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  1. Jessy_RN

    Can a fat nurse be a good nurse?

    What a dumb and useless question.
  2. Jessy_RN

    Why do so many nurses not know how to spell?

    Give-me-a-break. 'Nursing eating their young' is so over-abused! Get real. :uhoh3:
  3. Jessy_RN

    Pertussis epidemic in California

    Not just in California, my area is seeing an increase of cases as well. The Children's Hospital I work for is the only one in the region. We are getting lots of sick kiddos. There is definitely a trend in un-vaxed kiddos and also adults. It's offered for free at postpartum but many still decline. I got mt TDap after having my baby and while it did hurt, it was not any worse that the flu vax. Also, being so close the the Mexican border, we cannot control all the folks who have never been vaccinated, or have no insurance. Lately, I have seen many ads in the paper, craigslist, etc; about moms looking for other kids with active chicken pox to 'have a party' with. It's scary!
  4. Jessy_RN

    Toddler smoking 2pks of cigarettes/day

    I was beyond shocked. What next, toddlers having sex? Sheesh
  5. If all nurses were expected to be 'perfect' then I fear for humanity.
  6. Jessy_RN

    Guinness Record Fingernails Broken in Crash

    Yep like wipe her behind.........TMI :D
  7. Jessy_RN

    Guinness Record Fingernails Broken in Crash

  8. Jessy_RN

    Boy father at 13

    That's all too common in my neck of the woods. LOTS and LOTS of 13 yr old parents here. So sad, disturbing but not quite shocking anymore.
  9. Jessy_RN

    DH has had a Heart Attack

    I am so sorry! My prayers are with him, you and your family as well.
  10. Jessy_RN

    Duggars had 18th child

    Good gosh! I do with them well, but last baby around-I remember the heated thread and still haven't changed opinions. Enough is enough and I don't care about the show/book either...........lol God bless all her children and arm the older ones with patience to "raise" the smaller siblings.
  11. Jessy_RN

    Need some Mexican Recipe help!!

    Yummy! Make some rice and beans with warm corn tortillas. I live in a border town with lots of great food. Have any of you tried mole but with beans instead of meat?............very tasty as well!!
  12. Jessy_RN

    Pictures of Me in Thailand

    WOW!! Tweety, love the pics and you look great! My favorite is the elephant and the beach one. I'm so jealous :bow:
  13. Jessy_RN

    WARNING: very scary!

    Awww looks like my rescue kitty!!
  14. Jessy_RN

    A "WOW!!!" picture

    Beautiful, but I am glad I wasn't there. Atraphobia sucks!
  15. Jessy_RN

    Homeless man dies after being set ablaze

    I have no words other than of complete disgust after reading this. May he rest in peace.