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  1. Teen years are gonna suck for parents, I feel for you. Your son is going through the same stuff all teens go through in those painful teen years. Sneaking out of the house with your girlfriend, sneaking into her house, underage drinking with your best friend, and experimenting with marijuana are normal for a teenager. You shouldn't enable the kid by going easy on him, teens are pushing boundaries and they need to know mom/dad will be there to lay down the law when they get caught. Do not enable them, they need to know you care enough about them to grab them by the scruff of their neck and drag them kicking and screaming at 0200 from a party to take them home. If you don't place boundaries they will go nuts. Look on the bright side 2 more years until they are legal adults. Tell them to join the military, trust me it squares away many rebels. Remember your not the first parent to have this issue and you wont be the last. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. They will appreciate what you do for them, not now but later down the line. I am talking from experience, mom and dad were right. Just don't tell them I said that BTW you raised him well, think about how many teens would rather lie than tell the truth about their activities. The boy gets brownie points cause he didn't lie to you. So things aren't all that bad.
  2. kalevra

    Who Collects Caps That Rolls With Big Money? *LOL*

    Its like looking at some Renaissance era contraption that once had purpose but now I cannot even fathom the idea of seeing this today. Kinda like trying to explain to a 13 year old what a floppy drive is or the buzzing sound you heard when you connected to the internet using AOL. That thing is just goofy.
  3. No I don't believe in it and people should be very wary about people like Harold Camping preaching that the end of the world is coming on a specific date that they know. There are a couple of issues people should think about before cashing out on their retirment and selling their homes gambling on May 21 2011 to be the end all date. Consider this: - Harold was wrong back in May 21 2011 - Harold was wrong back then in 1994 - How does he know something only the Christian GOD knows. - The new end all day is in October 21 - Remember Y2K, that was supposed to be another big end of the world day
  4. kalevra

    claiming "against my beliefs" for immunizations?

    Just get a lab order from what ever Physician you are seeing now for a Titer Test. Usually a positive for antibodies will suffice if you cannot locate your shots records from like 1983.
  5. kalevra

    How many out there aren't religious?

    Was a devout Roman Catholic ( Confirmed and Regular Mass Attendance) then I went to Iraq for a year and realized religion just wasn't what it is supposed to be anymore. Started questioning faith and religion and boom no longer believe in any of it. Don't believe in Islam, Judaism, Christianity etc. I came to the realization that no one religion is better than the other, the three listed have done their fair share of aweful things.
  6. kalevra

    Gay Marriage

    Straight people are doing a good enough job on our own violating the sanctity of marriage as it is cheating/domestic violence/Britney Spears. So I don't see what more gay people can do to make it worse, except more cheating/domestic violence/ gay Britney Spears. Why gay people want to get married is beyond me, for that matter why straight people want to get married. The only winner in this situation is the Divorce Lawyer anyways. :rolleyes:
  7. kalevra

    Gay Marriage

    No problems with gay people, they are citizens that should be treated as any other citizen.
  8. kalevra

    OMG! I'm shaking!!!!

    She should have been let go at the very least for showing up drunk never mind extending beyond her scope of practice. There was plenty of proof to get ride of her and prevent this tragedy from happening. But someone wanted to play favorites so head nurse Pat Belko is also to blame.
  9. kalevra

    'Intactivists' to San Francisco: Ban circumcision

    Some cultures/religions practice it as part of their faith. Its not like its polygamy, or ritualistic murder.

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