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  1. dirtyhippiegirl

    Ben Carson for President

    It's going to be Hillary which bums me out a bit, but hey. Clinton vs Bush(?) 2.0. And I am old enough to vote this time around!
  2. dirtyhippiegirl

    Ben Carson for President

    Carson also believes that Joseph built the pyramids in Egypt to store grain. Like. No. Even the 7th Day Adventists had to put out a press release saying that was not something congruent with their (already atypical Christian) beliefs. It's interesting to watch the candidates that the GOP picks to pander to the Evangelical right slowly implode as what they say spins progressively crazier and crazier. Shades of Herman Cain, yo?
  3. dirtyhippiegirl

    Ben Carson for President

    I am married to a Canadian whose entire family is back in Canada. Their wait times for specialty medical services services aren't excessive. Maybe two or three weeks at the most. Whe my husband's mother first presented with suspected brain cancer, she did not have to wait for anything. I this this probably why you should not rely on anecdotal evidence to form the basis of your opinions.
  4. dirtyhippiegirl

    Ben Carson for President

    I definitely voted for Obama because of his platform. My only regret is that he played it too middle of the road. Not that we will ever get a real liberal in the White House any time soon. re Carson even if hell did freeze over and I became a conservative, I can't imagine ever voting for a young Earth Creationist. I thought it was us libtards who were all heart and no brain.
  5. dirtyhippiegirl

    Code Black (tv show)

    I'm waiting for Code Brown.
  6. dirtyhippiegirl

    "I hate the United States"

    The young woman in the OP would probably temper her "hate" with perspective, yes, but being an immigrant doesn't mean that one can't have non-positive opinions on the country or its government.
  7. dirtyhippiegirl

    "I hate the United States"

    Meh. My husband is Canadian. He went to university in the US and has now been in the US another eight years on a green card to be with me. He has no desire to naturalize (he could if he wanted to) and is certainly not overflowing with fervent, over-zealous patriotism despite the fact that he has a good job here in the US.
  8. dirtyhippiegirl

    Fed Up

    I was weirded out by how aggressive the narrator was when she was questioning Bill Clinton. He was on her side but you could tell that she was really angling for him to mess up or say something stupid like the corrupt physician -- but he was agreeing with everything she said! I was also underwelmed by the subjective proof offered by the childrens' stories. Studies have already shown over and over again that people - especially obese people - underestimate their caloric intake and overestimate how much exercise they participate in. On the flip side, people do tend to overestimate how many calories exercise burns and tend to over-compensate or treat themselves in the food department not realizing that they probably only burned 100-200 calories. I have seen my husband lose 200+ lbs (and keep it off) through an exercise heavy program but he lifts weights and runs for several HOURS a day on top of added marathon training on and off again. (He has done a couple of half marathons, planning to start training for a full soon.) I took a class over ten years ago in college about how corrupt the food industry is. That's really no big surprise?
  9. dirtyhippiegirl

    'Scrubbing In': MTV's new reality show about nurses trailer released

    I know you prefaced your opinion with all the right words so, natch, I'm not *offended* per se but I do feel like I have a duty to warn you that this attitude will only lead to burn out faster. Really, it's *okay* to only be a nurse when you're clocked in. Otherwise, trust me, once you finally graduate nursing school and get your first job -- you're *primed* to be the sort of new grad nurse who spends two hours before each shift crying and days after each shift worrying about what did or didn't get done.
  10. dirtyhippiegirl

    UK possibly banning "extreme" porn?

    This probably isn't what you meant at all but I do agree. Adolescent sexuality is such a touchy subject. I probably started actively looking for online porn when I was 14 or 15. And I'm a woman. Mom kept an eye on me but as someone else mentioned, kids are smart. (And this was back in the late 90s.) By that point, I'd been horny and masturbating since I hit puberty around 12 or 13 without needing to look at porn. PG-13 movies did it for me! As someone without kids, I guess I wonder what parents worry about in regards to your kids looking at porn? They're probably already masturbating to the Sears catalog and will start touching each other before marriage... I can understand not wanting your eight year-old to view a porn pop-up while visiting a Disney site and I can understand not wanting your 14 year-old to be having sex. But surely there's some sort of middle ground?
  11. dirtyhippiegirl

    UK possibly banning "extreme" porn?

    Isn't that most porn? Or any porn? It's not like Finding Nemo has a thirty minute porn adage in the middle.
  12. dirtyhippiegirl

    UK possibly banning "extreme" porn?

    http://www.wired.co.uk/news/archive/2013-07/27/pornwall Technically more then just porn. See also: "As well as pornography, users may automatically be opted in to blocks on "violent material", "extremist related content", "anorexia and eating disorder websites" and "suicide related websites", "alcohol" and "smoking". But the list doesn't stop there. It even extends to blocking "web forums" and "esoteric material", whatever that is. "Web blocking circumvention tools" is also included, of course."
  13. dirtyhippiegirl

    American, Italian governments confirm MMR vaccine autism link

    A cursory google search led me to one trial case in Italy and two in the US where the courts - not scientists or doctors or "the government" (??) - came to the conclusion that the MMR vaccine caused a plaintiff's autism and awarded them a large amount of money. A very small subset of the population does have an adverse reaction to a vaccine so serious enough that it causes long-lasting damage. The reaction gets reported by medical providers in a large database and the family usually gets some sort of monetary compensation. The vast majority of these reactions are allergic reactions, often where the pt develops profound hypoxia and subsequent brain damage from being down for too long. I can't find any sources that point to some large government-sponsored fund set up to help autism-related MMR cases?
  14. dirtyhippiegirl

    The True Cost of Nursing School

    Read through the OP and I know I'm beating a dead horse here but I also feel like the OP is a) unnecessarily beating herself up over something that probably wasn't her fault per-se and I also feel like her daughter's situation isn't really *that* bad. (Tip: she didn't read too many Jane Austin novels. She's nineteen.) My own story -- I was forced into an involuntary caregiver role around sixteen after my mom started to become very sick. I also helped financially support our family and was working about 60 hours a week on top of honors classes in highschool while helping to care for my ailing mom. When I turned eighteen, I got the heck out of dodge. I received a very generous in-state scholarship which I declined to get as far away as possible -- I moved to North Dakota, shacked up with my now-husband of six years (then long-distance/quasi-internet boyfriend) and took up schooling there. My younger sister took up my role, but she stayed around after she barely graduated from highschool. Ended up with a guy that no one in our family approved of at that time -- community college drop-out, with aspirations to be "in a band" or the owner of a headshop(!!!). They've gone through some hard times as a couple but are still together after almost six years and he's grown to gain our acceptance into the family because he's grown into a decent guy and, as my mother finally was able to accept while she was dying, "he makes her happy." Y'know what? We're both okay. It really is okay to make questionable choices when you're young. Several posters mentioned how easy it is to blur the lines of the parent/child relationship when the boundaries are not solidly typical. It's something that I never thought about until it was brought up here but completely explains the relationship that I had with my own mom. Space and time are needed on both ends. Seems as if the OP really needs a therapist too -- she seems to have a lot of anger directed towards her daughter, which might be justified in many ways, but I bet your daughter can feel that anger.
  15. dirtyhippiegirl

    Taking mentally ill off streets

    Court ordered treatment can be very hard to get for people who do not want it. Not everyone makes overt suicide attempts or has clear homicidal ideation. Honestly, I had a period about seven years ago where I had four back-to-back medical hospitalizations for severe self-injury episodes over a three week period. A couple thousand stitches each, units of blood, and actual surgical intervention twice. I would get medically stabilized then transferred to my hospital of choice that had a psych unit. They knew me well - dozens of IP stays there over a decade or so - would evaluate my need for IP, then send me home because I declined IP. During my last stay, while still in the ER, I was "made" to make an appointment with the state psych/therapy folks since we didn't actually have insurance at the time. Talked my way out of IP at the transferred hospital, went home. But I went to the OP. Saw a psychologist who basically told me that I would be court-mandated to IOP. I refused to sign any papers, etc. I didn't go back to that provider and ignored all phone calls. Dropping off the grid eventually proved helpful to my recovery. But I imagine that a lot of chronic psych patients have something closer to my experience. They know you. You talk your way out. You drop out. Nobody comes looking for you. They probably cared fifteen years ago when I was thirteen and on inpatient stay 1-2-3-4-5 but now?

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