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  1. So now the police and the troops are "primitive barbarians"??? I hope one day you won't need one of those cavemen to come save your a**.
  2. floridanurse1983

    Starting to get tired of the unnecessary snark

    and i'm the first to admit that i've been guilty of it (i even have a permanent demerit here for calling someone a butthead). but i've taken a few days off from an and came back this morning and it seems like every third post has some real unpleasantness in it. i, for one, am going to try to make more of an effort to be more pleasant, helpful and welcoming to people when i post here. this just struck me as so funny and i don't know why. sleep deprivation maybe. am i the only one who finds this hilarious??? that being said, i am also guilty of some of the same infractions. i only post if something really catches my attention or temper. i usually just read the responses.
  3. floridanurse1983

    Tax Dollars fund shrimp treadmills and Jell-O wrestling

    Serioulsly??????????? This depresses me so much, LOL. My tax dollars at work. [side Note:Damn shrimp are healthier than me :)]
  4. floridanurse1983

    Name that Tune???

    "I remember what you wore on our first day / You came into my life."-Taylor Swift 2 is better than 1 Highway run, Into the midnight sun
  5. floridanurse1983

    Man admits he ejaculated in co-worker's water bottle

    My first immature visceral reaction was ewwwwwwww,ewwwwwwwwwwwww,ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Utterly speechless.
  6. floridanurse1983

    Ethical Situation: Welfare Recipient Drug Testing?

    H**L YES!!!! If you can afford drugs you can afford to pay your own way. End of story. I also think there should be a cap on how long you can be on benefits and not work. If you're legitimately disabled or can't work for a valid reason then you can keep it as long as you need. Popping out kids as a reason to stay home? Not so much. Since when did being a parent become a disability? I work with low income people from the community. Actually overheard a conversation between 3 women in their 20's(22,25,27) discussing about how they kept getting pregnant to get benefits and to try to get a HUD house built for them. One had 2 boys. She was trying to get pregnant and was hoping for a girl. The only reason was so HUD would build a 3 bedroom instead of a 2 bedroom. HUD requires parents not to share a room with any children. In my state they usually only put 2 siblings of same sex together and not more than 2 kids per room. So happy to see the tax I pay(20% plus 15% self employment tax) put to such good use.:banghead:
  7. floridanurse1983

    Gay Marriage

    I support marriage, true marriage, for all people gay or straight, if that's what you choose. First off separation of church and state make all laws against gay marriage unconstitutional, and thus not legal. Name one reason not based on religion. I can't. Second if you're not gay, it doesn't really apply to you. It's not like someone is gonna force a person to marry the same sex against their will.
  8. floridanurse1983

    Pastor Says "Give At Least $100" For Church Doctrine Teaching

    I'm gonna get my *** reamed on this I'm sure, but ideas like this is why I don't like nor agree with organized religion and churches. No, I am not athiest, a satanist or a non-believer. Just think I can believe what I choose to believe at home for free. Also don't have to listen to condiscending hippocrites spew hate. Few times I've gone to church, it's"God loves you", "heaven is for everyone as long as you believe and are a good person", we love and welcome all. Unless of course you believe anything other than what I believe, are gay, unmarried parents, etc. Then you're gonna rot in hell you heathen beast". Why does it always seem like the most devout and loyal church goers are the biggest hate spewers??? What happened to God loves everybody? They mean God loves us and he didn't mean you. Again not putting down God, beliefs, etc. May have been just the 2 churches I went to, but they made me feel so ashamed and turned me off to all church in general.

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