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    What do you INTENSELY DISLIKE?

    I think we've done this some time ago, but though it would be fun to bring it around again. These things you 'hate' can be light or serious, but I would hope it didn't turn into a political or pro/con site to argue about the state of the world except in general terms. I know I have no control over what anyone may chose to post, but I'm just really in the mood to share some serious silliness or silly seriousness. I'll start: I hate treacle-people; soooo sweet they make your teeth ache just talking with them. I hate having to do something. If it is unavoidable, that irritates me to the point of just getting it OVER with so I don't have to anticipate it anymore. I don't care if people pick their noses, I just don't want to watch them do it. I hate it that I have as hard a time being as good to myself as I am to other people. I do like helping folks in unexpected ways, it makes me feel so good to be able to do that. But, I have had an ingrained message from infancy that I am a LOT of trouble to take care of (chronic long-term colic) Apparently in some respects it is a subconscious thing that, but while I am also aware of it, it is a bugaboo, being a deeply woven part of myself. Hard to not succumb. Goodness gracious, that's enough for now! I didn't mean to get ....whatever that was...but, hopefully some others will chime in with their grrrrrrrr irritations, and also, any "Queen For A Day"-type stories are welcome as well. We won't be giving a grand prize like a washer or a refrigerator, but just...THANKS for joining in!
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    Friday May 7, 2021

    A SHOUT OUT TO herring! Love and miss you!
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    Texas Bans AOC

    ....meanwhile I was going: 🤔 "What is an AOC?" 😵.DUH. (That's why I stay on the blue side!)
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    Monday March 8 2021

    What? 🤔🤨😯 It's NOT AUGUST?????? Maybe that's why the weather's not been so extremely HOT and HUMID lately! 🤣😂🤣 I know that time has been just a'flyin' lately, but going from March to August was a bit "Warp Speed", for sure! Joe, were you channeling Tweety by typing in the wrong day or date? Sorry, Tweety, but you know that was why you quit being the first to post on a new day. (Eeenywayz...jus' sayin') Depending on the information source, today, HERE, it should either be 56 and partly cloudy --OR-- 63 and mostly sunny! It has actually turned out to be the latter. Supposedly it will be partly sunny and 70 degrees on Friday. We'll just have to wait and see, I reckon. (muttermuttermumble, dern ol' weather prognosticators!!!) I have separated all the saved size 16's clothes to try on, see what to put in my closet and what to store until a few more pounds are lost. Yesterday I had a "Private Ceremony for the Dumping of the Size 18 Pants" into one of the donation boxes in the grocery parking lot. I said, "GOOD RIDDANCE!!!!" It was quite emotionally meaningful...sort of 😂.... I was kind of thrilled to be able to get rid of them. YAY! It's time for a cup of coffee, I'm thinking. May stop by later. Hope everyone is having a tolerable day!
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    Friday February 19, 2021

    Um, Tweety, it isn't January anymore 😋 I was still blabbing in my post while you posted yours; I'll ask monitors to correct your date, and join my post to yours.
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    Friday February 19, 2021

    I was kind of hoping someone from our Trinity might have posted early today, but nope ... so, here I am to start off the day. SURPRISE! Actually this is not starting off the day for me, as I went to bed at 2 AM and woke up at 3;20 AM, and have been awake ever since; I am hoping to get back to sleep shortly. (hopehopehope) So far I have tried the trick of thinking of a list of unrelated items; I read that doing so is supposed to make you so bored with the list that you drift off to sleep. Uh-uh, it DINT do that! Then I repainted and redecorated and rearranged all the rooms in the house, with new furniture. Contemplated making the whole downstairs into an apartment, then making the second and third floors into an apartment. Tore down the back deck and rebuilt a better one about 2/3rds its size and screened it in. I pulled up the dreadfully bare and ragged looking shrubs at the front of the house, put in new windows all the way around, tore up carpeting, put down white oak flooring. Then ordered and had installed all new kitchen cabinetry, new, larger stove/oven, and a big refrigerator. Poked a hole in the opening between the kitchen and dining-room, tore off all the hideous and annoying, stupid accordian,-type blinded/slatted doors between some rooms and used a closet doors. Got rid of the over-frilled "cutesey" country-style hearts and doo-dads and the tired, dusty fake flowers... You'd think I'd be exhausted after all that, but unfortunately not so. Anyway it's all one big fat moot point. It isn't my house, I haven't the funding, and dammit, I'm in no kind of shape to move furniture around!' Guess I'll try closing my eyes again and listening to the rain on the roof. It'll be a rough day if I can't get a bit of shut-eye. My big plans for the day will be laundry. And maybe trying to figure out a way to keep the stupid thigh-high support hose from rolling themselves down to just above my knees. They did help with the vein pain, and kept the left knee mostly quite a bit less painful. I wore them for 8 hours, and do you know the most peculiar thing is, when you finally take them off, your skin doesn't feel like your own skin. It is minutely imprinted with every single thread of the stockings that pressed on your skin, and it's kind of creepy feeling until the circulation reasserts itself and you get your "normal feeling" skin back. I guess since it is now 6:10 am, I should give it the old college try and stretch out, cover up, and hope this wakefulness wanders off somewhere else for while! w00tie-t00t-t00t ------ ppfftttt! Hope if some other poster comes along, that our two posts get conjoined or whatever, by our monitors! Later, y'all.
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    Friday January 29, 2021

    Good "Q" afternoon! This morning wasn't so "Q"....the doc (psych) called at 9:20 AM instead of at 11:40 AM. Hubby says he is going to buy that man a WATCH! Anyway, the doc who called has put Nannie on a increased dose of one med (seroquel, I think), and another med to help her sleep. He said "She has just been a little angel on the Adult Behavior Unit..." and "She sits out in the hall and talks with everyone." Yup, the sweet lil thang is doing her well-ingrained Southern Lady act to the MAX! They are going to discharge her home on Wednesday 2/4. (oh happy 'frabjous' day!) The increase in one med dose, and addition of the other will have her in a 'better mood' and 'easier to handle', but also puts her under an increased chance of death. Hubby's (L) knee problem seems to have resolved itself since the click he felt/heard from it when he fell backwards going downstairs and sat hard on a step, causing a deeper bend in the knee ... since then he has not had to use the crutches. Weird. Ozzie got groomed by his 'new' groomer yesterday; The one he had who was so good with him and his trim, has gone back to school and only works very part time. She had given up her shop and is with another group, and they've gone up to $60 and it has to be cash only. I had taken $55 out of checking to cover what I thought would be $50 plus a $5 tip. FORTUNATELY I had an additional 3 one dollar bills and $2 in change in my wallet, so I could pay, but no tip for the groomer! Then I was in possession of only 19 pennies in my wallet! (Good thing the SS check arrived!!!) I found out that not having gotten the second stimulus check, I needed to fill out my 2020 tax form and submit it...which I did online. The company I used had a LENGTHY but very well-designed site with easy to follow instructions; I was thrilled that not once did I feel like dissolving into tears while I was filling out and filing it! The IRS supposedly won't be dealing with e-filing until after Feb. 12th and it's not certain when we will get that $1200 (filing jointly), and I don't know when Biden's stimulus checks will be rolled out. I am looking forward to actually having a cushion of $ for a while. Hubby MIGHT be going to go up to the mtns to visit w/his dgt and grand-dgts this weekend before Nannie comes home. It's kind of up to the weather reports, and, of course, the fact that he REALLY does not like spending the night at her house. The 15 year old spends most of the time in her room, and his dgt and SiL go to bed REALLY early, which leaves him twiddling his thumbs, or being piled on by dog/cats. So his trip and my days to be alone don't exactly look promising. Phooey! I said he better do his visiting up there BEFORE Nannie is discharged.I told him that after she comes home, we absolutely, positively HAVE TO make an appt w/that paralegal and get our wills taken care of. He nodded 'yes' but did not look too thrilled. Too bad. I wish I could have a clue about where and when I can get my COVID vaccine. The paper announced the one they already had at the racetrack (which I know the location of), and there will be a site occurring at another place further into the Big City (with which I am not familiar). I'd just as soon join a line of cars at the racetrack; my KIA is great on gas and wouldn't c/o a long slow crawl to the injection people. And I can do crossword-puzzIes to pass the time, but I cannot STAND in a line for hours outside in this weather (or any weather, for that matter) because a lot of standing sets off the (R) sciatic pain and lower back pain, which goes from an ache to a radiating shrill all the way down the back of my LEFT (!) thigh and to the (L) shin and ankle. That's what's going on with it now. I don't expect to escape any (R) side pain; actually my (R) shin and ankle tends to complain either in sympathy or just for crabby old reasons of it's own. Nevertheless, I WANT MY COVID VACCINE!!!!! [dammit!] Tweety, So happy to hear about your raise!!! Of course you should have gotten it long ago, even without adding the student precepting to your already BUSY work days, but regardless...more money is always good news! When I did private duty, and the office called and said they were sending someone new to the shift following mine... I always hoped it was an experienced person and not a newbie. Private duty is really quite different from working in a facility. Orientation to one person shouldn't have to be difficult, but I was always assigned to many 'difficult' patients, who had definite peculiarities, soooooo! Well that's over with now, for me; I hope yours improves as the newbie gets some more skills in his pocket. I think a mask or towel would be distracting when trying to sleep, but whatever works is great. I can sleep even if there is light on in my face or the sun is shining. My mother used to use wax earplugs, but I tried them once and found the experience hideous. When I got married it was sodifficult for me to fall asleep with someone breathing/snoring next to me, so I used those foam earplugs to dull the sounds. BCg, I'd say BRRRRR, too, if we got that cold down here! But now being sort of essentially housebound, (we have a 10 PM to 5 AM curfew, which, I mean, really cuts into my painting the town red at night) my tolerance for temperature extremes is not as good as it was when I was younger and living up there. Good idea to dress for the day you'll spend in the drafty gymnasium. Joe, What a busy day of errands you had. Sounds like some of my outings! I'd like to go to the library, except the libraries here are shut down again. Phooey! Welp, I have been typing this one post off and on for over an hour. Mebbe someone has posted in the meantime, maybe not. Hello to all, and good thoughts, as well.
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    Debate twixt VP and VP Candidate

    What? No squawking about the Pence/Harris debate? I am surprised. But maybe their natter doesn't matter. Seems to me the fly won the evening.
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    Wednesday September 23, 2020

    amoLu, Yah, nah, there are *no benches* there anymore, so it'll have to be a plaque with the family name, or maybe a Coat of Arms ? There's already a pharmacy here-abouts with our last name, but it is further away and less convenient than The Frequently Visited WhoopdeedooMart Bar and Pill Shoppe. (Where everybody knows your na-a-ame, and they're always glad you ca-a-ame~~~) **Because ya can't sit six feet apart on a 4 & 1/2 foot bench!
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    Wednesday September 23, 2020

    Knew a girl in HS whose nickname was Birdy, and my lockermate wished her, on her birthday, "Happy Hatchmark!"...The day that marked the date she hatched. Soooo, since herring is your screen name, I will wish YOU a VERY HAPPY HATCHMARK! 🐣peep! ❤️ Ooops. I just realized it's a heron that is the bird, and herring is a fish! DUH. Well, the sentiments are the same, and maybe you are "a real bird", too? 😊 This was my so-called "dibs" day, but I did do some banking business and postal errands, but am leaving the groceries and pharmacy to be done tomorrow. And maybe get my nails done, too. I walked around the smaller mall here, couldn't find the undies style I wanted in MY size. Finally, at SEARS I found a different brand, but the style I prefer. Instead of paying 3/$30, these 3 pair were on sale so I saved $10. Good deal! Also went to the shoe store and they didn't have the shoes in my size (the same as I bought 2 years ago and have worn out!) Got them ordered and they will be mailed to me at the house. After being on my feet for so long, my lower back started complaining, Phooey! I just didn't feel like shopping anyway! But, I have been thinking about a new purse. When I walked past the handbags in the three larger stores, I cast my eyes away from them so I wouldn't be tempted, get lured in to wander and inspect all the bags! I had to leave that for another day, too, when my backache is gone and I have the time; purchasing a new bag is an important decision that requires careful thought. The 'Trinity' guys might not understand why, but us wimmins here who use purses know just what I'm talking about. Called hubby and said I would be bringing in supper from 'our' seafood restaurant./ By the way, BCg, I like burnt edges on my pizza also, but even if you tell the kid to leave it in the oven longer so that at the very LEAST, the crust is dark, dark brown...they still are 'afraid' of burning it. When I get breakfast out, I have to tell them to "put the bread through the toaster TWICE." I don't want just a pale piece of warm bread, I want TOAST!!! So, it was a pretty good day, though no place ever having "my size" made me feel, like, 'hey! I'm not such an odd-sized person!' Just a little taller than the medium-length pants, and with narrower feet than the medium widths. I remember the days of being able to tell the shoe clerk that I wanted a "size 9 & 1/2 , triple A, with a 5 A heel." ....and they would go to the back room and VOILA! There was exactly what you asked for! Huh. That'll be the day, any more! I took my meds when I got home and am 'cozying up' to a cold-pack at my lower back, hoping the combo will soothe it all while I enjoy watching the Braves play ball again! Laydah! Be well, stay warm or cool, dry or wet, as you prefer or can manage!
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    Tuesday September 22 2020

    Sleepy G'mornin' ... I could probably go back to bed and drop off into ZZZZ-land quite easily, however, I don't want to sleep the day away. Might have to do ANOTHER trip to the pharmacy. I keep telling them they need to put a cot for me in the back and I'll just nap until it's time to get another refill! Nannie is in a mild tizzy because she has an appt w/ the hair- dresser in TWO HOURS. It is literally only a 5 minute drive to her shop, but Nannie says she has to "get ready and get dressed." She is already dressed and has been out walking the driveway; I don't know what she thinks she has to wear any different from what she has on. I do know she'll probably trowel some make-up on her face. Hubby's Lantus pens have to be picked up...they are outrageously priced. Then there's bills to pay and a long grocery list. There goes the SS check down the money-sucking hole. Not sure I'll be able to get some of the things I need to get, clothes-wise, but nothing new about that. I figure since nobody here knows me, it doesn't matter how or what I look like, though it would make me feel better to be able to spruce up a tad. It's not like I dress up, as there is really no place to go, but y'know, socks w/o holes, and new undies, shoes and jeans, plus a few jerseys would make me feel like a new woman. I also want to get my nails done. But I'm used to doing without these days, and other folks have it worse off than I do. Walmart is my 'designer' and 'clothier', so it's not like I get big brand names. Pfftt. ("I don't have much, but what I've got is yours ... except, of course, my steel guitar.") Bleh! Okay, no more grousing for now. I'm not totally dissatisfied but I am kind of irritated, kind of SOP these days. OOOOH WELL! Toodles!
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    Monday September 21 2020

    Hahahahaha, you're RIGHT amoLu, I do spend an unconscionable amount of time doing pharmacy runs! Can't get all the refills of all three of us coordinated. But it DOES get me out of the house, and the Pharmacy Staff all know hubby and I quite well, as you might imagine, and are friendly and always good-naturedly josh and/or sometimes commiserate with us. // I would have Nannie signed up in three thrices for Senior Citizen Activities...if only the Senior Center, not 6 miles away (so close and yet so far...) would just OPEN UP again! But they can't because of COVID19. Monstrous, huge, loud raspberries to THAT! It would be a LIFE-SAVER, I agree! I look at it every time I drive by to see if there is even a hint of life there. It has a very sad vehicle-less-ness in the parking lot. j22, I getcha; it's six of one and a half dozen of the other. And you definitely have stressors you need to shake off! The big plus is that you are a big kid now and allowed to use your very own discretion! That may one of the few benefits of adulthood.
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    Monday September 21 2020

    Hey, Y'all... Joe I didn't know today is the International Day of Peace. Hope everyone is "playing fair" and it IS actually peace-filled. Wouldn't that be something! Tweety, your rant sounded disgustingly like the nsg home I worked at and was canned from in 2010. I don't know why I hung on there for 6 months; hubby kept telling me to quit; I shoulda listened to him and left. It was an impossible job when you have to wear at least 7 hats and the DON says, "You spend too much time with the patients." EXCUSE ME???? That boggled my mind, and still does. When I ventured to say that I thought taking care of the patients is what 'nursing' is, she actually said, "That's not what nursing is any more." I still have a LOT of cuss-words rolling around in my head about that stupid comment! // Glad Slowbro's eye is improving. Ted, If we ever get to buy new furniture I want to go test-sit every single LAZY BOY product there is. I'd like a recliner that doesn't have to sit out in the middle of a room to be reclined. // Tell Amy about Rent-a-Goat. Honestly, you don't have to do anything! The person who owns the goats temporarily fences them in and takes the fence down and takes the goats home when they're done. All YOU have to do is wipe your sweat-less brow and say, "Thank God I didn't have to mow that hillside!" BCg, The thought of doing a laryngoscope makes me gag. But, then, I used to think I wouldn't be able to do trachs, either, and it turned out that I was able to close down my gag-center and was quite good at trachs. // If I'd won the PCH sweeps I was going to get all new windows and doors for this house. That's 3 regular doors, and one that looks like French Doors, but only one side is all that opens. And, let's see ...10 or 12 windows. It'd be kind of costly, though, which is why I say I'd have to win the sweepstakes first. dianah, I'm sorry to hear about your cat. I keep thinking one day I'll wake up and see Ozzie stiller-than-still on his bed. Sometimes he sleeps so deeply I have to stand and watch his belly very closely to see if there is a rise and fall to it. Dread that day when he's NOT breathing. Hubby says he definitely wants a cat for his next pet. amoLu, I STILL think you must've had an entire 10'x12' pantry to still be using up stuff!!!! Glad to read that you are getting some good listening from a doc or docs, and getting some improvement. j22, You worried me all last week saying you were running or bicycling in the smoky air, and then saying one day: "It's not so bad today." I wouldn't think it would be very good to go out huffing and puffing even in a little bit of wildfire pollution. I was good and did not wag my finger at you, but a couple of times, secretly, I did roll my eyes and sigh. // How's your pacer and pacer-site doing these days? hey herring, hope you are sleeping well. Is your air/atmosphere out there okay for being outside on YOUR long walks? This afternoon we were all sitting quietly in the den and suddenly I spoke out: "I'VE GOT DIBS ON WEDNESDAY!!!" Nobody knew what I meant until I said I was going to go out. "Out where?" said hubby. My response was: "I have no idea!" (But he laughed because I let my New England accent escape and said "idear".) I think I'm just going to maybe try to find some new T-shirts, (short and long-sleeves), bluejeans, socks, and if I can find any shoes that will fit me, that I like... Obie-Kaybie> All for now!
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    Sunday September 20 2020

    Hubby's dgt having breast CA tx had to go to the ER early this AM w/ chief complaint, "hurts to breath". We held OUR breath for two hours and finally heard she has pneumonia. Got a honking dose of antibiotic IV, and "breathing treatments" and is now at home tonight and feeling better. Whew! Nannie spent her day in a snit, so all's 'normal' with her! 2020 seems like a hell-year for almost everyone. Forget about how many days there are 'til Christmas ... dare we hope that in 102 days there is a noticeable change when the days become 2021? If my lucite magic wand actually worked miracles, I would wave it for all of us here.
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    Saturday - September 19th, 2020 - Good Morning!

    It is noooooon-time; back in my hometown, the horn on top of the city hall/library building is honking out two blasts, as it has done for many, many years. Cool breezes, NO humidity, and hazy sunshine at the present moment, and the temp is in the mid-to-upper sixties. Long sleeve t-shirt weather. I wish you could have seen the smashed box the postal deliverer left on my front porch yesterday. Hubby took pictures of it on his phone. It wasn't just the post office's fault; the sender had it taped insufficiently, I mean VERY insufficiently. Most of each side was loose from the tape, it was practically open; I sent it back with a letter saying that it was absolutely unacceptable and they could KEEP it, I didn't want it. Yesterday I was domestic plus 5: I washed three loads of laundry, cleaned out the refrigerator and washed all the containers emptied-of-no-longer-edible-leftovers, dried 'em and put them away; cleaned up the rest of the kitchen; went to the post office, also picked up Nannie's requested lunch (Subway's pepper-steak sub), and a few other tasks. Not sure of today's itinerary. Would LIKE to be able to spend some time up in my room. Because it is a small room and I haven't got enough places to store things, it is always a mess within two days of cleaning it up. The floor near the closet is where most things land. I admit I am a cluttery person, but this is beyond my usual, and although I am the instigator of the heaps and piles, it is driving me crazy. Oh well. Wun uv theez daze I will be able to figure out how and what I can do to resolve the problem of my messiness. It is partially because I am too busy doing house-hold and Nannie-hold things to be able to do anything besides put stuff down in my room and go back to tending the rest of the things that fall to me to do. As Tweety would say: "BLEH!" Nannie is confused about the neighbors across the street and next door. What else is new? Hubby and I have both been (uselessly) trying to tell her that NOBODY is "trying to take away the house next door", and the guy across the street had a 1934 truck refurbished to it's original state. SHE insists the truck is yellow, when in fact it is celery green. She is mad at me now for trying to correct her: has pinched lips, closed eyes. Since she is determined she is RIGHT about her mis-perceptions I am trying to remember to just shut up, and NOT correct her, and ...again...just. shut. up. This one last time I tried to say that nobody is trying to "get' the house next door, she said "They are so!" and when I suggested she talk w/ hubby about it, because HE knows (since he is friends with them next door) what is going on, she said "Awww, he don't know anything." 🙄 OY! Hubby has gone out to get her some lunch, and as I sit here, she is "shut-down", so SKEREW IT! I am going to take this opportunity to go back upstairs to get out of her swampy-minded atmosphere of self-righteousness and misplaced anger. I guess I knew "the nice Nannie" was too good to last. She has also resumed her habit of murmuring, mumbling speech. It isn't JUST her, but I really have noticed that my hearing is worse lately. OHHHHHHHH WELL!
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    Thursday September 17 2020

    Double-Triple-Quadruple BLEH! (((((Tweety)))))
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    Thursday September 17 2020

    It's raining and raining and raining. I think Nannie is expecting some flooding and/or kind of tsunami event or something, plus she is pouting because she can't go walking in the driveway today. Oh, and hubby was going to take her out to see the hairdresser for a look-see, so she can decide how and what she is going to do to Nannie's hair at her appt next Tuesday. When Nannie went into the nsg home her hair was sooo long; someone cut it very short (and it was a good, decent cut by a person who knew what they were doing.) so it wouldn't get snarled up on the back of her head. But, Lordy-Lordy, "it has no curl to it." Periodically Nannie will report: "It seems to be getting lighter outside," and "I think the wind is starting up." (it ain't not neither) and "I hope it doesn't get worse." and "It's started raining harder." She is 1,299 times worse at imagining the worst than ol' Eeyore ever dreamed of being. Too bad, so sad. Plus, hubby has gone up to lie down on his bed because he has "a stomach ache" which Nannie "Hopes" it doesn't get worse and he's alright." I get to save myself from this doom and gloom for a little while because I volunteered to drive over to Walmart to pick up yet another pharmacy refill, and a few other items in the grocery section. And....I'm off!!!!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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    What do you INTENSELY DISLIKE?

    Maybe the cutesy kids in the Shriner's money-raising commercials are, one would hope, being somehow compensated for their time and enthusiasm? When I saw the very first one I kinda sat with my mouth a little open and my chin dropped down a bit, my eyes wide and glued to the TV and honestly could not figure out if it was some kind of skit on some comedy. Coulda been, as sometimes I only half pay attention when I am 'watching TV' .Then there when there were a continuance of ads, each one different, well, I couldn't help but think they must have hired an Ad Man or two. Showing all the new 'ads' every few...weeks...? I dunno; it's like a 'what now?' event when I catch a new one. I also find myself wondering what the little peeping-voiced kid in the wheel chair is like when he is just his normal day-to-day self. But they gotta catch people's attention 'for the cause', don't ya know. They know kids and puppies 'sell'. I don't feel as hardened as that sounds. Anyway, I'm in control of the remote in my household, and I think the mute button was invented just for me!
  19. No Stars In My Eyes

    Wednesday - September 16, 2020

    Happy 93rd Birthday, herring's hubby! My MiL's 91st b'day was on Monday. herring, I haven't been able to get on any site for the last 1/2 hour and when I checked "diagnostics" it basically said the internet was in a traffic jam (that's my take on their 'this site can't be reached' notice) Now, I tried a third time, and lo! and behold! there you are! I was wanting to go on line to order some shoes I saw on Amazon; I am very fussy about my shoes, and it is difficult to find 1/2 sizes, or narrows, but sometimes --- and I'm hoping this time --- I get lucky. *fingers crossed* that I can get on Amazon and find they are operational, and have my size and color choice! Shoe shopping and bra shopping are two things I just HATE, followed by getting jeans in 'long' or 'tall'. That is one other thing I can't stand -- having my ankle bones sticking out below the pants hems! Hubby's gone to get a haircut (I had mine yesterday). Nannie has walked twice (3 times back'n'forth on the driveway). Ozzie is looking nifty in his turquoise sweater. I took his sweater off yesterday and brushed him all over more than any place else; he was practically in a trance. Today he stood here shivering, so I put a sweater on him, and he neither curled his lips at me, nor did he do his growl-fuss-warning, so I guess that's what he wanted. If he hadn't wanted it on, he would've let me know! Found a liquor store receipt on the floor of my car; I KNEW hubby'd been drinking some on the sly. He doesn't get obnoxious, but as a child of an alcoholic, I am attuned to subtle changes in voice, etc. I handed him the receipt and said, "I'm not going to yell at you or argue, but I have something to say. I know Nannie can drive you crazy, and you're scared because your daughter has breast cancer, but booze isn't the way to handle things. The anti-depressant you went to the doctor to have changed was supposed to help you feel better. I know you told me once that tequila doesn't affect your blood-sugar readings like other liquor, but keeping your blood-sugar within range (which he always does) isn't the point. With the meds you are on, and all your pre-existing conditions, your internal organs could be quite badly affected without you knowing it until it's too late. In other words, it's bad enough the way you handle your diet (doesn't eat all day, except for a cookie here and there, has a really BIG supper, and gets up to snack around 1 AM ....cookies or a PB sandwich), BUT, you are asking for trouble by still drinking. Now, since you are still smoking because you say NOT smoking ruins your quality of life, and 'all' the quitting methods you 'sort of' tried don't work, that's unhealthy enough all on it's own, especially since you had your lung collapse twice at the beginning of this year. But I don't want you to make me a widow faster than it might happen as it is. And, yes, it's true, *I* could crap-out before you, with my family's history of heart attacks and aneurysms, but by you still drinking, you are courting a whole lot more trouble than you're bargaining for. It is entirely possible you won't die right away even if you do have a stroke or liver problems or any of the other things that could happen, so think about it. Seriously. Find an AA meeting, or go "cold turkey" like you did successfully 2 years ago. I just don't feel like having a chronically ill or dead husband, because I love you, and we still have to live long enough to enjoy OUR retirement." That's all I said, all in an even tone of voice; then I went back inside the house and made lunch for me and Nannie. He didn't say anything, just folded up the liquor-store receipt four times and stuck it in his pocket. Guess feedback/apologies/whatever, will come later, after he's been thinking about it. All I can do is what I did, and hand it over to God. I just don't want to be wringing my hands again over this. Praying and practicing detachment is what I'll be doing. What I really want to say is, "Oh CRAP! You IDIOT! You're going to be ruining everybody's life, not just your own! Follow your diet! Get some kind of exercise, even if it is just walking. Stop drowning your guts, because you KNOW it really doesn't help you FEEL any better!" OK I have vented my spleen. Talk whichoos all laydah!
  20. No Stars In My Eyes

    First word that comes to mind.....

    "Inside-out" depends on which side you are inside or out of.... also Free-Fall is falling, but at least it's free...
  21. No Stars In My Eyes

    Tuesday, September 15th, 2020 - Good Morning!

    Wishing Very Merry Un-Birthday's to Amy and J ! Tweety, It is highly likely the flares in the pains (no, don't fall mainly on the plains) are related to the 'flare' of recent extreme Nannie-ness that went on. Fortunately she has calmed since HER 'flare-up' at me has been pushed elsewhere in her brain by other stuff. (now if I can keep from saying to her: "Don't!" ).. 😏 Her most recent obsessive worrying is now Sally the Storm. It does not seem to compute when she is told, "WE WON'T BE GETTING ANY RAIN UNTIL LATE THURSDAY." (but we're not telling her it will rain all day Friday) And besides, The BIG Plus: we don't live near any Coast, River, Lake, nor are we in a Flood Plain! Really, the only places you have to worry about flooding are where the road 4 1/2 miles away does a dip and it's bridge is low over the creek there; which just means to take routes B or C to a grocery store. Oh, and also, the Middle-School-Aged-Kids Latino-Community's Soccer-Team's fields regularly flood when it rains. But Nannie is not a 12 year old Latino soccer player. She says, "Do you think it will be safe for me to sleep in my bed (in the lower floor of the house) tonight? Will you wake me up if the rain gets heavy?" (what, you're going to sleep from Tuesday night through Friday morning????) I just keep saying, "There will be no rain for at least two more days." We gotta remember not to watch the news or weather on TV for the next few days. At least she is not in a pitszey mood (creative spelling for TOS), and is walking a lot on the driveway, so that helps her restlessness to be able to do that. I can tolerate most all of the ways she is acting right now, at least!!! I am taking my Super-doupper Tylenol (2/quick-dissolving500'sq6) and Robaxin q8, and taking the Celebrex in the PM, about 10 hrs after the AM dose. In the interest of a kind of thoughtfree ease, I had just been taking meds only when I wake up and before I go to sleep, but I'm hoping by spreading them out it will keep things quieted down. I CAN take the Tylenol and Robaxin 3x day, but if I don't have pain beyond the 'just-passing-through' ordinary occasional tweaks and pinches that come and go, I try to lay off them, to be kind to my liver. Glad Slow-Bro is doing better. Ozzie is starting to get some fluffy fur growing back, but it's not long enough that he is easily recognized as a Shih-Tzu. But he's still cute as the dickens. BCg, hope you are doing okay...((((((hugs, BCg))))))
  22. No Stars In My Eyes

    First word that comes to mind.....

    "Anybody who has their Venus in Scorpio can never be talked into doing anything they don't want to do." (A woman who was an astrologer for 45 years told me that about myself. I don't know about the Venus/Scorpio thing, but the gist is me to a "T". I'm not necessarily stubborn, mind you, but I AM decisive!) The word is whatever you want it to be! Have at it!
  23. No Stars In My Eyes

    Monday September 14 2020

    After a nap, and a visit from the preacher and his wife and their 8 month old kiddo, Nannie's mood switched back to her previously calm. appreciative self. (phew) I want to cry: my left shoulder, my lower right back, right hip, and left knee are aching, squawking and occasionally throwing in a spasm or two just for fun. S'been making me feel somethin' awful today. I just feel so discouraged when the gypsies reappear. Could be it's just something aggravated by the recent indoors barometric pressure. Hmm, maybe I'll ask for a pelvic-bones transplant for Xmas...
  24. No Stars In My Eyes

    Monday September 14 2020

    Morning, but even though it is sunny and warm, the indoors atmosphere is hot as hell and cold as ice. Nanny remains in a snit because I "jumped on her' yesterday to not pour the pills out in her hand. Suddenly she is positive that I 'accused her', and she said what do I expect of her? to sit there all day long and never say a word? And she said "All you do is sit there on the sofa, reading and ignoring me" when she speaks. I did not say that that is not true, but I did tell her that I didn't have a hearing aid any more, so my hearing was not the best. I explained that's the way my whole family was, we sat in the same room, reading, and if someone said something, we stopped what we were doing and talked. I told her I was sorry twice more, but she is determined she is being wronged and ignored. I said she has been in a good mood ever since she came home from the nursing home, and she said her mood has nothing to do with it, she was tired of being jumped on and accused. I repeated again that I was sorry , and please don't spend her birthday being pissed off. She told me "Aww, I don't give a s**t about it being my birthday." Also that she didn't appreciate us sitting around talking about her. I said, "All I said to hubby was 'why is she mad?'" I said again I was sorry and have apologized 4 times, and she's right and I'm wrong, but since it didn't satisfy her and since my very presence on the sofa offended her, I'd clear out. I straightened out the sofa, picked up my stuff and came upstairs. Then she went outside onto the patio to start an argument with hubby. I can hear their voices rising and falling in angry tones. Can't hear the words, but I imagine hubby IS 'jumping on her' and reading her the riot act. Soon I will go out, and for a part of her b'day buy her some flowers and helium balloons, so hubby can mow the grass.When they are through arguing, she'll prolly be more p.o'd. but that's life with dementia and Alzheimer's. It was so nice for a week and a few days, but seems that isn't going to last. BLAH. Poor pitiful Pearl. (It just occurred to me that what woke me up this morning was her slamming doors.)
  25. No Stars In My Eyes

    Sunday September 13 2020

    To Amazon: Please deliver one volunteer fireman to hose-down a hot-headed Nannie! 🤣 She did not speak to me from just before supper, whence I made the mistake of saying, "Nannie! Don't dump the pills out of the cup into your hand; put them directly into your mouth from the medicine cup." (Oh, the dreaded words "don't" and "no" ....they trip her trigger like nothing else!) After supper, she got up and went to walk the driveway twice. Then she came in, walked right by me, went into the bathroom and slammed the door. A moment later she went into her bedroom and crawled into bed (7 PM), leaving the bedroom door open so hubby could see her when he came down the stairs, which he did. He asked, "Are you going to bed this early?"...YES!"..."Are you mad about something?" ... "NO!".... He said goodnight and he'd see her in the morning, to no reply. So he closed her bedroom door and said to me, "She needn't think we're going to start THAT kind of behavior again." I am hoping that by tomorrow she's forgotten everything. Hubby said that, if necessary, he will have a discussion with her about the nursing home she was in, in a way that is not threatening, but just bring to mind what she has just recently been through. Don't know if it'll 'work' to switch her back to her "I am SOOOO thankful to be here!" frame of mind. *fingers crossed* 'Tis daft to dream in the divination of the power of daisy's and daffodil's petal-falls to diverge the destined-doll's dolorous ideations, deftly delivering us from the distressing, disintegrating, downward-diving, dastardly dementia ... so she and WE might dwell in a demure domicile...haHA!!!!! "Que-sera-sera, whatever will be will be, the future's not ours to see; que-sera-sera." (😝raspberries!")

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