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  1. floridanurse1983

    Holiday Music

    Not a fan of listening to xmas music 24/7, but love martina mcbride's O Holy Night
  2. floridanurse1983

    Favorite TV nurse/nurses & why :)

    Abby Lockhart. She had a dry wit that was hilarious
  3. floridanurse1983

    Should/ Do introverts feel weird for being soo quiet?

    Obviously you are not an introvert. I get what the OP is saying. If you're not constantly talking to coworkers about your personal life and such you get a million questions. "Why are you so quiet? Are you mad at someone? Why are you so antisocial? What's wrong with you?" Sometimes I just want to be quiet. I feel like saying "I wasn't mad before, but I am now cause you won't stop badgering me! I'm about to start talking, but you're not going to like what I'm about to say."
  4. floridanurse1983

    RFK Son Accused of Fighting Nurses at NY Hospital--Acquitted of charges

    you are aware most abductions are perpetrated by someone the child knows. 53% of child abductions are by the childs biological father.
  5. floridanurse1983

    Favorite Songs of the 70s

    Not sure if all of these were in the 70's but I think so. CCR-Any Simon & Garfunkel-Homeward Bound, Cecilia Pink Floyd-Any; I know Learning to Fly was an 80's song but it was still great. Rolling Stones-Sympathy for the Devil, Paint it Black, Beast of Burden, others Kansas-Carry on Wayward Son, Dust in the Wind Bob Seger Journey Lynyrd Skynyrd-Especially Tuesday's Gone(my favorite of theirs) and Simple Man Nazareth Little River Band-Lonesome Loser Blue Oyster Cult Steve Miller Band Traffic-Dear Mr. Fantasy Gary Wright-Dream Weaver(Guilty pleasure/kinda cheesy) Marshall Tucker Band Van Morrison Gladys Knight-Midnight Train to Georgia Alive and Kicking-Tighter and Tighter Bread War-Low Rider Bob Dylan-Knockin on Heaven's Door The Guess Who Queen-Anything. Freddy Mercury is a legend That's all I can think of right now just running through my ipod.
  6. floridanurse1983

    What's on your playlist?

    Alright I like this thread even though its old so here goes. Its a little all over the place. I think I have multiple personality disorder when it comes to music. AC/DC guns n roses creedance clearwater vanilla ice limp bizkit 2 live crew rob zombie pink floyd drowning pool nicki manaj 311 lady gaga kansas journey bob marley Hundreds more of all genres but this mostly these for the gym.
  7. floridanurse1983

    Secret TV obsession

    Supernatural on CW. Love it but don't tell anyone.
  8. floridanurse1983

    Scariest Movie You've Ever Seen?

  9. floridanurse1983

    disappointed and disgusted

    I'd have ordered the most expensive dinner ever, walked out as soon as it came, and showed him how good of a stripper I was......by stripping all the paint off his car when I keyed it on my way out.
  10. floridanurse1983

    How do you describe yourself?

    Reminds of the Culture class I just had. They told us to write about our own culture and religion. Me and another girl looked at each other. I was like "Um...................." Couldn't think of a thing.
  11. floridanurse1983

    "Trauma: Life in the ER" should come back!

    I watch that show like some people watch a car accident. All I can think is "Really???? Come on!" To not notice am sickness, swollen ankles, etc is one thing. How do you explain away a baby doing flip flops in there? I've seen feet and fists almost look like they're gonna punch through! How do you rationalize that away? PS I've never been pregnant and not everyone has the same symptoms, but it seems as if you'd know.
  12. floridanurse1983

    "Trauma: Life in the ER" should come back!

    I'm sorry to hear that!! May have been mentioned in another post, unknown to me so I hope this isn't insensitive, but hope all is well now. And if not, hope it will be soon!
  13. floridanurse1983

    "Trauma: Life in the ER" should come back!

    I'm completely obsessed with Mystery Diagnoses. And I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant.
  14. floridanurse1983

    Accelerated nursing/relationshp breakup

    1. A person needs to be happy on their own. Another person cannot "complete you" like in rom coms. She needs to be ok without another person to validate her existance. 2. You want to have a long term relationship with this person. People like her are either suffering from mental issues or too immature to handle a long term relationship. 3. ITS NOT ALL ABOUT HER!!!!!! What happens if you get cancer or hit by a car and paralyzed. She would need to give attention to you. Somewhere deep inside, ask yourself if she would be capable of this. 4. What about kids?? Your main life focus should be raising those kids to be the best people they can be. It won't and can't be about her. Also what will that teach those kids? That they are the only ones that matter? Talk about instilling a sense of entitlement. She sounds selfish and immature and frankly I can't stand people like that. Tell her to get over herself or you'll move on. PS You SHOULDN'T be ok with status quo the way it is. It's crap. I've dated that person to a tee and after awhile its repulsive
  15. floridanurse1983

    what kind of car does a nurse drive?

    2011 mazda 3. Excellent on gas, holds value, and comes loaded for $18,000. Power everything, anti-theft system, and good on gas.