keep a lot of your views to yourself, because "tolerant" people don't always tolerate differing viewpoints. Good luck to you.
  15. TriciaJ

    Call The Midwife

    Where do you find those shows? All on TV? Or do you have to supplement with Netflix? Speaking of Scandinavian: I loved the Kurt Wallander books but the shows are rarely broadcast.

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