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  1. loriangel14

    Good Nursey books to read!!!!

    Anything by Tilda Shalof is excellent.
  2. loriangel14

    Love and nursing.......

    Been there, done that. NOT a good idea. lol
  3. loriangel14

    Time to get in shape... what did YOU do today?!?

    2 miles on the treadmill.
  4. loriangel14

    What's your zodiac sign?

    Sag here
  5. loriangel14

    When should life support end, and who should decide?

    We talk about "saving" someone from dying but does that mean they are living? I have a pt right now that has multiple conditions and has become septic and arrested more than once. They have a HUGE coccyx wound from being in bed as well as two heel ulcers that are becoming gangrenous.They have a feeding tube andhas been on vent more than once. This pt also communicates they are in constant pain that we struggle to control.But she remains a full code at the daughters insistance.
  6. loriangel14

    Best age for puberty/birds, bees talk

    I think that your idea of discussing at least puberty, if not sex is a sound one. I think tht kids talk about these subjects a lot sooner than we realize and getting the proper information from a parent will remove some of the mystery. It may also open the lines of communication with your son for when he does have questions about sex. I have two girls and when they were younger I always answered their questions as honestly as I could.I remember looking at one of my A&P textbooks as we discussed the menstrual cycle and what was happening in their bodies.The oldest was about 10 at the time. Mine started having sex ed about that age at school as well so it was a good opportunity to talk about what they had learned.Best of luck with your talk.
  7. loriangel14

    Any INFP personalities in nursing?

    I am an INFP nurse. I really know where you are coming from because I know I would definitely not be happy in certain settings. I have only worked in one job since I graduated but doing placements in school I found out what I didn't like. i work on a combined complex continuing care/rehab/palliative unit.I deal with mostly seniors and it is fairly low stress. I enjoy it because I have the time to give good personal care to my patients. The rehab component is rewarding because I get to see people get better and go home.( we deal with a lot of post-op hip repairs).I deal well with the palliative end of things as well and I support families through the end of life process. I find it important that the job that I have reflects my personal values and enables me to feel that I am making a difference in my nursing role. Best of luck in finding your place.
  8. loriangel14

    kizzykat passed away

    You have my deepest sympathy. It is a time that comes for all of us as pet owners and it breaks our hearts every time.Please be gentle with your self and take care. You are in all our thoughts. :icon_hug:
  9. loriangel14

    So it's Halloween.....

    I am going to work tonight as a princess. My dress is purple and red with gold lacing on the bodice. I have a tiara but I doubt it will stay on. I can see it flying off when I bend over a pt. lol.This will be fun.
  10. I am not saying I don't believe him. I do think that this chick left for good reason. He is genuine in his love for himself. I mean really, what does changing into different outfits have to do with getting her back except to show off the bod.
  11. I e-mailed this to the girls at work and showed my daughter. Everyone just about peed themselves laughing.They thought the constant costume changes were hilarious.
  12. Yeah, like a "farm boy" would be out lugging bales of hay in tight chinos. Who is he trying to kid.What a fake.
  13. I read all of his replies to comments on YouTube and he came across as totally fake and very self centred. He was very evasive when people asked what happened.He kept insisting that he had no idea why she left. Finally he admitted that there was an incident that made her very angry but that they had talked it over and it was behind them. The whole thing is obviously about him and if Loren wanted to come back she would have by now.
  14. Yeah, what's with all the costume changes and the shirtless shots? This guy obviously thinks he's pretty hot. If she has been gone for two years I think we could safetly say she has moved on.

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