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  1. KendallAZ

    What are dealbreakers for you?

    Call! Call!:dance:
  2. KendallAZ

    Need help with Sleep Training a Baby!

    I understand you don't like the CIO method. But, just to let some of you other poster's that say "Please do not do the cry it out" a little info.. I have two daughters. One did not need the CIO method. The other who is 13 months now, we chose to do the CIO because she would wake every two hours not for food but for comfort. She only cried for an hour the first night of the method and an hour for about 3 days and never again after that. Now she sleeps 10-12 hours everynight. As soon as she feels her crib she grabs her blankie and heads to dreamland. It is not always such a cruel method. If a child doesn't respond well...then fine, try something else. But, for us it worked and we knew our limits. We weren't going to let her cry for too long or if she got extremely upset. She was happier in the morning and even started taking two naps a day on top of her sleep. It helps my sanity, too. To this day Her bedtime is at 7:30pm and she wakes up at 7:00am with a happy nourished little baby brain. Good day!
  3. KendallAZ

    would you stay in this situation?

    Well, to answer your question..NO, I would not stay in that situation. Easier said than done, huh? :) I can't imagine him having a seperate account than me. That sounds fishy already. It sounds like maybe he is already preparing for something that you aren't included in now and won't be in the future. Big red flag.:nono: It's time to address the situation, don't waste another breath being unhappy or sacrificing your hard earned career for him. Most importantly...talk to him...You never know what he could be feeling, too. If you're not the "therapy" type buy a book that teaches you how to communicate (The one my husband and I used was called "Couple Skills"...soo helpful)...and it sounds like what you guys are missing. If you don't have any desire to stay (which sounds like you still do since you're here asking for advice) or he doesn't then you have your answer. It's unfortunate when kids get brought into it, but if you can do it right and get information on co-parenting; it won't be so bad. Kids are affected when parents are unhappy or there is trauma from the divorce...cut those two things out of the equation and you will make it. Good Luck.

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