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  1. Jessy_RN

    Can a fat nurse be a good nurse?

    What a dumb and useless question.
  2. Jessy_RN

    Why do so many nurses not know how to spell?

    Give-me-a-break. 'Nursing eating their young' is so over-abused! Get real. :uhoh3:
  3. Jessy_RN

    Pertussis epidemic in California

    Not just in California, my area is seeing an increase of cases as well. The Children's Hospital I work for is the only one in the region. We are getting lots of sick kiddos. There is definitely a trend in un-vaxed kiddos and also adults. It's offered for free at postpartum but many still decline. I got mt TDap after having my baby and while it did hurt, it was not any worse that the flu vax. Also, being so close the the Mexican border, we cannot control all the folks who have never been vaccinated, or have no insurance. Lately, I have seen many ads in the paper, craigslist, etc; about moms looking for other kids with active chicken pox to 'have a party' with. It's scary!
  4. Jessy_RN

    Toddler smoking 2pks of cigarettes/day

    I was beyond shocked. What next, toddlers having sex? Sheesh
  5. If all nurses were expected to be 'perfect' then I fear for humanity.
  6. Jessy_RN

    Boy father at 13

    That's all too common in my neck of the woods. LOTS and LOTS of 13 yr old parents here. So sad, disturbing but not quite shocking anymore.
  7. Jessy_RN

    DH has had a Heart Attack

    I am so sorry! My prayers are with him, you and your family as well.
  8. Jessy_RN

    Pictures of Me in Thailand

    WOW!! Tweety, love the pics and you look great! My favorite is the elephant and the beach one. I'm so jealous :bow:
  9. Jessy_RN

    HELLO allnurses.com! Long time, no see.

    Deb, welcome back!! I, too, was away for a while and roaming the boards again.........I missed it
  10. Jessy_RN

    Death-row inmate says he's too fat for execution

    Hmmmm, let's just find out :grn:
  11. Jessy_RN

    Have you done something good 4 yourself lately?

    I took the fam out for dinner last night. Got a pedi today. I don't do much for myself these days......I do want to attend a Jeff Dunhan show someday!
  12. Jessy_RN

    Gas Prices

    problem is, the message has been clear all along. i am sure they know we are not happy campers and they just don't care :uhoh21:
  13. Jessy_RN

    Gas Prices

    I have a Tacoma Xrunner, which hasn't seen daylight in a couple days now with the high gas prices. I drive a 2000 manual hyundai accent at the moment and it takes 30 bucks to fill and lasts 1.5 weeks. I have noticed produce and meat at the store increase as well. It's a sad case all around.
  14. Jessy_RN

    270 Illegal Immigrants Sent to Prison in Federal Push

    I feel very, VERY sad for these people. A crime was committed, no doubt but equally I feel for those who are native born, have a valid SSN, and chose to rape the system and not work. (That's a whole diff topic, I know). I wish these people well.
  15. Jessy_RN

    The Vegetarian Thread

    Morning everyone. Yesterday a co-worker and I went to eat supper @ Subway. She's from India and a strict veggie. The guy making the subs, was asked to please change his gloves before making her sub because he has been handling the past 10 or so subs' meat/cheese. Not to mention the lady in front of us has a roast beef sub on the rare side. The worker straight up laughed in our faces, and although did change his gloves it really felt uncomfortable. I encouraged her to make a formal complaint but she just refused. Has anyone else encountered similar situations? I am really bothered by this.