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  1. MissPinkrnbsn

    How soon is too soon

    I'd say go on out! Have fun! It's just a date. Of course it's not easy getting over someone you've been with for so long, but you need things in your life that make you feel good and valued. I had a very hard time initially after my ex broke up with me after 3 1/2 years of being together. I had my ups and downs for about the first year. I found out that he got married to someone about a year and a half after our break up. I was in total shock at first. Cried thinking that was suppose to be me blah, blah, blah. But then I was over it. I've been single going on almost 4 years now. I've been dating here and there, but haven't really connected with anyone. I don't think you can really put a time for how long is enough before starting another relationship. Some may need longer than others. Do things for yourself for time being. For the most part people do need time to heal before jumping right into another situation, but going out on a casual date isn't a commitment! Life is too short! Enjoy it! :)
  2. MissPinkrnbsn

    Singles club thread

    I'm doing pretty good. Continuing my ongoing searches for jobs!!! Think I may go workout in a little while. Good for the mind and body! :D Have a fun weekend!!! :cheers:
  3. MissPinkrnbsn

    Singles club thread

    Amen to that! :lol2: That's what I always keep reminding myself. It's their loss and hey, just leaves me free for the one that was really meant to be with me! :heartbeat
  4. MissPinkrnbsn

    Singles club thread

    Sending you :hug:
  5. MissPinkrnbsn

    Singles club thread

    After being single for nearly 4 years i've really become set in my own routine. Yes, there are times I get lonely but I know i'd be much happier being single and not dealing with any unnecessary drama. I feel like I became a little bit of a serial dater for a short time. I had joined a few of the online dating sites but always felt like I was just going to meet up with someone, chat over a drink and never really saw past that. Then there were others I wished i'd never met and were nothing but a nightmare. :eek: One thing i've noticed about myself now that i've been single for so long is whenever I thought about the possibility of being back in a relationship, its kind of scared me and thinking about not having the independence i've grown accustomed to over these past few years. Well, maybe it's going take the right guy to come along and then I won't think anything of it! :redpinkhe
  6. MissPinkrnbsn

    Break Up... Again!

    Going through break ups only makes us stronger individuals and we learn from them whether it be positive or negative. I went through the same thing over 3 years ago. I was actually dumped over a text message from someone I dated for 3 1/2 years. It was so heartbreaking but now I realize he wasn't the right one for me and actually did me a favor. I haven't been in a relationship since, just dated every now and then. I stayed focused on going into nursing school and I just graduated in spring. I guess i'd say do things for yourself and what makes you happy in life. Everything will eventually fall into place and at the right time you'll meet the right guy! :redbeathe

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