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  1. Jamuhh

    He's uncomfortable with me touching male pts.

    it's real. But it's over.
  2. I am a nursing student, in my second semester. My boyfriend is extremely uncomfortable about knowing I have to see and/or touch male patients for cleaning, caths or adult diaper changes. So uncomfortable that he is seeing a therapist and is taking citalopram for what the therapist says is mild OCD that causes him depression. When he first started seeing the therapist and taking the pills, things got better, but I was also not in school at the time (winter break). Now I'm back in school, and doing clinicals at a rehab hospital where there are tons of caths and cleanings to be done. I have yet to actually touch anyone, but he doesn't care - he's furious. Last night I sent him a message that I saw this cute elderly couple meet in the hallway and the man beamed and kissed his wife's hands then hugged her. I told him it made me miss him and he replied with, "That's nice. How many d*cks did you see with the nurse?" I cried all night long. I understand where he is coming from - in any other circumstance, touching other men would be cheating. Yet, I think he's being viscious and rude about it instead of simply telling me he would rather not talk about me being at the hospital. He is treating me like some kind of prostitute or something. We are on the verge of breaking up, because I can't handle feeling like I'm a monster because I want to help people. I guess I just want to see if there are any other people having a similar issue. & please don't call me an idiot or any other rude name. I'm already hurting.

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