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  1. MurseChris

    hipaa violation?

    Nah, no worries there. No violations at all. Besides, places like here and Facebook are where we go to vent, afterall.
  2. MurseChris

    Mr. Right or Mr. Right now??

    Well, I met the love of my life online last April. Yeah, it's the new thing. It's more practical than meeting someone in a bar, etc. You can feel each other out through emails, then txts, then meet up, and see where it leads. Everyone is always worried about people lying on profiles, but who's to say that the person you meet in a bar is being honest? I'm 32 years old and had been in several long term relationships. I lived in each one day to day, never really thinking about a "future". Liz and I are getting married in August. It's all about meeting the right person, and really, it doesn't matter how it happens.

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