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    Political Yard Signs

  2. ProgressiveActivist

    War with Syria/Russia?

    American Ex- Pat former Marine and Gulf War Veteran Ken O'Keefe explains why US politics is nothing more than "psychopaths reading a script" as relates to the destruction of Syria. [video=youtube_share;HB9BXIghZCI]https://youtu.be/HB9BXIghZCI
  3. ProgressiveActivist

    War with Syria/Russia?

    I have zero interest in Trump's boy bragging from 10 years ago. Sure, he's a lech, but Slick Willie should be a registered sex offender. There is absolutely no substantive evidence of Russia's involvement in hacking for wikileaks though Clinton just validated them again in the debate. Its all a ruse for us to declare a no fly zone, go to war in Syria in order to cover up US arms deals and war crimes in Syria and Yemen. Iran is next. The U.S. has no idea as to the enormity of the shithole that we are in.
  4. ProgressiveActivist

    War with Syria/Russia?

    Frankly, Trump supporters are far more civil and better informed. Good job democrats, you've united Trump people, Berners and Greens who see that we are truly on the precipice of world War 3. The topic is the Syria War. That's the real obscenity. If you dig deeper, and you should, you will find that Obama suspended ALL diplomatic relations with Russia two weeks ago.
  5. ProgressiveActivist

    What Science Tells Us About Trump Supporters

    hell no. She is a sick old woman who road her husbands coattails to the senate, accomplished nothing as the junior senator from ny. Then she turned the state dept into a storefront for arms deals, bombed libya into the stone age, and compromised national security through the use of her own server.
  6. ProgressiveActivist

    War with Syria/Russia?

    Syria is Iraq 2.0 ( and Yemen is Iraq 3.0 ) Syria: This is war for control of the European oil market. It is currently supplied by Russia and they do not want to give that up. Rightly so, their economy almost collapsed in 08 as well. Russia was INVITED by democratically elected President Assad to defeat the Syrian rebels who are heavily armed by the CIA and Saudi. Congrats Obama for killing thousands with drone strikes. He is a war criminal. The US gave 10 million to the so called white hats who bomb neighborhoods and then take pictures of injured children to validate the candidate beating the drums for war. I'm not sending my family off to kill people for the Saudis and the US war machine. Clinton wants a "No Fly Zone" (Trump wants to "work it out with Russia.") THAT MEANS SHOOTING DOWN RUSSIAN AND SYRIAN PLANES. PLUS 70,000 troops in Syria. It means war with Syria Russia and their allies, China and North Korea. THIS IS WHY THE US MILITARY SUPPORTS TRUMP. If anyone is interested, I can provide factual objective sources. It's not on cable news. Their priority is who is a pussygrabber and who's dickin bimbos , Miss Universe and who called whose voters taco bowl deplorables etc.
  7. ProgressiveActivist

    FBI leaks from 5/2016

    This is not a partisan video. Watch with an open mind. [video=youtube_share;RemRjppjEzw]
  8. ProgressiveActivist

    Is Clinton an authentic voice for the economic and civil rights of the people?

    Now I really want to hear what she said in those Wall Street speeches. [video=youtube_share;Uj-bVcdYiNo]https://youtu.be/Uj-bVcdYiNo
  9. ProgressiveActivist

    Who Do You Think Is Going To Win

    We are at war. In Afghanistan, Iraq and most recently Yemen. We know that old Bill is going to have a role with the economy and he is in favor of the TPP. His wife has been talking about invading Iran and even using nuclear weapons if needed. She is funded by war profiteers whose business model is regime changes and the industry of death. See video. Hypothetically, I believe that Trump would be less dangerous because he will not kow tow to Saudi and Israel as our POTUS and SOS have been doing since when, 2000? Yes, the man is totally out of his depth, a climate change denier, and unfit to be president. He knows less than I do about economics. He said he would default on the deficit and the dollar fell last week just from that. His tax plan is smoke and mirrors. As long as Trump doesn't take super pac$ he will at least retain that little bit of credibilty. On the plus side, Trump doesn't have a "Foundation" or a "Global Initiative" for the purpose of laundering bribes through foreign banks. Any cronyism wont be anywhere on the scale of the hil-bil arms deals. Also, as Jimmy Carter says, Clinton did very little as SOS to achieve peace and at least Trump is "malleable." Trump is a marketing genius who gets ratings and has been given a billion in free airtime. According to a former staffer, his speeches are based on what people say to Rush Limbaugh. His isolationist/xenophobic foreign policy appeals to a lot of people. Either he is going to walk it back and throw the election to Clinton or promise Soc Sec expansion and Full medicare/ single payer, in which case he will win. The independent vote, 42% of the electorate, is evenly split between Trump and Sanders. He could get in. Hypothetically. [video=youtube_share;PV_PLCC6jeI]
  10. ProgressiveActivist

    Who Do You Think Is Going To Win

    If you watch "Where to invade next" you will see that your children and grandchildren are being robbed. Its for rent or purchase on itunes, amazon video and Google play. ✌
  11. ProgressiveActivist

    Election Fraud, Voter Suppression, Voter Roll Purges

    Your lack of understanding is duly noted.
  12. ProgressiveActivist

    Donald Trump as GOP hopeful: Take him seriously

    Yes. Trump says absurd and horrible things, but Clinton has spent 30 years actually doing them.
  13. ProgressiveActivist

    Donald Trump as GOP hopeful: Take him seriously

    This guy explains why he would rather gamble on an outsider than vote for a known establishment candidate, .[video=youtube_share;LFrhU7mFyBo]https://youtu.be/LFrhU7mFyBo
  14. ProgressiveActivist

    Donald Trump as GOP hopeful: Take him seriously

    This guy is voting for Trump.
  15. ProgressiveActivist

    Who Do You Think Is Going To Win

    If my only choices were Trump and female Dick Nixion, I would vote Trump to keep her from signing the TPP and going to war with Iran.