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  1. sweet~revenge

    For those of you with sibling issues...

    You're probably correct, but I just don't understand why she would be jealous. She's beautiful and smart, independent, and she has so much potential. Sure she's got her problems, but they don't seem so significant that she would be unable to achieve what I've got and much more.
  2. sweet~revenge

    For those of you with sibling issues...

    That's what I've resorted to. I don't like staying away from certain topics just to avoid upsetting her because I don't think that's healthy, but that's what I've been doing just to keep the peace. Wow, this sounds exactly like my situation. I haven't cut ties with her at this point, but I already regret not having the kind of relationship with her that I would like to. It seems like we were so close when we were younger and we've just gotten further apart over the years. You are absolutely right that sometimes it's better to completely burn your bridges with someone rather than continue to deal with the pain they cause. My siblings and I have done that with my mother and we are much healthier and happier without her in our lives. On the other hand, because of my mother and the fact that my siblings and my dad are pretty much the only family I have, it's that much more important for me to maintain what family I have. Hopefully with my sister we'll be able to work on things and I won't have to resort to severing our relationship. Only time will tell. Thank you for your reply, it's helpful to hear from someone who knows what it's like.
  3. I'm 30 yrs old, 5'4", 180 lb, size 14/16. I'm not morbidly obese or anything, but I'm not healthy at this point in my life. I finally decided it's time to lose some weight and get back in shape. I used to exercise regularly and eat healthy, but over the last few years I've just eaten whatever I wanted and have been pretty sedentary. I'm stocky, carry my extra weight pretty well and am good at hiding it with the clothes I wear. I've had a lot of patients and coworkers ask if I played softball in high school because I just have that body type. If I worked out, I think I could develop good muscle tone pretty easily. Lately whenever I tell family or friends about my weight loss plans, they usually say things like, "Why do you want to lose weight? You look fine." Then they want to go out to eat and get upset if I try to order something healthy! This drives me crazy! I'm not fine, I feel tired all the time, my heart rate is always in the 100's, and I'm overweight! I appreciate that people think I look good the way I am and that they're trying to be nice, but this does not help me. For one thing, it makes me feel like it's okay if I just go back to eating junk and laying around which is not acceptable. It also makes me feel like I have some kind of body image problem, which I know isn't true but it bothers me when people say I look fine. Has anyone else had this problem when trying to lose weight? How did you deal with it?
  4. sweet~revenge

    For those of you with sibling issues...

    Does anybody else have that sibling or some other family member who has decided they are in a competition with you that you were not aware of? My younger sister has always seemed to think she's got to beat me at everything and I don't know why. I've never been that way. We've always gotten along okay, but I think we've got kind of a weird family dynamic because our mother was an alcoholic who was never really around from the time we were young. My dad was the one constant in our life but he worked a lot and that meant I was stuck taking care of my younger siblings most of the time. I'm the oldest and my sis is the middle child. I've always been the responsible, boring pragmatic one and she's pretty much the complete opposite. Somehow she's gotten it into her head that we are in some kind of competition and she's got to win. I'll give just a few of many examples. I always grew up saying I wanted to be a doctor. In response to this, my sister said she was going to be a pediatric neurosurgeon. Of course neither of us actually did that, I became an RN and my sister played World of Warcraft for a couple years while living off school grants, never got a degree, and decided to join the Air Force instead. Last year she got out of the military after her 4 year contract and divorced her pathetic excuse for a husband. Then she moved 2000 miles away to live with a guy she had known for 3 months online playing WOW and has been living off unemployment since then. It was always one of my biggest goals in life to own a home and a few years ago I was very proud to be able to make it a reality. About a month ago, my sister told me that she was planning on buying a house and eventually selling it to make money. I thought this was silly, partly due to her being unemployed and partly due to the economic housing situation, but I kept quiet because if I tell her not to do something, she just does the opposite. Since I had been through the process not too long ago, I offered her any help I could give her if she wanted it. She declined. Not long after that my sister told my brother she was turned down for a mortgage loan. She didn't tell me or my dad, but told our younger brother which irked me but I understand why. I decided to go back to school with the goal of getting my NP eventually. After I told my sis about my plans, a short time later she announced to everyone her plan to go to school to become a PA. I have made the suggestion to her in the past that she could become a nurse, but of course she would rather do anything else but follow in my footsteps. I really hope she becomes a PA, I've always wanted the best for her and it kills me that she has so much potential but has been wasting it. Anyway, does anyone else have a family situation like this? I'm just wondering where all her competitiveness comes from and would like to hear about others who have dealt with this. Thanks.
  5. sweet~revenge

    Name For New Pet

    What does she look like? Color, distinctive markings, etc. Anything else you can describe about her would help! Just from her personality, these sound like they would fit her: Penelope Celeste Josie Millie Monique Sophie Abigail Angelique Chloe Sweetie Nala (from Lion King) Grace And of course some silly names: :) Lunch Wolfie Killer Meanie Spicy Smurfette Let us know what her new name will be!
  6. sweet~revenge

    If you DON'T crate-train your dog, what do you do?

    Are you speaking in terms of safety or potty training? Honestly I think crate training is the best thing for them. Just out of curiosity, why don't you want to? I really like crate training but it's not for everyone. I have 2 dogs, one of which has always hated the crate no matter how much training I did. She would cry and drool and bite the crate. I eventually just let her roam free while I was gone, but that's after she was over a year old. Before that, in terms of safety when I was gone, I just tried other alternatives for her like doggy daycare or a pet sitter. Now she just lays around while I'm gone, she's a good girl. My other dog loves his crate. It's great because I just leave him in there while I'm gone and I don't have to worry that he's eating chocolate or something. It also keeps the dogs separate so I have peace of mind that they're not going to get in a fight while alone. They've never fought, but you never know. Now if you're wondering about housetraining without a crate, take him out at frequent regular intervals and after meals, then give him a small treat and lots of praise when he goes. Some people recommend putting him on a leash and tying him to you so you can immediately catch him in the act and take him outside, then treat him when he goes outside. Don't rub his nose in it, that will just teach him to hide from you when he goes to the bathroom. Crate training is great though because it's his "house" and dogs don't like to go in the same place they sleep. That kind of encourages him to hold it until you take him out. I tried puppy pads and Purple Scrubs is right, they just shredded them! My dogs were both too big for baby gates because they could just jump over them, but it's a great idea for smaller dogs.
  7. sweet~revenge


    Awww, what a sweet article. I love my 2 adopted mutts. The funny thing is I used to hate cats, I thought they were aloof, mean, sprayed everything, and couldn't care less about their humans. I couldn't understand why people had cats. Then my sister took in 2 little stray kittens and my whole outlook on them changed. Those cats are now 2 years old and they follow my sister everywhere! They obviously love her to pieces and vice versa. At night they sleep with her and make this really loud purring sound, it's so cute. They can be trained too! I even considered getting a cat after I saw how loving they could be, but since I have 2 dogs I don't think I would have the extra time and money to take on a cat too. It wouldn't be fair to the cat. Thanks for the cute read! I think I'll send it to my sister. :)
  8. sweet~revenge

    What do you say?

    Thanks for all your replies, it's helpful to hear how other nurses handle it. This is yet another one of those topics they didn't cover in nursing school, ya know? Thanks, I definitely agree. I don't want to call someone at 3 am if it isn't necessary but I would rather call and be too early than too late. Wow, you have several good points that I never thought of. You're absolutely right about DNR's waiting until the family leaves before they decide to go, it never fails. I really like the suggestion for the family to say their goodbyes now as they might not get the chance later on. Thank you.
  9. sweet~revenge

    What do you say?

    I've been a med tele nurse on night shift for 4 years now. Whenever I have a DNR patient who takes a turn for the worse, I'm never quite sure what to say to the family members when I call them. The general theme of what I'm telling them is "your family member is dying, you should get down here now if you want to say goodbye" but I try to say it in a much nicer way of course. I usually say something like, "Hi I'm the nurse taking care of your family member. I just wanted to notify you that he is having some difficulty breathing/his VS are not good/he's not doing well, etc. If you would like, I think it would be a good time for you to come see him." And of course, whenever I call the family and tell them this, they always want to know if the patient is going to die and when. I just tell them that I can't tell them exactly when and that the patient might be with us for some time yet. I try to give them an accurate picture of the situation and let them make their decision. I don't want to sound callous or unfeeling so I try to put it gently, but I still have difficulty with this. Does anyone have any advice? What do you say when you have to make that call?