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  1. Lev <3

    Shaven Pubic Hair

    Troll alert bum bum bum troll alert bum bum bum
  2. Lev <3

    If the election was held today...

    PinayUSA has been a bit of a troll in the past. Don't feed into it.
  3. Lev <3

    Post-Surgery & FaceBook

    Maybe you should call them directly instead of posting on Facebook and expecting a response.
  4. Please vote and state your opinions on who is most dangerous for the American Healthcare System and nursing.
  5. Can the thread please be moved back to the yellow side?! So you just bounce in - "oh I don't do politics" - moving the thread - bounce out? Nooooooo!
  6. Doesn't show up on the app.. :(
  7. I think CBlover was speaking of the Jews in pre-Holocaust Europe. I would like to point out that not all Jews in pre-Holocaust Europe were doctors, lawyers, and businessman. Many were as poor as their fellow countryman in Poland, Galicia, etc. I think CBlover's is saying that the Jews in pre-Holocaust Europe as a whole were harmless to society and in some cases helpful to society. There is a growing population of today's Muslims that are a threat to society. Think ISIS and al-Qaeda. This is a distinction.
  8. The plan probably involves a gun in the middle of NYC. Kill all those who we don't want to care for. Nobody will come after me!
  9. Right - and on topic means the candidates and their healthcare policies.
  10. Oh, but we thought we were. The Great American Ego, maybe.
  11. At the very least, he will change the republican party.
  12. I know that YOU don't care. You've said that you are pro Bernie. Some people may be afraid to vote because they are afraid of people seeing who they are voting for. Even on the anonymous internet.
  13. The poll results are private everyone. Nobody can judge you based on your choice. Besides, we know that they are all bad choices.
  14. Also post who you think will be best for nursing and why? (There ya go SBE). I think they are all bad, but Bernie is probably best on healthcare with his Medicare for all idea. Fund it and it can happen...