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  1. She has NEVER stated how she was going to pay for healthcare for, fix the broken education system, and etc and not increase the tax on the middle class. Do you recall how hard it was to get into nursing school? Now imagine everyone trying to get into the same public college in your area that is free. The idea is good, however, the number does not add up.
  2. Okay, I am disappointed about her lie about Senator Bernie Sanders, Vermont.
  3. Vice President Joe Biden, USA-honest, but needs to be more aggressive. Former Mayor Pete Buttigieg, South Bend, Indiana- gentrified the black community fired the first black police commissioner in South Bend Indiana the black community does not support him from Indiana. Senator Amy Klobuchar, Minnesota - Not comfortable with her history as a prosecutor. Senator Bernie Sanders, Vermont - I do not think he can get America behind him too progressive Tom Steyer, businessman- Would make a better advocate for the democratic party. Senator Elizabeth Warren, Massachusetts- Made an attempt to "burn" the Senator Sanders candidate. However, her history of lying has come back to haunt her. She is a true politician she made every attempt to twits word around.
  4. What is each democratic candidate's plan for the economy? Stop focusing on Trump. People want to here the candidate's plan. Instead many of the candidates are now focusing on Trump. Tell the people what he or she would do if elected.
  5. Totally agree with the candidates that this a climate crisis.
  6. What about education grants to healthcare providers and different programs? Not all programs are in public colleges.
  7. Senator Elizabeth Warren, Massachusetts has an idea, but no plans.
  8. I wish the had more substance; it started promising than it went down.
  9. In my opinion Senator Bernie Sanders, Vermont would not say a woman can not win an election to become president. I think Senator Elizabeth Warren, Massachusetts made this up to get her profile up.
  10. Why are you best prepared to lead the U.S? Senator Bernie Sanders, Vermont - Discussed how he is voted against the Iraq war. Voted to authorize the war in Afghanistan. Vice President Joe Biden, USA-acknowledged it was a mistake to vote for the Iraq war and how he sent his child to war and how going forward. How he President Obama made every attempt to rectify the mistake. Senator Amy Klobuchar, Minnesota -oppose the war in Iraq at Former Mayor Pete Buttigieg, South Bend, Indiana and his only experience are being a veteran. Senator Elizabeth Warren, Massachusetts- make no sense is going off speaking points Tom Steyer, businessman- Sound like his commercial speaking point only.
  11. Who is watching the debate tonight the candidates are Vice President Joe Biden, USA Former Mayor Pete Buttigieg, South Bend, Indiana Senator Amy Klobuchar, Minnesota Senator Bernie Sanders, Vermont Tom Steyer, businessman Senator Elizabeth Warren, Massachusetts This is the last debate. https://www.cnn.com/specials/live-video-0- (please let me know if the link work)
  12. Yang's idea does not add up. Take a look at any paystub. There is no way the government is just going to give you money for free without increasing taxes. That is why anytime we work overtime we pay more in tax.
  13. There is no way to have any of Yang's plans without increasing the tax that was my point.
  14. Entrepreneur Andrew Young - He has speaking points. All of his points increase the tax on the middle class; no one in the debate is questioning this plan. Vice President Biden- He has realistic plans that are honest in ways he will pay for his ideas. He was finally passionate. Senator Bernie Sander - He has realistic plans that are honest in ways he will pay for his ideas. Mayor Pete Butteig - Is ignoring the fact that he has never worked with the Black people of South Bend Indiana. He has been part of the oppression of the people of color. Billionaire Steyer- Is what wrong with the democratic party. Senator Klobuchar-Her history, as a prosecutor and burying evidence is horrible.

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