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  1. kalevra

    Oklahoma's Problematic Monument

    one christian monument balanced with one pagan monument. you can let only one religious group have monopoly.
  2. kalevra

    Bowe Bergdahl trade.

    we take care of our own one way or another we take care of our own
  3. kalevra

    World Leaders Warn Kremlin as Ukraine Standoff Continues

    Russia is gonna crush the Ukraine. Once an actual shooting war starts, Russia is gonna steamroll them. I mean really, as a sovereign nation, would you put up gross invasion.
  4. kalevra

    What is your plan for retirement?

    Retire in a foreign country friendly with americans where the exchange rate is in my favor. Most of my Filipino coworkers maintain dual citizenship so as to retire back "home". I hear Costa Rica is nice
  5. kalevra

    Concealed Firearms on the job

    Ever thought about carrying a knife. You will be surprised how much damage you can do when properly trained on a given tool. I carry a knife where ever I go. Nothing big like a USMC KA-BAR, just a regular run of the mill pocket knife with 3 inch blade. Seriously, you can do a lot of damage. Krav-Maga is also great. Just wanted some alternatives out there.
  6. kalevra

    Coburn wants offsets for Oklahoma tornado aid

    We house blood thirsty radicals on a daily basis. Ever heard of maximum facility prisons. They are filled with blood thirsty radicals. That is why they are in prison. In all honesty this is going to sound terrible. But why don't we just drone strike the entire base. After we remove all allied personnel off the base of course. We don't want to harm our service members or those in support of our cause. A few drone strikes and boom, Guantanamo is no longer a problem. After wards we go back in and redecorate.
  7. kalevra

    Right to Bear Arms

  8. kalevra

    The True Cost of Nursing School

    Your daughter is now a grown adult. You have given her the best guidance while under your wing. She is now free to make decisions for her self as an adult. Her successes and failures are her's and her's alone. Do not beat yourself up over it. Understand that she is her own independent person. I know it is difficult to let her slide down a path of self destruction. But you need to remember, you cannot change someone that does not want to change. As for chores while growing up. Every kid had chores, she isnt any more hard luck than any other teenager mowing the lawn. She will see her mistakes in time.
  9. kalevra

    Right to Bear Arms

    Muno, you assume I am going to shoot indiscriminately into a crowd of people. That is not what I would do. That is what criminals would do. You have to learn to make a distinction between the two. Just because I own a firearm and want to keep the right to own my high capacity magazines, it does not mean I want to walk out my door and start shooting people. I want a high capacity magazine because it makes sense. I have shot people before, and trust me it takes a lot more than one bullet in the chamber to do it when firing under stress. Standing in a shooting range shooting a paper target is nothing compared to the real stress of actually having to put someone down. That reload time is the difference between the bad guy in your house killing you or you killing the bad guy in your house.
  10. kalevra

    Right to Bear Arms

    Once again Muno you miss the point. I am saying that evil will find a way. If a criminal wants to make an IED, they will get the plans online and parts at home depot.
  11. kalevra

    Right to Bear Arms

    In the Boston case, I am more worried about the IEDs they used than the firearms. You ever seen the kind of shrapnel injury those things can cause. Plus you can build one using stuff at home deopt. As for the gun control issue. I guarantee the cops use firearms that hold more than 10 rounds in the magazine. This is because targets tend to run in a zig zag pattern making hitting them much more difficult. The only time a 10 round magazine helps is if the target is running at you in a straight line, like an idiot who has noting else to live for with a bomb strapped to his chest. At which point, you may also want to create some distance between the suicide bomber and yourself. Bad guys will find a way. Crazies will find a way. Evil will find a way. This is because they do not follow the law. Last I remember, it is illegal for law abiding citizens to detonate an IED on the American people. But guess what, it still happened because they will find a way. Removing firearms from law abiding citizens like myself would only help out criminals. Firearms are tools. Evil crazy people are the real problem, but no one wants to admit it. Much like personal self control is the problem why America is getting more and more obese.
  12. kalevra

    Boston Marathon

    Bet you preppers are bugging the out of Boston as we speak.
  13. kalevra

    Support Planned Parenthood

    If people were actually taught biology, this would not be a problem.
  14. kalevra

    USA sends fighter jets to South Korea

    Simple fix....Drone Strike. Hit their nuclear assets first, once thats said and done, you move in with more Drone Strikes. Then have the South Koreans and Americans roll through and end this already. America loves a stand up fight against a traditional Army. Non of this counter terrorism Iraq/Afghanistan style war. The North Koreans wear uniforms and fight like an old school soviet block military. This war would be a cake walk. Afterwards, have the south Koreans deal with the mess. It is their country after all.
  15. kalevra

    North Korea

    they are just posturing, the new guy wants to make his dead daddy proud. Technically the Korean war has never ended, just a ceasfire for the past few decades. Now if they were serious about invading the south, they would just go ahead and do it. It makes no tactical sense to warn your enemy that you are coming for them. You would lose the element of surprise. I wanna see that tub of lard they call a leader get on the ground with his troops. I mean look at his double chin, tell me you would not lose all hope for your country if he was leading the advance. Yeah I know the norht Koreans are brainwashed, but seriously look at him. I cannot help but ROFL.