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  1. No Stars In My Eyes

    What do you INTENSELY DISLIKE?

    Same answer, different day. (I deleted the remainder of this answer as it was extremely unkind and inappropriate.)
  2. No Stars In My Eyes

    Sunday May 24 2020

    amo- I was wondering where you were! Hope you are doing and feeling better, and are not on the verge any longer. Thanks for gettin' thee to the hospital. j22- There is no pleasing Nannie on a day like today, so to heck with her preferences. They change all the time anyway. Hmm, what will she do when she gets 'home'? Aside from the fact that she would be lost the minute she leaves this driveway? I guess she'd wander around her hometown (now a good sized city) and ask people to take her home so she can visit and talk with all her (now dead) relatives. There is only on person from either family (an in-law) who lives there, now at a retirement place, and that relative is only a little behind Nannie in age and dementia development. Wouldn't they be a pair?!!! She has 'packed' (piled) a bunch of her stuff onto her bed. Hubby told her if she doesn't put it all back, she can sleep on top of it. She has been yelling at and cussing at us intermittently most of the day. I had taken up a spot at the kitchen table instead of hanging around in the den with her as I often do. Hubby was down at the shed getting ready to feed the deer, and she came up to the kitchen to see where I was and asked why I was in the kitchen. I told her I was trying to avoid her bad mood, which she started to blame on hubby. I said, "Stop right there. You are the one who raised him. He's only following your example. He never, ever talks to me that way. I don't want to be around YOUR bad mood; no one MY family, the one I grew up in, has ever been as hatefully argumentative as you, and did not yell and cuss others out all the time. I don't like it. THAT'S what I'm doing up here ... trying to enjoy some peace and quiet." To which she replied, "Well.........." Meanwhile, hubby had come back in the house and asked her what she was doing up in the kitchen when she KNOWS she isn't supposed to climb the stairs on her own. She yelled she could come upstairs if she wanted to, because it was HER damn kitchen. So he said, "if this is your kitchen, why do you want to leave your own (paid for) house?" At that point I picked up my things from the table and came up to my room and shut the door. Now 6:45 PM and hubby has just cooked and delivered her supper on a tray; she eats her supper in the recliner in the den. I told hubby I didn't want to eat until later. All that arguing makes my IBS-D hit the "GO!" button and gallop right out of me. (trying to be delicate, here). Sooooooo, life goes on. YIPPEE-KI-YAYYYYY!
  3. No Stars In My Eyes

    Sunday May 24 2020

    Hello. Once again, The Cracker Jack Agency which is SUPPOSED to deliver my DAILY newspaper, DAILY .. hasn't delivered it AGAIN. I cannot tell you how totally disgusted I am about this. We didn't get a delivery for 9 days in a row, in spite of phone calls and emails; then we got delivery for 3 days, and now we are back to getting no papers. The CrackerJackAgency is hereby dubbed The D**khead Agency. What kind of a moron can't follow a list of subscriptions he is supposed to deliver EVERY DAY? GADS!!!!! Yep, it is another hot day, 87 degrees so far, and as with yesterday and the day before we are to have afternoon and evening thunderstorms. Nannie has started reading me parts of HER newspaper, of course. There are very important statistics in there, like how old each person in the Obituaries was when they died. And she is obsessing over a picture of a black man and white woman who have 3 babies. She's still living in the past century. Plus she is going on and on about how the paper has 5 or 6 sections: "This isn't the paper I usually get!" I have told her 5 times in 6 minutes that the Sunday Edition ALWAYS has multiple sections. Another GADS! I wouldn't mind an afternoon walk on the beach, Tweety, though I would probably pass on the swim, and wade instead. / I really have thought of printing on my face mask: "Yes, I am an idiot, so shut-up." No one has harassed me, though, and many folks are still wearing masks. But they can not follow the ONE-WAY signs of the grocery store aisles to save their souls. / Yeah, it's kinda hard to make tomato chutney without tomatoes. I have been craving so- called 'foreign foods' (ethnic) something wicked, but not many options are here in this area. Cooking? Nobody here is interested in good food if it is not in their normal realm of experience. Joe, I think it wouldn't be a bad idea for me to start keeping a journal again, but usually after three days or so, I reread what I've written, tear out the pages, and shred them. I have thought of sending my three boxes of writings and poems to my former psychologist, as she is the only person I know who would appreciate and understand it all. This isn't turning in to a nice day. Nannie wants to go home, she wants the car keys and to drive to her "home" 2 & 1/2 hours away; that is to the home which she does not have. She also says she will go over to live with her younger son, who wrote her off 3 years ago. That'd be fine, because HIS mother-in-law is also having to live with them now. Ha-ha! Well, I am getting very crabby, and have nothing nice to say, so I'll put the laptop away.
  4. No Stars In My Eyes

    Saturday May 23 2020

    Yes, little chrome caps to put over the tires' bolts...nice wheels now...slick! But he had to point them out to me 'cause who looks at chrome caps?
  5. No Stars In My Eyes

    Saturday May 23 2020

    Glad to read y'all --- I have been home from a short errand run for about 45 minutes and Nannie has talked NON-STOP since I sat down on the sofa. I really wish I could make a tape-recording of her for you to listen to (okay, maybe not the whole 45 minutes, but 5 minutes would probably suffice), because my words just don't do it justice. A large part of her "conversation" (monologue) has been about Christmas: decorating the tree(s), the lights and garlands, etc and on and on. She thinks my hubby is her husband, and that the photo of her and my FiL are her parents, though they bear no kind of resemblance... And I say "Uh-huh", "Oh.", "Huh.", "For Heaven's sake.", and "What do you know!" Oh, and I also said it is 87 degrees outside, and humid. And that it is the month of MAY. Finally, when I said "Christmas is not for 7 months, she responded, "REALLY? You're kidding, right?" Nope, I wasn't, but that only momentarily stopped her. In a mind-boggling non-sequitur, she told me that > she passed out when she went swimming two years ago. (???!!!) Okay,then! Uh-HUH! Back to Christmas decorations now.... Fa-la-la-la-la, La-la-la-la!
  6. No Stars In My Eyes

    Saturday May 23 2020

    Going to be hot and humid here, today, also...though probably not as much so as in Tweety's area of the world. We had a heck of a thunderstorm and downpour in the late afternoon yesterday, JUST after I got back from the pharmacy; the moment I walked in the front door, it let loose. Talk about good timing for me! Did get the laundry done and put away yesterday, so that's something, at least. That Nannie-person was quite restless last night, got up 3x after she'd been put to bed; VERY confused, and coming up with all kinds of reasons why she was up. Like, her pants were too tight (they weren't) and her mouth 'tasted slimy' (!?!) and her throat muscles (neck) were sore. She also said "they" were supposed to be giving her "three shots a day" and she'd "only had two." She didn't know what the shots were supposed to be for. I told her that the only thing we could do was to call the doctor in the morning, as by then it was 11:30 PM. "Isn't there anything else we can do?" she asked. I told her we could call the ambulance to take her to the ER. That put the kibosh on it; she agreed to lie down again and try to sleep, and voila! She did and she did. No memory of it this AM, although to be truthful, I didn't ask! Not sure about what's going on today. We'll see. Hope all have a good weekend!
  7. No Stars In My Eyes

    Friday - May 22nd, 2020 - Good Morning!

    Good Early Afternoon... The sun is hot, the shade is cool; we are supposed to get up close to 80 today, and the on-line forecast shows a drawing of rain coming out of clouds, but the entire sky is BLUE. I still have stuff I need to do in my room, but who knows if I'll get to it? So far, as usual, when I tell y'all what my plans for the day are, they don't come about that way. Right now I am on the back patio, hubby put out the hummingbird feeder yesterday... it is hanging behind my head by about 1 & 1/2 feet, and I hear the hummers coming in to sip. As long as my head stays relatively still (on the OUTSIDE that is!) they come in to feed. I'll go upstairs (I hope) in a few minutes (I hope) and try to start in (I hope) on my tasks and chores (I hope). See yez after a while.
  8. No Stars In My Eyes

    Thursday May 21 2020

    Another overcast and rainy day; not as cold or windy. We are supposed to have a weekend in the 80's (bleh) which has everybody (but me) happy about. Never have cared for summer. Did a pharmacy run today and will be doing another one tomorrow. Emailed and asked my PCP if he could re-write me a prescription for Levsin (Hyoscyomine ... sp?); I used to take it when my IBS-D kicked up. I had some leftover from a prescription he wrote in 2018 and discovered that when Nannie's afternoon sundowning behavior got my gut churning, it made me lose my appetite for supper, and have to gallop to the bathroom, PRONTO. The Levsin works better than the Xanax under those conditions. He emailed me back, saying "It's called in. Hope y'all are doing well. Take care, my friend. (signed w/ his first name)." So, COVID's good for one thing ... don't have to make an appt nowadays! Just ask and ye shall receive! Speaking of appointments, the "salons and barbers" are supposed to be able to open up again after 5 PM tomorrow. I'm going to get Nannie an appt w/ her hairdresser ASAP during this next week. She has not had her head washed in 2 months! Not for want of my trying, as I know all kinds of tricks on how to wash a patient's hair; but she refused to cooperate w/ any and all of my GOOD suggestions. She said she would like a shower, but we cannot get her in and out of the tub. Strangely, her hair is not greasy at all, it is extremely dry and brillo-y from the tons of hairspray she uses daily. She'll have to have her scalp scrubbed twice! Hubby says, "Maybe sand-blasted! An aside: yesterday she put on her lipstick(s) 5 times in one hour, until I just removed her purse with her ridiculously large collection of lipsticks in it, and 'hid' it back where she hides it. [Then she asks, "Has anybody seen my purse?"] Hubby is doing well, but not at quitting smoking. I'll get him some patches from Walmart tomorrow. Their "equate" brand works well and stays stuck better than the Big Brand Name of patches. We'll see if he will try them. Currently he has gone off to get "some trinkets" for my car. God only knows what, but you can bet your bottom dollar it will be something chrome. Today I saw another fool without a mask who was walking his naked-faced 5 month old baby in his arms, thru Walmart today. Puts the baby right at adult's mouth and nose level. AUGH! STUPID! Myself, I intend to keep wearing my mask when I go out, and not make any hair or nail appts for myself, until I see how it goes for everyone else. Let THEM be the guinea pigs for this partial re-opening, and I'll watch the results over the next few weeks before I decide whether to get myself beautimized, or wait a bit longer. Ozzie needs a bath and a fur-trim, too. We all are a bit scruffy these days!
  9. No Stars In My Eyes

    Wednesday May 20 2020

    Very rainy for the next few days, cold-ish today and tomorrow and then 79 degrees and more rain on Friday. Nothing unusual going on.
  10. No Stars In My Eyes

    Tuesday - May 19th 2020 - Good Morning!

    Didn't do laundry except Nannie's wet pj bottoms. Didn't pay bills, just didn't feel like dealing with anything. Just a bummer of a down day. Hope tomorrow isn't a repeat of today.
  11. No Stars In My Eyes

    Tuesday - May 19th 2020 - Good Morning!

    I swear my hubby is more excited by my new car than he should be ... wants to and has, in some cases, put this and that on it ... he got the salesman at the dealership to get the special SOUL floor mats from another trade-in, thus saving us $130 for a set of four. Then, for the brake light in the rear window, he wants to get a chrome cap with the word SOUL cut out of it so the word "SOUL" shows in red when you hit the brakes. He got chrome covers for tire nuts; wants to cap the tailpipe with chrome. I told him that now I think of it as HIS car. So, trade in Nannie's car and get me something small, used, cheap and reliable that requires no duding-up. Cripes. But even Smart cars that look as big as the toe of a giant's sock, now are only available in the electric model, and costs twice as much as the KIA did. Pffftt! *sigh*
  12. No Stars In My Eyes

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    Sorry this is not a political comment, but I had to post it somewhere. Our refusing-to-wear-a-mask POTUS thinks taking hydrochloroquin (sp?) is going to keep him 'safe'? Is it bad to pray he gets some horrible side-effects from it? Maybe he should gargle with Lysol or Clorox, too.
  13. No Stars In My Eyes

    Tuesday - May 19th 2020 - Good Morning!

    Gray, rainy, but not cold. Nannie is being a real P.I.A, as usual, and hubby has gone off on some 'errands'. I'm going to pay bills, and probably do laundry (again). Hope all have a decent day.
  14. No Stars In My Eyes

    Monday - May 18th, 2020 - Good Morning!

    Howdy Last night at 2:15 AM, Nannie took a fall on her butt in the bathroom while getting off of the toilet; sat right down on the boxes of her 'disposable goods' and the wastebasket that are between the toilet and the sink/vanity. We had her 'walk' on her hips, to the hallway between her bedroom and the bathroom, and managed to get her up. She babbled excuses the whole time, about how it had happened. Doesn't matter, Nannie, we are dealing with getting you up, so concentrate on what we are telling you to do. GAH! Anyway, after that I slept and slept and slept; didn't get up until noon. Now we are having our A/C-heating unit services, and he is cleaning the filters with our garden hose. As soon as he is done and clears the driveway, I'll be off to Walmart for refills. Exciting life. Wish work was not as full of hassles as you guys have been going through...
  15. No Stars In My Eyes

    Sunday May 17 2020

    Indeed! Believe it or not, I was going to post this very same thing, and was on my way through these posts when I came to yours...! Well, all I can say now is: Ditto!

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