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  1. Twinmom06

    Dirty minds!!!

    I have 2 almost 10 year olds that have discovered Deez Nutz jokes...my mind is GONE!! oh and I also have the sense of humor of a 13 year old boy...LOL
  2. Twinmom06

    I will be MIA for awhile...

    many hugs...that is just terrible!
  3. Twinmom06

    ixchel's What I Learned This Week 10/3...

    I want to read it now too...have to download it.
  4. Twinmom06

    ixchel's What I Learned This Week 10/3...

    that my MIL can still get my goat 15 years later... that I can sleep till 0615 tomorrow because my preceptor doesn't start until 0730 and we only have 2 ICU treatments to do. The Martian with Matt Damon is an absolutely fantastic movie! I can't wait to see it again (and I can't say that about too many movies) That if my kids school doesn't go back to school by next week (the teachers are on strike) my mother may lose her mind! I really like Dialysis nursing...
  5. Twinmom06

    ixchel's 9/26 What I learned this week.....

    I've learned that there is some autonomy left in nursing - inpatient acute dialysis. my 9 year old daughter loves 60 Minutes. Whoda thunk it!
  6. Twinmom06

    ixchel's 9/26 What I learned this week.....

    hugs....I've walked that road. PM me if you need a shoulder (((hugs)))
  7. Twinmom06

    My pen hoarding goal

    I've had the same 2 pens (a blue and red) for months - of course I don't discharge on nights so I don't have to worry about losing them LOL
  8. Twinmom06

    Sallie Mae Interest Rates

    Sallie Mae's rates are based on prime rate plus a percentage...I have $20K in loans from them and paid the interest while in school...helped with what I owe now
  9. if you're "interrogating" your wife you're either a cop or a lawyer, and its possible that in your line of work you've seen way too many "perps" making sexual advances or have committed heinous crimes - and that is spilling over into your home life...I'm making assumptions obviously, but perhaps it is YOU that needs to change careers
  10. Twinmom06

    Do You Have Any Ugly Scars On Your Body?

    I have a 6 inch scar down my right knee from ACL replacment surgery and a vertical incision from my c-section (although my internal incision was horizontal) - I have several puncture holes from a lap chole and a few cat scratch marks...
  11. Twinmom06

    Scariest Movie You've Ever Seen?

    Signs with Mel Gibson was creepy, as was SOTL, but I was pretty freaked out by Witchboard - completely campy and 80's but scary!
  12. Twinmom06

    Maybe a hot topic.

    I'm in the northeast (I'm working in OB as an extern) and I would say 75-80% of boys are circumcised. My own son is and if I ever had another I'd do the same...
  13. Twinmom06

    Song Associations?

    I do too - I remember when I divorced my first husband I went to therapy for a while - I remember telling the therapist that my life seemed to have a soundtrack and she completely agreed with me that most people can associate a time in their lives with certain music they hear...
  14. Twinmom06

    "The proof is in the pudding" and other sayings.

    busier than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest!
  15. Twinmom06

    What are dealbreakers for you?

    mama's boys - my ex-H's mom got between us and ultimately was one of the reasons (many reasons!) our marriage ended...my current husband is not afraid to tell his mother where to go when she's out of line! also toenails too! and men that don't wear underwear - I went on a few dates with a guy that went commando - and I understood why after he wore underwear once they were nastier than his jeans!

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