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  1. Rob72

    The TSA

    "Infidel", "unclean", all that...:D
  2. Rob72

    The TSA

    Absolutely. In most other countries, you are an available tool of expression. When this is realized, the level of "tolerance" declines among the populace, and when tolerance is mandated by the State, some level of rebellion will occur. It may be shielding members of a violent sect opposing those one does not agree with, it may be stealing medical supplies and doing garage-surgery, it may be as simple as, "I ain't seen nuttin'"- or it may be blowing something/someone up. Fundamentally, Statism breeds corruption. It certainly may be argued that democratic-republicanism/capitalism does the same. This is only partially true, in that, by nature, transition of power occurs in a more generally peaceful way in the DR/C model. The question we are faced with is: how much do we believe in personal responsibility, vs. the responsibility of the State to protect the individual. Statism has a very unfulfilling history.
  3. Rob72

    The TSA

    That clearly is not what I said. Individuals make choices, particularly in their social identification. Some social models are more prone to fostering violence. Totalianarism begets violence because of the competing desires of the State for control, and some subcultures for freedom of expression. Extreme fundamentalist theocracies foster violence by allocating complete and undisputed power in a select group of individuals, who operate without the Rule of Law (an agreed upon social contract which binds all, regardless of social position, gender, etc..) So, in context, McVeigh was a random actor (see the Korem link) who found identification in the egalitarian subculture of anarchistic violence. He was readily identifiable not because of "race", but by cultural-identity. Psyche profiles are already out there on him(reams!), and a not-politically-motivated one could easily run 20+ pages, but in summary, he had limited social capacity; was frustrated in most significant social milestones; found identity in the hierarchial military structure, but because he lacked adequate mentoring, developed unrealistic developmental goals (Special Forces), and was yet again frustrated in forming a social identity at an age when that is a central developmental goal. The attraction of the pseudo-militaristic hierarchy of modern anarchists ("terrorists", if you will, but they have no real goal other than the dispersal of violence) is clear.
  4. Rob72

    The TSA

    Close, but no cigar. McVeigh was a honky, but he spent time with a West German (former RAF) who spent a good part of the 80s in the Bekaa Valley. Said German was currently (1990s) a double-agent, working with the FBI and ATF as an agent provocateur, supposedly assisiting in ferreting out doemstic terror groups. Of course FBI/ATF lost track of him...oops. And, of course, Elohim City was well known since the late 70s, but that would not have been a sufficiently spectacular bust. (No, I'm not "that kind" of conspiracist, but it is well documented that the DOJ thought they could be clever, and had aims to bring favorable press to the Administration- and ignored the Law of Unintended Consequences.) Some people simply like to kill. There is no "recruitment strategy", no particular paradigm that may be identified, other than generalized sociopathy. This is the reason the Provos, Baader-Meinhoff, Hezbollah, the Red Army Faction, et al, all spent much of the 80s and early 90s sending their homeboys to the Bekka Valley for summer camp. Now, even conceding that, it is undeniable that certain political and religious models are clearly more prone to fostering racial hatred. Behring Breivik (unfortunately for the mass media) is not a Christian Fundamentalist Terrorist, nor a "Whit Al-Queda operative". He is a neo-Nazi, and the enlightened Socialists in Norway are now stuck pondering how best to keep him imprisoned for life (legally) and without making him a martyr- instead of simply popping his grape. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anders_Behring_Breivik http://www.kevinislaughter.com/wp-content/uploads/2083+-+A+European+Declaration+of+Independence.pdf I have no love for either Socialists or Fascists, but if one undrstands how these theo-philosophical movements interact and generate emotion, it is much easier to see how homogeneous societies may not be in our best interests. http://www.amazon.com/Rage-Random-Actor-Disarming-Catastrophic/dp/0963910353 Stating that violent actors cannot be identified, or stopped in situ, is patently false, but is an excellent tool for expanding and reinforcing social control and power.
  5. Rob72

    Why do so many nurses not know how to spell?

    Becuz publik edjacashun wuz made to make good wurkers. Get rid of entry level and labor jobs, declare that everyone has a "right" to education and a "right" to feel good about themselves and not fail, and...