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  1. JerseyBSN

    Do you think this is a scam?

    Has anyone received a letter from Canada stating that they have been left 2 million dollars in a patients will who had recently passed away? No money required. No personal information required. Only a statement notarized that proves that I am who I state that I am. No SSN, no DOB, no bank info, nothing, and no money. I am torn. I will not give them any info or any money obviously but I am wondering if anyone else has received a similar letter? Thank you kindly, Jersey BSN now MSN, APRN, FNP-C!
  2. JerseyBSN

    Older Nurses: What Were They Thinking?

    I have a nest egg but I have to work until age 65 to get Medicare. Even after I turn 65 if I want to continue working I will. I feel no obligation to move over for younger nurses. They'll have to find their job as all of us older nurses had to years ago and have had to change jobs several times inbetween.
  3. JerseyBSN

    disappointed and disgusted

    He's a disrespectful person who is likely jealous that you have a good professional opinion. Dump the sucker fast!
  4. JerseyBSN

    American Idol Season: 11

    I will definitely be watching every minute. Can't wait.