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  1. laughing weasel

    Is the Bible correct??

    It is a rule in debate that you cannot prove a negative. If I say there are unicorns living in my backyard ridden by leprechauns then you cannot prove I am wrong. (Of course they are invisible and do not leave tracks). While I believe in Jesus, its his fan club that disturbs me. I believe that the bible should be taken with a grain of salt and realize that the books in it are 3000 years old and then some. You do not speak to an adult as you do too a child and you let some mistakes slide in order to get the important parts across. Times and society have changed and the important parts of the message have stayed the same. love one another eat healthy food,(pork was very unhealthy in those days) listen to your conscious. The fine details like do not beat a woman with a stick bigger than your finger and punish every code violation with death not so much. I personally have acted on hunches that I have had and it has saved my life at least twice. I can't control it or prove it but I am very much convinced of the power and veracity of prophecy.
  2. laughing weasel

    Work dating...bad? good?

    Never date some one at a job you cannot afford to quit. The sweet wonderful person you are dating might just turn out to be a raging psycho after you break up. The opposite side of the coin is love is rare and worth the chance just make sure you have an exit strategy and then close your eyes and dance. Dare to be stupid is my motto. It is far better to be happy than wise.
  3. laughing weasel

    How Do I handle Coworkers Wanting to Borrow Money?

    I hope that I never become so desperate and short on friends that I have to bum money from a stranger. I would probably have given him the loot but would not have expected it back. I look at small loans like that as a test. If people can not be trusted to honor small agreements with honor. I will not trust them with larger leaps of faith. Trust your instincts and be safe with your stuff "keep an honest man honest, secure your personal ^&*(*& " as my drill sergeant used to say. I probably would not have gotten management involved on first time but can see that at least you are giving you boss a heads up.
  4. laughing weasel

    What is the conservative or liberal agenda?

    There has to be a better way to address inequality than affirmative action but Nazis were actually to the right. If the government had been willing to kill as many as necessary then the civil rights movement would have been dead literally and figuratively. Non-violent resistance assumes that your enemy is mistaken not out to destroy you. Ask those who are trying it in Iran. It is not working so well for them but that is OK because they are not expected to live up to the standards of behavior of the civilized world. That sounds just a little racist to me.
  5. laughing weasel

    Opinions on Euthanasia

    I like the idea of pre-probating. I think that a person should be able to have their case/will heard while they are still alive. Think of all the trouble that it would save if you were able to answer a judges questions while you were alive.
  6. laughing weasel

    What is the best way 4 me 2 lose weight. Need 2 lose 60pds?

    The only diet that works is one you will actually stay on. Make it a step up kind of thing. Eat smaller portions and drink lots of water. Avoid salad dressing like the plague. It is insane how many calories most have. Remember that it is not pass or fail so if you eat poorly one day you can get right back on the horse and keep trying. Good luck!!
  7. laughing weasel

    Opinions on Euthanasia

    OOOH toughie. I have to come down on assisted suicide as being final choice person can make. If the person is rational then I say who are we to say no and force people who are determined to kill themselves to have it done by poorly equipped amateurs (themselves). We could argue over weather any rational individual would commit suicide. If I was in a bad enough situation I might. I think that if it was bad enough I would probably be unable to though. I would hope that there was someone there to help with my wishes. I would not kill a relative who had had everything set up and then failed to "pull the trigger". That sounds like ambivalence and that they might not want to take the final leap. I do worry that in some cases guilt might act as a pressure on some individuals so I would want some kind of safe gaurd against that.
  8. laughing weasel


    Protect yourself get a lawer now. divorces are never amicable.you do not need to start a war but protect yourself.Change your insurance ect. I agree with the bank account advice. also call and writ your credit card companies make sure that you take care of yourself without being vindictive if possible. I can only imagine how horrible you feel.I wish there was more that I could do or say.good luck and godspeed.
  9. laughing weasel

    WHY WHY WHY --Dr. Kovorkian to be freed

    I hope that I am never in such a situation, but if I was I would not want to rely on amateurs or family to assist me in my demise although sometimes I think some of my family would like to help me out.. He was helping people to control their own life I may not agree with their choices but I will fight for their right to make them.