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  1. loriangel14

    Complicated Relationship with a Med student boyfriend

    School will come first. You need to realize that. What are you arguing about?
  2. loriangel14

    Complicated Relationship with a Med student boyfriend

    If you have just moved in together and all you do is fight maybe you need to rethink this.
  3. loriangel14

    Complicated Relationship with a Med student boyfriend

    None of us can really answer that for you. What is he in? Med school or an NP program? Why do you feel that not seeing him all the time is an issue for you?
  4. loriangel14


    I'm working, not at a night club.
  5. loriangel14


    Short and clean. No polish.
  6. loriangel14

    My pen hoarding goal

    I either end up with no pens or 5 or 6 by the end of the day. I have trained nyself to emptly my pockets before I go home.
  7. loriangel14

    Gf's male lab partner

    If you believe that coming in contact with genitals is going to cause her to be unfaithful then you have an problem.if you are going to be distrustful and controlling she will not be your gf for very long. What has she done in the past to make you insecure about her contact with males in the course of her job?
  8. loriangel14

    Gf's male lab partner

    So you think as an NP she should have no contact with any males? That would be an unrealistic boundary. You would appear to have serious control issues. She is a professional adult. Treat her as such.
  9. loriangel14

    Gf's male lab partner

    Why do you believe this would lead to infidelity?
  10. loriangel14

    Gf's male lab partner

    It says lot about your level of maturity if you are worried about your gf having a male lab partner.
  11. loriangel14

    What are you doing right now?

    Relaxing in Mexico....
  12. loriangel14

    How did you handle relationships during school?

    We weren't hysterical, we were like" ewww". lol Seriously? Your number one concern is getting laid? wow most people are on here worrying about passing.:roflmao: Yes men and women are from different planets. Guess we had better stay off the guys forum.
  13. loriangel14

    Wife moving across country for nursing school

    I feel like there is more to this than her just wanting to go to Yale. I could never imagine leaving my children behind if there was another option.
  14. loriangel14

    Nursing Destroyed My Family...

    I don't agree with your statement that most nurses are miserable.I am certainly happy in my profession as are most of my friends at work. I don't buy the "feminist" part of the OP post.How do you explain the many men that are nurses?