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  1. StarBrownRN

    A Day Without a Woman

    I'm in the same boat. I can't take off work. All I can do is not spend/shop. Speaking with some co-workers, it was brought up that if nurses strike it's viewed as selfish--not as a political expression. Seemingly, nurses have been painted into a corner. Whenever we advocate for ourselves, we are viewed as greedy or selfish; so our rights are not recognized because we don't want to risk being viewed in that light. Women comprise over 90% of the nursing workforce. If nurses participate in "A Day Without Women," the results would be catastrophic for our entire nation and, I believe, the nation would not forgive the nursing profession for such. Even though such actions are within our rights.
  2. StarBrownRN

    A Day Without a Woman

    Across the nation, as a follow up to the Women's March on Washington, women are striking from work tomorrow (March 8, 2017), not shopping and/or wearing red. In my area, schools have had to close because of the number of call-outs and leave requests. I'm scheduled to work tomorrow and have no idea how I could take off and not risk my job. Is anyone participating by striking and taking off? I don't know if any working nurse would be able to strike for political reasons and not suffer serious repercussions. If you are participating , please share how you are doing it.
  3. StarBrownRN

    Jury Finds George Zimmerman Not Guilty In Death of Trayvon Martin

    I have read this entire thread and am grieved. Yes, there is liberal bias in some media outlets and there is conservative bias in others. However, there are some facts that remain. George Zimmerman killed someone, by his own admission. The person he killed was unarmed. And now, he is not being held accountable for his actions. Even if (and that's a big if) Trayvon Martin threw the first punch, George Zimmerman's response was excessive. After it all went down, Zimmerman's injuries were minor--no stitches or head trauma. If Martin was indeed trying to kill him, wouldn't there have been more injury? In any case of lethal force, a full investigation has to be conducted and the perpetrator is usually taken into custody. The Sanford PD did not follow the proper procedures and some people speculate that racial bias and tension within the department is why. I don't know why they didn't for sure, but I do know that taking the killer's word for it is not how homicides are handled. George Zimmerman knows what he did was wrong--not the following, but the shooting and killing--but he doesn't want to be held accountable. That's why he waived his rights to a hearing that is part of the stand your ground law--under those circumstances, he would be compelled to testify. That's why his defense team chose to go to trial with a self-defense strategy, but keep Zimmerman off the stand. They knew the evidence the police had collected was insufficient, because all the police did was interview Zimmerman and take him on a walkthrough. All they had to do was open the door for reasonable doubt. And the prosecutions poor performance did it for them. I can understand why the jury reached the verdict they did. However, George Zimmerman is still responsible for the death of another human being. I am almost certain there will be a wrongful death suit filed and Zimmerman will most likely be found guilty in that instance.
  4. StarBrownRN

    Jury Finds George Zimmerman Not Guilty In Death of Trayvon Martin

    I am so tired of this whole situation. And the verdict made me even wearier. Am I the only person who believes this issue is beyond race? From what I understand, George Zimmerman is not mentally stable and should not have been allowed a to obtain CCW/gun permit. (The history of excessive calls to 911 and his rejection by two police departments give me to believe there may be some mental issues at play.) This is why a mental health check should be a part of the background check process. From what I understand: 1. George Zimmerman knew that Trayvon Martin was a teenager (i.e., a child. 17 is still a child; despite having adult physical features, the mind of a 17 year old boy is that of a child) 2. Trayvon Martin was in his own neighborhood (the neighborhood where his father lived). 3. Trayvon Martin was not actively committing any crime 4. Trayvon Martin ran away from George Zimmerman (from what I gather of the 911 call transcript) To me, George Zimmerman's actions are those of someone who "isn't quite right" in the head. George Zimmerman's perceptions of Trayvon (and I can't say if they were racially motivated or age motivated or otherwise) is what motivated him to engage with him. We don't know all the details of what happened between the two. We've heard conflicting information from both sides. Zimmerman's people say Martin was bashing Zimmerman's head on the concrete; Martin's people say they were in the grass many feet away from the sidewalk. A lot of people have gone to great trouble to paint Zimmerman as a racist and Martin as a thug. When in reality, this was a situation that got out of hand because of one man's delusions. We don't really know what Zimmerman's assessment that Martin looked suspicious is based upon. Is anyone else frightened about the precedent this situation sets? What if someone, out of their own mind, found me suspicious? What if they decided to follow me? I could call 911, but would they arrive before this person tries to approach me? Does this person have the right to confront me? Would I answer their questions or would I feel righteous indignation at the violation? Would my response be suitable? Is this person crazy? Do they have a gun? Am I going to die for no good reason?? Out of all of it, I feel for Trayvon Martin's mother. The reason being, I don't believe she initially felt the murder was racially motivated. However, after not being able to get the police and the state to pursue an investigation and bring charges, she wanted to bring some attention to this and get a trial. Unfortunately, the media chose to exploit the existing racial tensions in that community. To her, however, that man killed her child--and what mother would just accept that "Stand Your Ground" justifies her child's death. I wouldn't.

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