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    Are your Thoughts Making You Old?

    In my mind, I am 36 years old. But, in the mirror, looking back at me, is this guy several decades older than me. I can understand the incongruence.
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    If you had a blank check to buy any vehicle, what would you get?

    A Kia. Any kia. Well built and reliable. My kind of car.
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    My Boss Wants Me Microchipped!!

    A microchip implanted into my own flesh? Not a chance. No way and No how. Too much like branding cows before the slaughter.
  4. On February 11, 2015....my community in Columbus, Ohio survived it's first radical muslim terrorist attack at a nearby restaurant within 5 miles from myself. A 30 year old Somali muslim, Mohamed Barry, entered into the Nazareth restaurant and began hacking at patrons eating within the restaurant with a machete. After patrons and staff began throwing heavy chairs at him, he left the restaurant and drove off in his car, where police shortly caught up with him. Upon exiting his car, he rushed the police with a machete in one hand and a knife in the other, yelling Allahu Akbar, before being shot dead in the street by the police. The injured at the restaurant were taken to an area hospital. They are now since returned home, healing from their injuries. No one was killed, thank God. The terrorist targeted this restaurant because he had discovered that the owner was a Christian Arab from Israel. The restaurant, family ran, has been in Columbus for 27 years and has been well loved by the community. The owner firmly believes that it was an act of terrorism. The restaurant closed for several days after the attack. The police really tried to downplay the muslim and terrorist angles for a long while, but as more facts as to what occurred became known, it was pretty much difficult to dispute the obvious. The owner opened up his restaurant to the community and served buffet meals as an expression of thanks for the prayers, well wishes, and support provided to him and staff by the community. The police also came to participate to lend their support to him and his business. This is stuff you read in the newspapers or on the internet or watch on a TV program. You hardly ever expect something like this to occur right there where you live...with your neighbors, in you neighborhood. But, it did. It did for us. Terrorism is alive in America...and it is popping up all over the place. It happened in my backyard, sort of speak. The lesson that I learned from this experience is that when a terrorist commits terror in your backyard...you do what the Parisians did and what my community did. You have a party together, give thanks, praise God, and blow raspberries back at the terrorists. You refuse to let them rob you of your peace, joy, and happiness. You show terrorists that despite their terror, we will still live, and love, and laugh, and celebrate, and not change one iota of our lives because of them. We will keep on being who we are and what we are. We will celebrate life and love despite your terror. Joy, after terror, is the best gift we can give each other...to help us heal....to help us move on. Joy is also the best raspberry of all.
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    Community recovering from a terrorist attack

    It was. And it was about overcoming terror. And our community is healing from it. Thank you for your input. It was spot on.
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    Community recovering from a terrorist attack

    The point of the thread was to give comfort to other communities/persons who may be visited by future muslim extremism and terror. Our community was attacked, but is doing fine. We are moving forward and moving onward. If it happens for you and/or in your own community, you are not alone. Peace to you all.
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    Community recovering from a terrorist attack

    So you are an apologist for Islam. In that case, I guess, you and I will have to agree to disagree. It was OUR community that was visited by a machete wielding man screaming Allahu Akbar and slashing at patrons and police...and yes, who is muslim. Sorry if that offends your sensitivities. But it is what it is. It happened not in your community. It was in OUR community. I will not banter words with you; for obviously, you will cherry pick what you wish to beat the straw man. Peace....and Joy....to you.
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    13 Signs You May Be Elderly...

    Yikes! I got 11 out of 13. I'm elderly, baby. LOL
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    Porn & Video Games - Manhood crisis

    This actually leads to the point as to why embedding socially enriching relationships in one's life are so important. The danger with technology, especially with teens and young adults, is that it can become fairly easily to become self absorbed into it, at the detriment of our relations that surround us. Good example are smart phones and texting addiction. People are losing the skill and the art and the enrichment of interacting with intentional meaning via communicating face to face. Their language of communication has also changed as a result of this self absorption, where rich verbal communication has transitioned into text speak and short bursts of text acknowledgements. With self absorption, alienation and feelings of loneliness may become our byproducts. Several years ago, I was at a shopping mall and spied a couple holding hands, each on their smart phones talking with someone else. If they hadn't been holding hands, you would be hard pressed to know that they were a couple. I kept bumping into this couple over and over and over again in the mall, with phones pressed to their ears, not looking or speaking to their partner, only holding hands. They are connected, but not connecting. They are verbal, but not to each other. They are looking around as they speak, but not to each other. The only thing that identified them as a couple was the hand hold. It could mean that they held each other's hand because they felt solid with each other as they did their own thing....or could mean that it was the only thing that held them together as they became so self absorbed without the other. It was very hard to say or know. Technology can bring us together or have us drift apart from meaningful relationships right in front of us. Gaming and Porn can often be like Smart Phones. With self absorption, we stop growing...personally and interpersonally. We can become stunted and isolated. So, making a point to make time to place people in our lives with uninterrupted downtown to communicate face to face in order to practice being...human....is so important. Terribly important.
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    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Actually, a cover song by Adele, Save My Love as performed by The Johnsons.
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    Why Do So Many Like Beer?

    All I can say is.... The thicker and chewier the beer (like a milkshake), the better the beer it is. I want it to feel like I just drank a meal. Yum.
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    Community recovering from a terrorist attack

    From your link===> [TABLE] [TR] [TD]Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO):[/TD] [TD]No[/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] Is your example occurring globally around the world, impacting "multitudes" of people with hate and carnage? No, not really and a poor comparison, actually. So, truly, I fail to see your point. Strawman arguments? This has nothing to do with what happened in our community in Columbus. A radical muslim, who was on the FBI watchlist, committed an actual act of terrorism. This is what happened. Those are the facts. Unless one is an Islam apologist, I truly do not see your point or any point beyond what actually occurred. And the other fact remains. We as a community survived this attack and are doing fine. Again, peace and joy are the BEST raspberries.
  13. Thunderwolf

    Community recovering from a terrorist attack

    Yes, it was. It shook a community. I understand your example. Possibly, it would be more similar and more relevant "IF" there were occurrences of white persons yelling "soldier of Jesus" and attacking innocent lives around the world. Since that is not the case, it fails to be equal in any comparison. "IF", however, there were multiple examples around the world and over time of "Jesus soldiers" committing such acts, then they WOULD be labeled as terrorists rather very easily. Currently, in the world, going on for sometime now, it has been persons identifying with Islam that have been committing such acts of terror around the world. Hence, the example in our community is easily identified as such...much like San Bernardino.
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    Ben Carson for President

    And since this is a Carson thread, I just find him too passive, too weak, too much of a wall flower candidate to take seriously running our country. Nice guy, no doubt. But, I fear he would lead from the behind in all aspects, probably more so and worse than Obama. Leading from the behind is not leadership, at least as I have come to understand the term during the course of my life. I think this may be a huge reason why Trump is majorly leading...because he boldly places himself up front...loudly, I give you that....but he leads by placing himself out there. And in today's PC world that comes across to many as strength and courage. But, I tend to be a more centrist myself, because extremes on any spectrum is suspect in my opinion. So, Sanders doesn't do it for me, nor Carson, nor Trump. There is time yet....to make a decision...and that is good.
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    Ben Carson for President

    The last thing we need during these uncertain economic times is for our nation to change economic systems that may further flatten incentive and economic growth, which socialism would bring. We need to also explore and encourage more people training and working to better their own individual economic advancements, not providing more opportunities to become introduced into and/or mired in public assistance. As a result, I just do not see Sanders as the answer to American problems in growth and development and in economic freedom. But, again, that is just my opinion.
  16. Thunderwolf

    Ben Carson for President

    What is the difference between communism and socialism? | Investopedia In theory, socialism and communism sound appealing, with everyone doing their share and working together to provide for the greater good. Each utilizes a planned production schedule to ensure the needs of all community members are met. They are utopian economic structures that some countries have tried; however, most have failed or become dictatorships, making reform nearly impossible. In a communist society everything is owned by the working class and everyone works toward the same communal goal. There are no wealthy and poor classes. Instead, all are equal. Production from the community is distributed based upon need, not by effort or amount of work. It is expected that basic needs for each worker are met by the community, and there is no more to be obtained through working more than what is required. For example, if a worker puts in more time at work, he sees no additional reward, and production is minimally affected. The worker receives the same stipend and ration as before. Therefore, this type of economy often results in poor production, mass poverty and little advancement. This occurred in the 1980s to the Soviet Union when poverty became so widespread, and rebellions and revolutions caused a dissolution of the nation. Socialism shares similarities to communism but to a lesser extreme. As in communism, equality is the main focus. Instead of the workers owning the facilities and tools for production, workers are paid and allowed to spend their wages as they choose, while the governing body owns and operates the means of production for the benefit of the working class. Each worker is provided with necessities so he is able to produce without worry for his basic needs. Still, advancement and production are limited because there is no incentive to achieve more. Without motivation to succeed, such as the ability to own an income-producing business, workers' human instincts prohibit drive and desire that is produced through such incentives. Both communism and socialism are near opposites of capitalism, with no private ownership and class equality. In capitalism, reward comes naturally without limitation to workers who exceed the normal minimums. When there is excess production, the owner can freely keep it, and he has no obligations to share his spoils with anyone else. A capitalist environment facilitates competition, and the result is unlimited advancement opportunity.
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    Community recovering from a terrorist attack

    And another article: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2016/02/16/random-act-or-islamist-terrorism-questions-linger-as-ohio-restaurant-reopens-after-machete-attack/ There is plenty info still out there. My intent is not to plaster tons and tons of past news and articles on this thread. People are intelligent enough to look it up for themselves. Again, the main message is that our community in Columbus, Ohio was attacked this month and we are O.K. and are not afraid. Peace.... and Joy to you all.
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    Community recovering from a terrorist attack

    Truly, one does not have to search hard at all. The info as to what happened here in Columbus is out there. But....the main message of this story is...despite a muslim terrorist attacking people in one of our community restaurant's, the community came together and is healing and recovering and moving forward. A true sense of community. The best raspberry to a muslim terrorist is keeping hope and joy alive....despite their evil message of hate and persecution. Joy and hope....beautiful raspberries.
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    Community recovering from a terrorist attack

    Another news source. FBI Confirms Act of Terror in Ohio: Muslim Machete Attacker on Terror Watchlist, Came to U.S. on Green Card - Breitbart
  20. Thunderwolf

    Community recovering from a terrorist attack

    This is the restaurant owner discussing it then.
  21. Thunderwolf

    Community recovering from a terrorist attack

    This article from the Columbus Dispatch yesterday is about one of the victims. He is recovering. Musician Bill Foley recalls machete attack that sliced his hands | The Columbus Dispatch
  22. Thunderwolf

    Community recovering from a terrorist attack

    Well, it has all been in the news in Columbus.
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    Human Beings are Vile

    When I first read about the poor dolphin, all I could hear myself saying was, " how selfish and entitled" they are. When people reach that level, decency withers. Empathy ceases to exist.
  24. Thunderwolf

    Research Finds Bible More Violent Tham Koran

    That is bait by the OP....and I'm not biting.

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