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  1. Thunderwolf

    If you are a progressive, that is a pretty good ratio.

    I think the lessons on wealth and salvation are quite clear and most fall short. paraphrasing To the rich man, Christ said, "Sell all that you have, then come follow me." and "It is easier to thread a camel thru an eye of a needle than a rich man to enter into heaven." It is most difficult if not impossible to serve two masters at once. Mammon being one, God the Father being the other. The more we have and do not share, the risk of distancing ourselves from God becomes great. Read your bible.
  2. Thunderwolf

    Popes lack of action with sexual abuse

    Why do they continue to expect and take money from the poor? Possibly to help settle all the lawsuits. The Church seems more willing to pay out millions in order to protect their sexual predator priests than to turn them over to the legal authorities and/or to kick these priests out of the church once learning of their offenses....and in many cases, repeat offenses. Hmmm....I sort of wonder HOW the money being collected now during Peter's Pence is actually being used by the Church. It sort of makes you wonder. And to withhold or not offer worship or services to poor folks or peasants unless they cough up 200 pesos is...in my mind...very unchristian. Sort of reminds me of the old practices of indulgences during the middle ages (one could only get into heaven back then IF one was only able to pay the necessary church fee or pay off the priest for absolution...salvation back then came with a very high price). Thanks to the Protestant Reformation, the wrongness of that practice was debated and it stopped. Sometimes protest is needed and is just. So, withholding services from the poor unless they can pay the high price in pesos seems so very wrong. The offenses by our current day predator priests are not the homosexuality...but the sexual abuse and rapes upon children. And yes, there are priests who have sexually abused and raped girls too...not just the boys. These are sexual predators who are in and given positions of power who prey upon the weak. The weakest are our children. This is the offense, not that priests are men who have a sexuality or a labido. I liken the eunich-like expectations placed upon priests as being highly unrealistic. Most men (and women) are sexual beings...regardless if they are religious or spiritual. If you are human, you are sexual. The point I am making is that the current man made church law of celibacy is not natural and may actually increase the risk of these men turning into pedophiles. If they can't have sex with women (but some of them do any way and then leave the church afterward to raise a family) or with men (choosing a homosexual lifestyle), what do they have left to express their sexuality or satisfy their normal human sexual urges? All they have left is what is left....and that is our children. The vow and law of priestly celibacy is ridiculous...and the proof proves it out. This celibacy law needs abolished. It places our children at GREAT risk. Here is a recent article on the continued settlements being paid out to protect the church and its sexual predators. What is wrong is NOT the settlements being paid...that is right and just! What IS wrong is that the Church refuses to change, continues to coddle these criminals (in the not so distant past, the Church denied that this was happening at all :eek: ), and then add insult to injury, continues to hold itself as pious and righteous and fullfilling the spirit of Christ. THAT is wrong!!!! Prayer is NOT enough....genuine church action and genuine change within the church will only protect our children. Prayer, in this case, only becomes a religious, if not a hypocritical, cop out.
  3. Thunderwolf

    Evangelical leader takes on Beck ...

    Beck is nothing more than an opportunist. The Jerry Springer of our modern day American politics. Give him a stage, he'll put on a show. And that is all it is.....a show badly performed. Yet, like any thing, many find him entertaining...for whatever their agenda, for whatever their fears, for whatever their reasons. In the end, Beck most likely doesn't care what unrest he causes or initiates...his agenda is the spotlight and the bankroll/paycheck he collects for it. Rush even pretty much admitted the same for himself. Its a pretty good gig on their part. Multi millions.
  4. Thunderwolf

    Robertson: Haiti had "pact with devil"

    The only thing that would shake the likes of Robertson (televangelist types) would be the sudden loss of their income. They preach of poverty with the right hand, yet collect their mammon with the left hand. They preach and condemn others for the lots of their lives from one side of the mouth, yet from the other side of the mouth, speak blasphemy from their own actions found in their own lives. Christ had words for these types of leaders....blind guides, brooder of vipers, empty sepulchers, liars, wolves. Be careful of these types of persons. Much of Christ's condemnation when he was on Earth were towards these men (now, also women)...and it was because of these persons, he was hung on the cross. It wasn't the Jews or any other group per se that hung Christ on the cross....he was hung on the cross by these arrogant and ignorant religious types. Read your bible...you know or will come to know that this is true.
  5. Thunderwolf

    Popes lack of action with sexual abuse

    It is OK, Brian. I am Catholic, but since all the sexual abuse in the church and the shuffling of these sexual predator priests amongst our parishes, I have LOST faith in the institution itself. I have not lost faith regarding God or the message of Jesus, but the church (institution) has become a den of hypocrisy. The thing that strikes me strongly is what Jesus would have said of the Catholic Church, especially when we know his affection for the welfare of children and of the young. What words would Jesus use or say about the Catholic Church and the pope, its cover up (for decades and worldwide) of its own sexual perversion upon children, and its apathy to change this? Would Jesus have kind words for the Church...or words of condemnation? Since this whole thing has become more and more to light and thank God for this (for I believe THAT is the will of God...to reveal the Church corruption), I have left the active practice of Catholicism. I have not left the message of my faith...but I have left the Catholic messenger of that faith....Big Difference. Be of cheer, Brian. The exposure of this corruption is cleansing. Maybe, one day, the Church will be able to redeem itself....not by words...but by action....and that means genuine change. Peace
  6. Thunderwolf

    Imagine. The Tea Party and White Privilege.

    Although I did not read all the discussion, I did wish to say that I did read the original article (post #1). I found the article, as a round about way, an invitation for all to "think outside of their perceptual box." Sometimes, our own perception is NOT the reality we often think it is...because we very often become blinded by our own prejudices and perceived truths. Reality often times presents much differently. I thought the article was timely and relevant. Good article.
  7. We also must not forget the collateral or secondary victims of this potentially senseless tragedy...the lobbyists and the politicians they financially support. For once, think of their incomes, and not about your own. How selfish are we to deny them their lifestyle that they have grown accustomed to? Aren't they entitled to every bit of this? Who are we to decide this for them? And who really needs a government free of corporate influence? We certainly don't. Things are great just the way they are. So please, save the CEOs and their execs. Keep their business as usual. As a patriotic American, we are counting on you to make a stand. ______________________________________________________________ Insurance Profit ...such a terrible thing to waste. (Paid for by the Political Action Committee of the National Corporate Freedom & Funding in the Political Advancement of Corporate Human Services and Wealth)
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0QVk4f_Vxik I believe that the message makes a solid point.
  9. I do too...because it reflects a "genuine discourse" of ideas...both sides of the aisle being heard. For the first time, in a long time, I actually felt like I was listening to an assembly of adults tallking...a rarity, it seems, in today's politics. Thanks, Viking, for sharing the vid.
  10. Thunderwolf

    Tea Party Socialist-Free Purity Pledge

    Point well taken. Now, I wonder just how many self professed hard core right wingers would demonstrate the integrity to sign it and live it. You hit the hypocrisy squarely on the head. Well done.
  11. Thunderwolf

    You Lie!

    http://www.cnn.com/2009/POLITICS/09/15/carter.obama/index.html I totally agree with the last paragraph.
  12. Thunderwolf

    You Lie!

    As you can tell, I do not hold rigidly to Republican=Conservative, nor Democrat=Liberal. I actually see 4 different movements here. Combine these 4 with the others out there (Independent, Libertarian, Neo-Conservative being just 3...there are more), we have several actually. The Republican and Democrat have more voice and presence only because the monies pumped into them and pumped out of them. Money talks in this country....it is often the politicial grease of our political language. That is why corporations lobby and is why most people in Government tend to be wealthy coming into it and leave wealthier coming out of it. However, being ever so mindful, we are a nation of people...a nation of Americans, great and small. In the long and short of it, a nation is often remembered and judged by NOT how often it can flex its political/military arm, but by how it takes care of its own...the common citizen. My take on the Republican party as it stands and why it seems to be having an identity crisis is because it has pivoted itself between two movements...Conservative and Neo-Conservative...one being the original platform, the other being a once fringe movement which since had gained momentum and presence under Bush et al. As a result, a schism has occurred. So, in a way, the Republican party is fighting a war on two fronts...internal and external. And with any schism, there is chaos...and those who wish to exploit it. And since there is no firm leadership in this party any more, the schism continues.
  13. Thunderwolf

    You Lie!

    Believe it or not, I am an Independent. Although, I may seem to have liberal views, I also have very conservative views as well. I am not a Republican because I feel that this party left their true conservative platform for the sake of neo-conservativism (fringe) and sensationalism. I am not a Democrat because I do not believe in some of their own platform at times either. I do detest the fear mongering, the brain washing, and bigotry...regardless of either party who commits the offense. Unfortunately, the Republican party tends to take the lead in this. Again, when it occurs, it simply leads the party and the people away from genuine discourse and debate. Ignorance and shouting matches are not bliss...nor provides any road to productive resolution.
  14. Thunderwolf

    You Lie!

    Even in politics, opposites both repel and attract each other. Without the one, the other has no meaning.
  15. Thunderwolf

    You Lie!

    It will never end as long as there is even one far-right conservative alive. This is also very true.

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