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    What do you INTENSELY DISLIKE?

    I think we've done this some time ago, but though it would be fun to bring it around again. These things you 'hate' can be light or serious, but I would hope it didn't turn into a political or pro/con site to argue about the state of the world except in general terms. I know I have no control over what anyone may chose to post, but I'm just really in the mood to share some serious silliness or silly seriousness. I'll start: I hate treacle-people; soooo sweet they make your teeth ache just talking with them. I hate having to do something. If it is unavoidable, that irritates me to the point of just getting it OVER with so I don't have to anticipate it anymore. I don't care if people pick their noses, I just don't want to watch them do it. I hate it that I have as hard a time being as good to myself as I am to other people. I do like helping folks in unexpected ways, it makes me feel so good to be able to do that. But, I have had an ingrained message from infancy that I am a LOT of trouble to take care of (chronic long-term colic) Apparently in some respects it is a subconscious thing that, but while I am also aware of it, it is a bugaboo, being a deeply woven part of myself. Hard to not succumb. Goodness gracious, that's enough for now! I didn't mean to get ....whatever that was...but, hopefully some others will chime in with their grrrrrrrr irritations, and also, any "Queen For A Day"-type stories are welcome as well. We won't be giving a grand prize like a washer or a refrigerator, but just...THANKS for joining in!
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    This is a variation of the older thread "Did you know...", or "Do you know...". I thought that thread was a lot of fun, and feel there are still so many odd or funny things going on in the world today, that it is a title rife with promise. For instance: Yesterday I read on line that there is going to be a 2018 concert tour in the UK..."ROY ORBISON, LIVE onstage" . . .via his holographic image ("LIVE"??? The man died in, what, 1988?) and he will be 'accompanied' by The Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra. Haven't got a clue what the admission price will be, but if you want to buy a ticket you can go on line to Roy Orbison's Official Site. . . I also read, on a different site that Roy Orbison was born a BLOND, and that he disliked his hair so much that when he was a teenager, he started dying his hair black. He was way before his time on that one; no goths back then! So what have you got? It can be as inane or ridiculous or astonishing or banal as you wish. Just join in and let's have some fun!
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    Sunday May 31 2020

    Joe, yeah, I've been coming to the conclusion that I also have to go 'news-lite' for a while. When I read the paper or look at the news feeds on my laptop I get such a horrible sinking feeling. People's actions are so appalling, and the world is losing it's **** so much more rapidly these days. The other day I decided I would look up some Broadway Shows and Movie Musicals LYRICS, and sing out, unaccompanied. I had been thinking all the words to The Music Man's "76 Trombones", and Bye-Bye Birdie's songs, Camelot w/ Richard Harris and Vanessa Redgrave, West Side Story, etc., etc. It blocks other things out of my head while doing that. Seems as sane as anything else going on these days, so WTH, eh? Hope this coming week is ... what? ... better? Anyway, y'all have a good'n. I'm following you all, but not sure about posting myself just now. We'll see.
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    Little Richard

    ...died at age 87. He was quite the entertainer! Wonder if the angels are enjoying celebrating his presence by doing the duck-walk, up in Rock'n'Roll Heaven? It would only be suitable, wouldn't it? TOOTIE-FRUITIE!
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    The title says it all; there has been a tragic drop-off in posts in the funnest side of AN. In lieu of having to come up with new titles to intrigue folks, I have gone back in time, to previous threads, and tried to stir things up a little. Join in NOW! The cost is FREE! Say something dopey, ridiculous, funny, amazing,, astonishing or interesting. SAVE THE BLUE SIDE'S LOUNGE!!!!!
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    President Trump National Scandal

    There are many, many 'what if' newspaper articles about the corona virus and the coming elections; all they do is fill space. It's like guessing at the beginning of a sports season, who will win the World Series or one of the 'Bowls" or any of those events. WHO KNOWS? All a bunch of hot air. (I just hope Crybaby Trump is not re-elected.) There's a little old guy in this town who sets up a small stand at a crossroad, and out of his truck, he is selling home grown vegetables and jams, jellies, pickles, and boiled peanuts. He was selling MAGA caps too, but got so much flack about that he put up a sign: "This is America. Everyone can have their own opinen (sic)" ......THEN, he died his white hair an orange-ish red and sits in the sun to get a POTUS-type tan. I could not believe his 'fandom' made him dye his hair. It's pretty funny to me, but it apparently satisfies him, as he has had NO white roots for months now! I reckon if he is still alive in November, at least I know for SURE who HE will vote for.
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    President Trump National Scandal

    I would like to say that Trump's nothing but a scam artist, but that would be a massive insult to artists. Do Trump and Pence think they are Divinely Impervious to the virus? Somebody go sneeze on them, please.
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    President Trump National Scandal

    People at High Risk don't have the luxury of time to "build up antibodies". THAT'S why sterilizing is important.
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    Saturday, 2-15-20

    Has anyone else had trouble getting on to the blue side today? Has anyone started today's Daily Diary?
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    Leaving Nursing?

    You could keep up your license 'just in case' and take a hiatus from nursing. It would probably do you a world of good.
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    Friday Valentine's Day February 14 2020

    So much for several days of Nannie being 'peaceful'! She wet her britches and refuses to let us help her change. Every pair of pants I took from her clothing rack were not right. She keeps expecting two girls to come pick her up to go to a meeting at her church. Is she planning on wearing her wet pants to church? "I'LL WEAR ANY G-D THING I WANT TO WEAR!" She sat on her bedside steaming mad and refused to turn around, and didn't give a s**t that she was soaking her blanket and sheets, she said. Hubby came and tried a different tack with her, but she got furious with him. Meanwhile, I went out to bring the empty trash barrels in from street-side. When I walked back in, Nannie said, "Well here's that Hotsie-Totsie back again! Couldn't you find someone wearing pants to screw you?" We both left the room without a word to her. I had put a chux on her recliner-seat, and she hadn't seen me doing it, so she sat down after we went upstairs. At least she isn't ruining that chair. If she knew the chux was on her chair, she'd be even madder. Anyway ...She has been sitting in her wet pants for 2 hrs now. I guess THAT'LL teach us!
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    What do you INTENSELY DISLIKE?

    It's kind of funny, since pancakes and waffles are made from the same batter, that while I hate pancakes, I LOVE waffles.
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    The Break Room Collective Novella

    The pharmacy where they were having a sale on Jeremiah Peabody's Polyunsaturated Quick-Dissolving Fast-Acting Pleasant-Tasting Green and Purple Pills. I had run out of them when I took the last pill last night; that medicine is the only thing that gives me relief from my condition that the doctor diagnosed last month. It was such a shock to hear I had ... (PS: I find the idea of snorkels on an old Toytohta 4-Ringer a little troublesome, or at least puzzling somehow...)
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    How about a Game of Questions?

    Will it make my head more wonky?
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    Leaving Nursing?

    Yup, what tmb says. I left nursing twice, (though I kept my nsg. license) once when I worked for 2 years with wildlife at a nature museum, and once to go to school (for something that would not have panned out like I thought it might). When I went back to nsg I did Home Health, then later I did Private Duty. Then I retired and hubby and I came to live w/ MiL , which is pretty much like 24/7/365 Private Duty. But it won't last forever. But I absolutely would not EVER go back to nursing in ANY facility. If I ever have to work again, I'd rather be a grocery-store bagger than a nurse. Besides, when it came time to renew my nsg license, the cost of that plus the ever-increasing number of workshops and classes I was required to take (and pay for out of my own pocket) I said phooey, and I let my license lapse. I would rather be poor and happy than well-paid for enduring all that stress.
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    Friday Valentine's Day February 14 2020

    Howdy, y'all ~ Soooo, let's not talk about hubby's smoking, after I say this:: He told the doc at the hospital he would try his dead-level best to quit smoking. But he has been smoking for 57 years. He HAS, however, cut back. This morning when he said he was going to drive over to get a couple of cigars. I whacked him on the head with a rolled up newspaper; he said he doesn't inhale the cigar smoke, but I've seen otherwise. I told him what needed to be said about the smoking, and the condition of his lungs, and I know he heard me. However ... informed adults make their own decisions, even if it flies in the face of common sense. Ya pays ya money and ya takes your chances. I do make a remark or two, at times, so he knows how I feel; but I am not The Cigarette Police. So that's all I've got to say about him still smoking. If I spend my time fretting, or nagging and being upset about it, I'd be miserable....and SO, I have chosen to let it go; it's nothing I can actively control. It's in God's and hubby's hands. I once had a retired Army General as a patient who used to tell his grandchildren, when they complained, "Life's tough. Get a helmet." Well, the sun is shining for a change, today, though it will be clouding up and raining again tomorrow. Nannie is having a cow about the dead leaves, fallen branches, and un-mowed grass, but we can't do much if the yard never dries out. I can feel how mushy it is when I walk Ozzie on it. He doesn't like it and if he could tiptoe, or fly, I reckon he would. Nannie and hubby are butting heads. He gets mad when she does everything she shouldn't, and she gets mad at him for saying so, she argues back at him and does things anyway. I told Nannie that she and her oldest son are very much alike and that's why they irritate one another. I am eternally glad that MY family was not tempered like this one! I covered Nannie with the magic napping blanket, but she is fighting sleep... her eyes are closed and she keeps talking-talking-talking. I told her to quit fighting napping, like it does any good to tell her to do something, or NOT do something. OY VEY! Same old same old, doncha know. Talk atchoo laydah~
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    And here I was, being all happy that so many people have come back over to the blue-side to play ... only to discover it's more likely that with the yellow-side glitches, some of the AN-junkies came to the blue-side just to get a fix ... *sigh* Y'all, Please consider sticking around when the yellow side gets straightened out! The more the merrier!
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    What do you INTENSELY DISLIKE?

    "You'll sit there at your place at the table until you eat every single last lima bean, young man!" I hated ketchup for a l-o-n-g time because: as a child, when we had swordfish, well, I REALLY didn't like it AT ALL. I think there was a problem with the chewy/dry consistency of that particular fish in my mouth. Anyway, one of my parents coated the swordfish with a good layer of ketchup. I had to swallow small pieces of swordfish whole, no chewing. I'm not sure swordfish and ketchup are a good culinary combination. But it took me years and years to get over that darn ketchup flavor. And I've never eaten swordfish since. I wonder if I would like it now?
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    Older nurses chasing the carrot

    Ted! You are going to have to have a tractor-trailer rig to transport your music studio and computers, while you are traveling with the winds of Amy's jobs. And you might as well set up a darkroom in part of the trailer, too. Just trying to be 'helpful' with your retirement planning, doncha know. PS; But NOOOOOOO lawn-moaners!!!!! YAY!!!!!
  20. No Stars In My Eyes

    First word that comes to mind.....

    The Cranberry Bogs of Alaska ... Hmmmm, never heerd o' them!
  21. No Stars In My Eyes

    The Break Room Collective Novella

    Thank The Lawd Awmighty, it's not one of those Smaht Cahs that look like the toe of a big sock! {please to understand that I know less about cars than I do about geography. You pick the vehicle, please.}
  22. No Stars In My Eyes

    Game of Groans

    Pack some in dry ice and ship it on down here!
  23. No Stars In My Eyes

    How about a Game of Questions?

    Hmmm. I think it was a Jack Reacher book. Since I'm supposed to be asking a question here, I want to ask ... is one of my legs longer than the other leg? It feels, maybe, a little pulled; know whut ah meen, Vern?
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    Thursday February 13 2020

    Y'know, dianah, I think Nannie is --for this particular moment in her life of dementia-- frequently having problems separating her son from her late husband, and she was actually kind of spiteful to her husband... a lot, really ...trying to start arguments, blaming with hateful words, being resistant to cooperating, just a real rip-pi$$ah. So when my hubby wasn't around, she didn't feel the need to make her own feathers ruffle, like a knee-jerk reaction. Amateur Psychology, but my best guess. Tonight she is up and down after going to bed, mad for being cautioned because she is walking in her socks, drunk on her sleep-and-mood medicines, and therefore unsteady. She has never had a drink in her life, but she is enjoying her 'high' instead of letting it ease her to sleep. And my goodness, taunting her son is too 'fun' to pass up, because she wants to prove herself "RIGHT" about everything. But, she can't finish a sentence without forgetting midway through ... words, the subject she had started on: and then trying to 'get back' at him with withering words that fall away and that makes her madder. Hubby is better, but tired out; you know how well some hospitals or maybe just the patient's dx., interfere with the elusive "Good Night's Sleep". He still has a cough, but not NEAR how bad it was last week. The hospitalist gave him those pearl-things one of you mentioned (j22?) as well as 5 mg. hydrocodone q 4-6, and some other respiratory meds. He is forbidden, by me, to drive until he's not so wobbly himself! His docs and the nurses were surprised and pleased at how well he responded to treatment. Anyway, that's today's various nutshells....
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    Game of Groans

    Don't have to 'remember,' as I see evidence of it it every day. It's why I say that as many people there are in the world, that's as many ways there are of doing things. Also, it's a good thing it takes 'all kinds' of people to make the world go 'round, because I have my own preferences and likes/dislikes. So, for ME, don't stick me in an office job with a phone and computer, I'd go POSTAL! And I'd have to look at and smell the crunchy whatchacallit fish skins before I'd take a tiny taste. It might be tasty...who knows?

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