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  1. I'm thankful for true friends. I'm thankful for not ending up in the ER last night. I'm glad for some random "chats" on FB w/ a friend of a friend. I'm glad for trivial stuff that still adds to making me smile. I'm glad that there are positives in the simple things in life.
  2. xtxrn

    How do you describe yourself?

    I describe myself now as still Christian- and incredibly thankful for His mercy and ability to take care of problems much better than I can, so I can turn things over to Him, and forget the rest. But I'm also guarded with humans. :) And that's SO much better than taking people at face value. Much better to rely on Him, and move humans down on the 'food chain'. I still enjoy camaraderie a lot , and humor is a mainstay. :up:
  3. xtxrn

    What makes you what you are?

    I'm a combination of life experience, spiritual beliefs, and situations that force thought/rethought about who/what is important to me. If it's not going to add positives to my life, it's not welcome. BUT, I wish everyone well...from people who have criminally attacked me, to relatives that are no longer welcome in my life, to people who have hurt me- I still wish them well. But it's more than one thing that makes me who I am. :)
  4. xtxrn

    Monday January 9, 2012 :-)

    Y'all take care :) Yes, there's a problem(s). No, I'm not posting it. Don't PM (logging out)- won't be read or answered. Do NOT give my e-mail to A.N.Y.B.O.D.Y. if you have it. (don't check it that often).
  5. xtxrn

    Random Thoughts

    I saw that !! It looks like it could suck the dust off the moon!!!
  6. xtxrn

    Random Thoughts

    reply to an article on a news site re: hospital issues... hospitals are "customer service" institutions now (that's why you get surveys after going to one).... nurses are given raises based on how they do on those surveys (i'm a nurse- i talk to a lot of nurses). medical care is a business- not a place for common sense. chances are the first person your doc's staff talks to at the insurance company to get something approved is a high school graduate with no medical training and a "flip chart" of standard answers. if something is pursued, you actually get someone with some medical knowledge, but people die in the us d/t insurance either denying care, and/or people not being able to afford their portion. so, the whole "buying a hospital floor" sounds about right for these days and times. when someone complains about their coffee not being hot enough, and a nurse has to go warm it up to avoid bad surveys, someone with an actual medical need is blown off for a few minutes- it sucks. and it is what has happened to hospital/medical care. it's all about the numbers. you are irrelevant- and that is sad. i went into nursing to take care of people- whether from the streets, or the governors' mansion, or ex-first ladies. (in the same hospital i worked at then).... i'm disabled now- and see even more pathetic declines. there is no nursing shortage- just horrendous mismanagement of the nurses available.... "for profit" nursing schools love you to death until your check book gets skinny... then it's time to fail..... the test to become an rn??? it's gone from a 1000 question test over 2 days, to a computer test where someone is licensed with as little 75 questions right... that's right- less than 100..... back in the day when i took them, 600 was passing (and i thought %60 was horrible). stay healthy, people. stay healthy. nursing students are told they don't need to have experience trying procedures (iv's, nasogastric tubes, etc..... someone else will do that).... so hospitals have to have extensive "internships" to do what the schools don't- .... teach the skills. if i were looking at nursing school now (versus 27 years ago) there is no way i'd go, or encourage anyone i knew to go into nursing.... it's a hotel job with a stethoscope.... and "caring" isn't part of the equation.... it's all about schmoozing to get those survey results up. that's all that matters- and what hospitals browbeat their employees with..... and the focus on the trivial will cost lives. someone's coffee doesn't trump someone who is having trouble seeing all of a sudden.... nurses make those choices (correctly), then get a lower raise because the coffee whiners complained on the survey- the person who stroked can't answer them.
  7. xtxrn

    Jury Duty - Could you condemn someone to death?

    Actually, states do have criteria for which the death penalty can be applied...."capital" crimes involve extreme circumstances, such as murdering a child, committing murder in the commission of another crime (ie- armed robbery) etc.... it's not something that can be used in just any old murder/manslaughter case- because there ARE differences in the degree of intent... a crime of passion is often sudden and not premeditated..... Manson/Gacy/Dahmer/Wournos, and many others who weren't so famous, planned and many repeated their crimes. :) Premeditation can take place in a matter of seconds (ie- shooting someone twice- once is "sudden".... just going by law discussions on crime news programs- NOT TV dramas). Punishment of a crime is NOT the same as senseless killing. Do the crime? Pay the fine...
  8. xtxrn

    Should I nurse a bee?

    Yep...and my understanding is that they actually came from south and central America- where they came from before that, IDK.... (never lost sleep, either- :D). They are very vicious- and attack with minimal if any provocation. Most bees are just glad to be left alone. These guys seek out trouble !! And, they can be lethal if the number of stings is sufficient, someone has an allergy(duh), or it's a child. Lovely of the med students/interns to haul off with the stuff.... their definition of theft would be ????? :confused:
  9. xtxrn

    What are you doing right now?

    The agave nectar turned out great in the cookies- so half the sugar was replaced; agave nectar still has "natural" sweeteners, but the glycemic index is better for blood sugar stability; couldn't tell there was anything different. I added some bread flour (1/2 cup) along with 2 cups of regular flour to the recipe on the bag of chips. I figured the bread flour would help with the fluid from the agave, and also help texture. The cookies are sorta cake-y. I thought about using the erythritol, but didn't want the cookies to be wafer thin.
  10. xtxrn

    What are you doing right now?

    I did the same thing. :) Now, it's gotta be much more conscious.
  11. xtxrn

    Should I nurse a bee?

    The Africanized bees are all over the SW US.... been there for years, and moving north.
  12. xtxrn

    Random Thoughts

    Random thought:Sometimes things can't be fixed- have no clue what the problem is, have asked and been totally blown off- ***. I'm done.
  13. xtxrn

    Random Thoughts

    Random thought: People see what they WANT to..not what's really there.
  14. xtxrn

    Man v. Food

    The 7 pound burrito was disgusting. The 7 steaks was gross. He finished the 72 ounce steak at the place in Amarillo, TX.. and the side dishes. Weird. The only time I"ve seen him have to go puke was a milkshake challenge.
  15. xtxrn

    American Idol Season: 11

    I love the auditions -- the weirder, the better. :D After the nut jobs get done, I'm not that into it. :)

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