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  1. Roy Fokker

    'Intactivists' to San Francisco: Ban circumcision

    ROFL. Even your own stated numbers aren't highly in favor of male infant circumcision. "Global estimates in 2006 suggest that about 30% of males – representing a total of approximately665 million men – are circumcised." - and the caveats include - "ethnic-ity, perceived health and sexual benefits, and the desire to conform to socio-cultural norms" (emphases mine) All THEM 'caveats' for 30% of the males on this planet??!! Yup! Sounds like a ringing endoresment to me! Almost NONE of the countries you posted say anything about ROUTINE NON-RELIGIOUS infant circumcision in non-predominantly muslim/jewish areas [e.g.: "Male circumcision is common in many African countries and is almost universal in North Africaand most of West Africa. In contrast it is less common in southern Africa" - i.e., it's greater in areas where there is a greater Muslim population *shocking*] " Male circumcision in Africa isundertaken for mainly religious and cultural reasons." Really?! No kidding! So folks there cut men and women for religious/cultural reasons! Who wudda thunk! "During the 20th century, male circumcision gained popularity for perceived health benefits andsocial reasons in North America, New Zealand and Europevi,vii. Neonatal and childhood male cir-cumcision rates in the United States of America rose to about 80% in the 1960s with prevalenceremaining high (between 76%-92%) todayviii. In contrast, Australiaix, Canadax, and the UnitedKingdomxi have seen a decline in male circumcision. In Central and South America male circumci-sion is uncommon (less than 20%)xii,xiii. " WHO | Male circumcision information package"" (emphases mine) So male infant circumcision rose to a peak during the 1960s because of the PERCEIVED health benefits but SINCE THEN the rest of the Western world dropped outta the trend of circumcising their young boys for non-religious reasons --- EXCEPT the United States. You might want to re-read the "facts" that you just posted. I wonder why.... And which countries are those I wonder?? Nobody who disagrees with infant male circumcision has said anything otherwise. Most folks who disagree with infant male circumcision opposse it for reasons of it being "routine", "cosmetic" and other non-medical/religious reasons... cheers,
  2. Roy Fokker

    'Intactivists' to San Francisco: Ban circumcision

    Wow! Gas chambers. That's your argument? Would it make a difference if other Jews disagreed with you? Yes I've seen 'Europa, Europa'. I've 'seen' and heard far more than "Europa, Europa" - from people who lived though it all. How about people who survived not just the Nazis but also Stalin's thugs? At the same time? Since you asked me about 'Europa, Europa' - have you read "Bloodlands" (Amazon.com: Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin (9780465002399): Timothy Snyder: Books) by Timothy Snyder? Or how about any of the works detailing the paranoid, antisemitism of Stalin? By the way - at no point have I ever said "it's dumb to circumcise a baby for religious reasons". I'm acutely aware of the suffering endured by people because of their ethnicity, religion or appearance - I've often been subject to the same. I don't mention this because I want it to seem akin to a trump card - it is merely to point out that I know what prejudice IS and to acknowledge what prejudice can LEAD TO. cheers,
  3. Roy Fokker

    'Intactivists' to San Francisco: Ban circumcision

    That's just daft - the uncircumcised one is natural. Did you forget to take a course in human anatomy? Nooo - the argument is that 'parents don't have the right to mutilate their progeny for cosmetic reasons without the consent of the child'. The US by far is the ONLY country that performs infant circumcision for NON-religious purposes in the ENTIRE world. There's more than a couple billion Chinese and Indians (not to mention most of Europe) - who can attest to the fact that 'lack of circumcision doesn't lead to male health problems'. Should that also apply if you were sexually molesting your child? How about branding your kids with a hot iron? How about you cutting off their body parts? You will find few members on this website who are more inclined to agree with you that "the Government should stay out of private citizens lives" than I. But your argument that "it's the right of the parents" isn't entirely worthy. If I followed your argument - it should be ok to give 14 year olds boob jobs and rhinoplasty... In your special world perhaps. Lots of other men actually DO wonder/worry/talk about it... The nerve of some people! To protest a purely cosmetic surgery on an infant for non religious/medical reasons! Your problem is not uncirc'd penises - your problem is living in Ohio. Or having a closed mind. Either or. Perhaps both. I apologize if this sounds unkind. But clearly you have ZERO knowledge about circumcision! Your only example is 'the guy who GOT circumcised'... "probably got made fun off". Well, that's a ringing winner for circumcision if there was any!! I love the fact that you added 'lol' at the end of your little note. Maybe we should've cut off your breasts at birth - because there is a strong chance you could've developed breast cancer in your adult years? "You would have NEVER grown up remembering it so what's the big deal. It's not like it gives you post traumatic stress disorder or anything lol." cheers,
  4. Roy Fokker

    'Intactivists' to San Francisco: Ban circumcision

    I'll remember that next time someone circumcises ya... - Roy
  5. Roy Fokker

    I have been in many places ...

    "There's no such thing as sanity and that's the sanest fact That's the way, the story goes..." - dIRE sTRAITS ("One World") cheers,
  6. Roy Fokker

    What are you doing right now?

    What am I doing right now? Listening to some Dire Straits while sipping fine Canadian blend whiskey; soaking my tired, aching feet in a warm Epsom salt bath... Ahhh, this is bliss! cheers,
  7. Ooooh! I LOVED Spirograph! I also loved the kaleidoscopes my grandma used to make for me. Simple yet beautiful... My favs? * Lego. Especially when they came out with mechanics (battery powered motor). You have to understand - I didn't grow up in the US. Legos were not available in my country. The only way I could get my hands on one was if a family member came to visit ... which was few and far between. I treasured every little piece I had. Heck, I think I remember passing on my big blue Tyco Blocks Bucket to my younger cousins when I grew older. I loved those things too! * The World Record Paper Airplane Book by Mr. Ken Blackburn. I was absolutely nuts about airplanes and flight (still am!) As a child of 4 or 5, my Father used to build simple "dart" planes from old envelopes (what an excellent way to use the envelopes your bills come in, don't you think?!!) just to keep me amused. Then I "stumbled onto" Mr. Blackburn's book and all heck broke loose! :) I spent countless hours folding simple sheets of paper into objects that defied gravity. And then I "graduated" to building gliders from balsa wood and paper. Few things made me happier as a kid than running through a field 'towing' my hand built gliders into flight... My parents couldn't afford RC models - but I substituted with building replicas of the Messerschmitt Bf-109, the F-14 Tomcat, the Harrier jump-jet, the "secretive" Aurora hyper-sonic aircraft ... * A willow-wood cricket bat that Father gave me for my 13th birthday. No, it wasn't anything fancy. Just a good, solid bat. Countless evenings and nights I spent polishing and 'oiling' that bat (with linseed oil). Played many tournaments with that bat. Sadly it got misplaced when we moved apartments later on :( cheers,
  8. Roy Fokker

    Your online persona vs. You in real life

    Meh (:D) I don't know. I think I'm more or less the same [who has the time to invent and maintain different personas? (or should that be personae?)] I'm a bit careful about posting information that could reveal who I am and/or where I work... but that's about it. Other than that - yes, I am just as whacky and opinionated in real life as I am here! :D "The verbal equivalent of a shrug of the shoulders" ? Urban Dictionary: meh cheers,
  9. Roy Fokker

    Show off your new avatar.

    Mine is a cropped photo of a "Burlak" by the famous Russian realist painter Ilya Yefimovich Repin. A Burlak (бурлак) is a Russian epithet traditionally associated with barge-haulers or similar occupations. Pretty much anyone who performs hard labour, thankless tasks and gets paid a pittance for their efforts. Kinda like my job and my perception of nursing in general :) See also: Burlaks on the Volga and Song of the Volga Boatmen (click the link in my signature to see video!) cheers,
  10. Roy Fokker

    The venting thread ! open to all

    Attention colleagues: Please, for the love of all that is holy, put things BACK where you FOUND THEM. And while you're at it, PLUG the blessed things in!! You don't like having to hunt high and low for the EKG machine and thermometers? Guess what? Neither do I!!!!! GAH!
  11. Roy Fokker

    What kind of razor do you like ?

    I used to use a Kaufmann straight razor untill some stole it! Now I use a generic double edge razor. Unless I'm in a hurry - in which case it's the Gillette Fusion in the shower... Wet shaves only for me. Can't do dry shave (doesn't shave close enough). If I live long enough to eventually take coumadin or plavix, this is going to be an issue LOL! Wet shaves with badger bristle brush and Old Spice shaving cream. Them shave gel products don't lather as good as the cream and I can't stand the dry, scratchy shave when I use the ready-foam. Oh and after shave? It's gotta be the one and only: Old Spice Musk! - Roy
  12. Roy Fokker

    Another FaceBook Rant

    If you feel this way about FB, don't go near Twitter!
  13. I have been and forever will be a fan of 'Old Spice' - especially their original "Musk" aftershave. If and when I can't find Musk (sadly the case more often these days - the company stopped manufacturing 'em I believe :() - I'll settle for Old Spice Original. Both gentlemen and ladies are welcome to respond: Gents - your preference and Ladies - your preference on your mate... cheers,
  14. Roy Fokker

    How do you describe yourself?

    How's this for food for thought? "Ignosticism aka theological noncognitivism. The word "God" needs to be defined before it can be discussed. The word "God" has many different meanings between and even within religions and there is no way to claim superior proof of any one meaning." - David Russell cheers,
  15. Roy Fokker

    Random Thoughts

    Roy dumb guy. Roy not too smart. Roy big boy. Roy have big boy underpants on! Subtle hints don't work. BIG hints don't work. For the love of all that is holy - stop dropping hints and just come right out and TELL ME. *sigh* Girl trouble...