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  1. P_RN

    OT: Miss Emma is here!

    Such a lovely gift to the world. Many happy wishes to all the family..
  2. P_RN

    The human foot

    Maybe on safe areas but surely not in a hospital or nursing home, or even out on the street!!
  3. Hmm what will you do when the chip gets wedged between the femoral end and the tibial plateau------knee freeze EMERGENCY.?
  4. I was trying to make an eyeball out of a rubber ball, Holding the ball in one hand, the exacto in the other I started to cut. I didn't know the ball was so easy to cut and the exacto so sharp. I just about disarticulatd my dip joint on my left index finger. Mama would had had a hissy fit so I washed the really bad incision and wrapped it with adhesive tape.like a splint and a regular bandaid. I took about a month but it worked and I still had my head (not bitten off) and my finger healed just fine. I have a teensy u shaped scar that you can see and the rest of the scar blends into the joint flexion.
  5. P_RN

    What's in your purse/bag?

    billfold digital camera, 3 bottle of pills, reading glasses, various credit cards, phone withe ear jack, car phone recharger, about 10 pens (depending in my mood ADDY BOOK, CHECK BOOK. allen wrenches, emergency leather man, knife, keys hang on the outside , KITCHEN SINK*, ROLL OF DUCT TAPE*, WISHFUL THINKING- you know regular stuff. I have 62 handbags so I make sure all will hold the above eccept for the antique cocktail bags that's a given. oh yea combo flashlight and laser light.
  6. P_RN

    The Az. shootings - a psychiatric perspective

    Oh PPD seriously twice,. 2nd child ran out of bottles at about 6 months so I climbed a chair to get one of the sippy cups. Fell and wrenched my neck really bad. Hospital for a couple of weeks. Cried every day that MIL had baby and wouldn't give him back. (irrational but that's me). Back then 1971 you stayed until the end of time if you wanted to. Finally I got out AMA. They never even looked for me. DH just walked in packed my stuff and we left. Hmmmmm. PPD is a bish.
  7. P_RN

    The Az. shootings - a psychiatric perspective

    if the man looked as he did in his pictures I hold the store that sold the ammo in some part of the blame for the procession of events. I wonder could the police have been called?
  8. P_RN

    Just want to share my good news

    That is wonderful!!!!!
  9. P_RN

    Homosexuals and Organ Donation

    I'm a Christian conservative and I find it quite discriminatory. Healthy people who are donors are a blessing, let's not run them off.
  10. P_RN

    Nurses, how do you like your caffeine?

    Half a leaded Mountain Dew in the AM Half in the PM before 6PM.
  11. Don't be tempted to stay at one of the outside "gate hotels" It can take hours to get just to the gate. As far as money yes it takes a lot, but there are ATMs conveniently located everywhere in the parks. Wear GOOD shoes. and carry minimal stuff. There are very few places to sit down except the eating places, and I ended up sitting on the curb most times. Our daughter and her nephew are going next week and she preordered her tickets, reservations and searched out vegetarian restaurants online. Great Idea.
  12. P_RN

    What's it REALLY like to be in your sixties???

    Yeah I'm 66-it's not so bad, but now my gray hair is thinning and my brown hair refuses to turn white. I look like someone growing out a bad dye job.....I've not done that since 93. Last Mother's day hit me hard my second year without a Mama, plus my daughter had to have a hx due to a humongous fibroid cyst size of a small watermelon. No grandchildren for us now. It's just me and the dh who Praise the Lord has gotten some of his vision and libido back. Most weeks the son calls from out west to chat but we haven't seen him since '08. Doubt we will anytime soon -$$ you know. Sin City is where he wants to live. Can't keep him down on the "farm" (small town actually) once he's seen "LV." Our trips consist of to the doctor, to the dentist, to the doctor, to the dentist. I last saw my sister back in April. But all in all we are better off than most of the rest of the country. We have each other, steady income, loving pets and allnurses. What more do we need?
  13. P_RN

    Threaded a needle lately?

    nursinger, you and I have THE solution. I just buy needles with larger eyes. And I also use the old Tom Sawyer/Huckleberry Finn trick, I don't so much thread the needle as I needle the thread. I put the thread on my finger with a tiny bit of saliva and then push the eye over it. It also helps to scissor cut the end so no tiny fluffs are impeding the search for the eye.
  14. P_RN

    Boomer's Last Stand

    I was born in '44. Too old to be a boomer, too young to be a greatest generation, too old to be a yuppie or a hippie. Pore little lonely me. All I am is A pretty darned good nurse for 36 years.
  15. P_RN

    How can we coexist with this?

    This is where I go to get the final authority for me: