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  1. No Stars In My Eyes

    Wednesday June 12, 2018

    Tweety, Yep, when it rains, it pours. I empathize completely with the "if it ain't one thing, it's another" that you are experiencing! I will heave a long, weary sigh in your behalf. If we had stayed at our old house instead of moving to Nannie's, in addition to a higher mortgage payment, we would have had tons of repairs and 'refreshings' ... of the porch, the deck, the dog-pee stained carpeting in living room and hall, plus every room needed painting ; the ceiling had never been repaired after son-in-law put on a new roof that leaked for MONTHS before he repaired it, and he never did come back to fix the ceiling, all of which he'd already rec'd payment for, the skunk. The water heater was 26 years old; the kitchen and bathroom shared the same wall and I think there was black mold...don't know how much because I never dared to look, but we suspect it was considerable due to leaks from broken bathtub tiles, and under the kitchen sink where the floor of it was sunk down at least 10 inches. In the 28 years we lived there, we wore that house plum OUT! We really, really needed OUT OF THERE! Of course, now we are HERE, the "costs" are different, as you all know from my squawking. But, not having to pay a mortgage, and being able to retire (so to speak) is a good trade-off in spite of everything. SIGH! We were always hoping to be saved by a sweepstakes or lotto win, but nothing doing, in spite of my persistence in entering everything that did not cost me or cost only a stamp to enter. sniff-sniff Oy! about the termites. Nannie's tinnitus sometimes makes her thinks she is hearing termites decimating the wall behind her recliner. Fortunately the bug guy came, as it was time for her yearly recheck, and he said "NO termites", in addition to the 'normal' spraying of whatever stuff it is that they use. We keep the service receipt nearby so when she gets in the "I hear chewing sounds..." mode, we can prove to her that her house has a clean bill of health. All is quiet here. Nannie said she did not feel good (unspecified) and did not want to go get her hair done. She slept all morning, and when she woke up at 2 PM, I gave her lunch. Hubby went for a haircut and to pic up a med refill. The dogs are napping like cats. Weather says it may rain today, but at least it isn't HOT! (yet.) We haven't had any 90's, but we did get up to 89 one day, and according to Nannie's figuring of her age, she has said she was 90 since the day she turned 89... 89 is the same as 90. So, as one of my dearly-loved former patients used to say..."Same thing, only different." Joe, Glad the new job is going more smoothly than the previous one! Ted, hope your mowing doesn't aggravate your hands and wrists as much this time. That'll teach you to skip a mowing and go off on the last bit of time off and away! Live and Learn! Nel, nothing better than a cleanly washed and fluffed, allergy-medicated Wally! What does he get for allergies? Our former vet said 1/4th of a Zyrtec tab will do it for Pippy. Does Wally like going to the groomer or just tolerate it? I am happier with the groomer we take the dogs to now; the last two places we took them....meh and grrr! I wasn't satisfied, and the dogs did not like them, either. The one we went to up in the mountains groomed them for 10 years. If we said "...We're going to Maxine's!", they got happy and excited. I'm sure they did not enjoy everything about grooming, however, they pranced around afterwards like they KNEW they were lookin' good! herring, I had to smile about the "few minutes of small talk" before your hubby would take the breathing treatment. That line reminded me of a movie (don't know which one) where the guy nervously went to visit a woman of certain repute, and when she immediately started taking her clothes off, he said something like, "Uhhh, can't we just talk a few minutes before we get started?" A little coddling was needed. j22, Pollen seems to get into places that you never think need cleaning. I never would have thought of cleaning the screens, but it sure makes sense! BCg, "Praying" that your septic system holds up until after you move ... uh, move away from that house, that is. I guess that's it for now!
  2. No Stars In My Eyes

    Tuesday - June 11th, 2019 - Good Morning!

    Oops! Ted, I posted todays post on yesterdays Daily Diary entries. It's beautiful today, sunny, with a cool breeze. Well, now I can't say my husband doesn't listen to me, though this time it was about birds and bird-feeders. Prior to his and Nannie's blow-out yesterday, we had been talking about the bird-feeders, and I said he probably should check them, because with all the rain we've had, probably the seed had begun to sprout. Birds won't eat sprouted seeds; it is the plants way of protecting itself to make the sprouts, I dunno, bitter? poison? so the plants get a chance to root and grow. At any rate, the sprouting in the bird-feeders was pretty prolific. He took them all down, dumped the soggy, sprouted contents, washed and dried them and the birdbath, and refilled everything with fresh, dry food. Now EVERYTHING with wings, and the chipmunks are out there chowing down. Might as well go outside and enjoy the day...until Ozzie starts telling me, HEY! It's time for our supper! He has a clock in his belly, y'know. Hope FranEM is doing ok and can send us some good news...
  3. No Stars In My Eyes

    First word that comes to mind.....

    24 hr collection I had to do one of those a couple of years ago, and on the bottom shelf of the fridge, each container was labelled, with a sign between them: "TEA" <MAKE NO MISTAKE> "PEE"
  4. No Stars In My Eyes

    Monday June 10 2019

    Noooooon-time. In my hometown, the horn at the top of the Town Hall blows twice at noon. (Unless they have built another building, which I haven't heard that they've done, that is.) Essex, Mass has a phenomenally unusual (ugly?) Victorian-type building that houses/housed town offices, including police ... and best of all the Thomas Oliver Hazard Perry Burnham Library, aka TOHPB library. Isn't that a wonderful name? If you are just doodling around on your computer, look it up just to see the building. It used to be painted a brownish mustard yellow with brown trim. Sorry for my inability to bring forth a link to it. Ozzie rudely woke me up at around 9 AM. I think this happens when he decides he doesn't have to pee before he goes to bed, and won't go out, but climbs right upstairs to his bed. Either that, or, when hubby makes an early bathroom visit and goes back to bed, it wakes Ozzie up. Either way I have no choice but to get up, put on some clothes and take him out, and, of course, Pippy, too. By the time we get back from the mailbox with the paper, I just HAVE to have coffee. If I had gone back to bed, I would have not been able to go back to sleep as Pippy decided to have a case of the kacks...coughing. Hairballs and goodness only knows what, because she will lick the scent of something even if the actually scent-producing item isn't there on the floor anymore. Since she doesn't see very well anymore due to cataracts, she licks up what she smells or what she feels against her nose while she's sniffing about. Then, because she won't just drink water on command, I have to give her some liquid she will drink, which recently has been the water in which Gerber Baby's Chicken Sticks are sealed in the jar. So far, at least, it stops the kacking. We cut the chicken sticks up and use them at suppertime; because hubby started feeding them way- long-time-ago from the table while he is eating supper ... He shares too much! ....But because I don't want them getting fat/gristle/spices/bread/breading so much, I decided the chicken sticks were the least fattening or 'bad' for them. The amt of salt is lower then regular broths, anyway. Joe, you are now actually working at work! Well, sounds obvious, but there are folks ... like j22's co-worker ...who work as little as possible and whine about it all the while. Tweety, so your broken-heeled friend is cleared for weight-bearing now? My 'goal' for today is doing the laundry. w00t! Nel, 40-ish or so years ago, back before tats were a thing, I had a hospital patient who had 8 of them and she was the talk of the floor. She was something like 85 at the time, so I figured her youth must've been fairly 'wild', although the tats were discreet in the sense that there were no roaring tigers or hula girls. She was just way ahead of her time. / Glad to hear that Knots has improved. Having been a nurse for so long, I find it curious that I am more upset by sick animals than I am by people. I can not look at any TV commercials from ASPCA and the like, where they show sad, pitiful-sad looking animals; when they come on, I look down at a crossword puzzle or block the TV screen with my hand. Nannie will say, "Look, oh, look." And I say "NO!" She does that with cute kids or babies, too, but I'm not so interested in looking at a cute baby in a commercial I've seen a thousand times, about which she has said "Look!" those same thousand times. I had to train myself to NOT look every time she said "Look!" because it was driving me mad! herring, Are male children taught from the start to be stubborn to the bone? (Although, my mother often said that I was stubborn from the day I was born, so I guess I'm one to talk.) I have had several brief talks with hubby...because sometimes you have to pick your times ... about being worried of his health. He pushes himself tooooo much; his knee, as I said, is crappy. And telling him what Tweety said (I paraphrsed) about it a couple of days ago, not that Tweety said it, per se, just "one of the nurses I talk with on-line" ...The longer you leave it in the bad shape it is in, the worse it will get, and the less successful the 'eventual' surgery might be. I also talked with him about the physiological harm his LACK of diabetic-diet does to his body and organs. Just because you keep your blood-sugars (mostly) in range, doesn't necessarily mean you have the diabetes under control. I wish he could go back to his original endocrinologist, who paid attention and explained things thoroughly; things that he has apparently forgotten. And he is not too good about listening to me. The only success, if you can call it that, is that he does put cold packs on his knee(s) ONCE, in the evening. A former patient (not diabetic) used to follow any emphatic talking-to she was giving to someone, or complaint she had, with the word "DAMMIT!" Hubby knew her and so when I say that, he KNOWS I'm serious. Hubby and Nanny had another squawkeroo yesterday. She keeps coming up with all these tasks he should do (or as she says "we", as in the both of them, as if SHE does anything at all) . He said he was doing the best he can, which is pretty great, and more than he should. It went on from there, but I got up and left because I was about to remind her once again that he is "almost 70", like she is "almost 90", and that his health and body isn't something she can beat to death with her "wishes" for the perfect environment. She wants to feel like "everyone" is talking about how much better HER house (and she, herself) looks than any other house/yard in the neighborhood. Nobody is inspecting or paying much attention, except her. Really, it is the only reason she gets out and walks the perimeter of the yard. I mean, it's amazing she still walks the terrain with her walker. If it weren't for that, and the possibility someone will see her (dressed up, hair done, wearing earrings and makeup, outfits that 'match'.) she would stay plonked down in the recliner. Yakkity-yak. Guess I ort to go do the dern laundry. Later you'n's!
  5. No Stars In My Eyes

    Sunday June 9 2019

    Yep, that's true, but there are still Florida Bluehairs in existence! Many boomers have MANY tattoos. I have exercised my option to not have even the tiniest little tattoo-ette placed in/on any spot of my skin. Did you tattoo? I guess I am a 'long-haired brown-hair', and there just isn't any pizzazz to that; it doesn't roll off the tongue as easily. And (not making fun, mind you,) I saw a woman at the grocery store...she had a HUGE Afro, the color of moss/lichen. Someone behind me in line murmured, "Chia Pet!" At my first job, prior to nursing school, I wore my long hair drawn back, but had long, eyelash-length thick, straight bangs. So a fellow I worked and ate lunch with told me his father asked him, "Who was the "acorn" you sat with in the dining-room today?" I thought it was pretty clever and funny!
  6. No Stars In My Eyes

    Presidential Election 2020

    The Firesign Theater's line went: "We are ALL Bozo's on this bus." *Please do not elect me. "FYI: If elected, I will not serve.* Election Day 2020 is a long way away, and now....so'm I. Toodley-doo!
  7. No Stars In My Eyes

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    I have a lot of 'improper names' I could use, but I suppose I should keep off this thread, as I am too disrespectful and distract from the quality of all the debates that y'all enjoy engaging in. Carry on with your serious ruminations. I now return control of your screen . <><><><><><><><><> 10-4 Over and Out.
  8. No Stars In My Eyes

    Sunday June 9 2019

    Well, they must have relatives in this area and up in the mountains ; I call them: "Mr.-and-Mrs.-Twenty-Five-Miles-Per-Hour".
  9. No Stars In My Eyes

    How about a Game of Questions?

    Maybe positively depressing?
  10. No Stars In My Eyes

    First word that comes to mind.....

    ...is a pirate's parrot.
  11. No Stars In My Eyes

    Sunday June 9 2019

    Tweety, You are not yet, despite your great and ancient age, old enough , plus you're not short enough, and you are of the wrong gender to be a Florida Bluehair. The name comes from the white-headed ladies who have washed blue-silver rinse in their tight little perm-curled hair-dos, who are only able to peer out the windshield from UNDER the top of the steering wheel. Anyway, when I was in your area, there were, as I recall, such a plethora of 4-way stops, speed was hardly a viable option!
  12. No Stars In My Eyes

    Sunday June 9 2019

    FranEM, Prayers from me, as well. Hope the 'reveal' is good news.
  13. No Stars In My Eyes

    Sunday June 9 2019

    It's still morning! Ozzie woke me up around 9 AM. I got dressed and took the dogs out in a very, very light sprinkle, out to the end of the driveway to get the Sunday papers. Nannie gets the local paper...they only publish Sunday, Wednesday and Friday, and contain mostly small town news.I get the 'big city' paper, which ain't as good as it used to be, but has a wider 'world-view' than the town paper. So, just for a change, instead of my hips/back/knees talking to me, today it is my thumbs and wrists whining, plus a few finger joints. Haven't had THIS for quite some time. Fortunately I do already have the arthritis gloves (minus fingertips) and wrist/thumb braces to wear over them, so I located them and applied them. Feels better, too, along w/ help of the Arthritis-strength generic Tylenol.( I can't believe the cost of the Tylenol Brand!) I suppose the gypsy-hips and gypsy-wrists made a deal with each other, while I slept, to rotate the pain-camps. Also there may be an effect from the barometric pressure, as there are thunderstorms and flooding rains predicted for the next 3 days. Joe, is the musical Matilda based on the movie Matilda of a few years ago? And just allow me to say "GASP!", skipping church?!!? You may gasp back at me because I think the last time I attended church was when I accompanied a patient several years ago. BCg, LOBSTAH ROLLS? I am now craving them. Thanx a bunch. I will have to see if the Harris-Teeter grocery store carries live ones in a tank. Then I gotta find a large, deep pot in which to, yes, scald them to death. We are also out of real buddah. Eh, it won't be happening today! Hubby has never eaten lobster. If it happens that he doesn't care for it, I will get to eat twice as much! w00t! Tweety, Lobster rolls are more than 'interesting', they are DEEEELISH! With a side of fried clams WITH bellies attached (ie NOT those gross, too chewy clam strips!). I'm not sure Florida's version of Lobster Rolls or fried clams would be up to the New England Sea Coast's offerings, even if made by 'transplants'. Up here, Floridians that come up for the summer season are referred to as "Florida Bluehairs". S'funny, though Floridians get accused of bad driving, the ones I have observed as really bad drivers, here and in Florida, are from Michigan. That would include our eldest sibling, who has always been a bad driver, and has lived in Kalamazoo for a long, long time. Nel, I will have to look up Potomac Horse Fever. Hope it isn't catchy! herring, glad you found that card; hope you slept better after that. H'lo to all. I have to run over to the Grocery Store. Hubby would do it, but his left knee is a lot more painful than my hands. He needs to get it taken care of, AND he needs to lose about 20-30 lbs as well. If he would go back to doing his diabetic diet, that would help a LOT! Time for a serious talk with that feller ! Ballgame is on at 1 PM. We won the last two games, so Nannie is happy about that. See yez!
  14. No Stars In My Eyes

    Saturday June 8

    Guess who fell again last night. Yesssss, SURPRISE! It was Nannie. Her 'fall' was that she slid off the edge of her bed onto her bottom, while trying to get up to go to the bathroom. She was not wearing her non-skid socks, naturally, Said she sat on the floor for HOURS and could not figure out how to get up. Uh-huh. I asked her why she didn't yell for us, and she started to say she didn't want to bother us. (!) but instead she said she couldn't yell. I told her she could talk plenty loud when she was on the phone and when she was trying to get my hubby's attention; her voice can get VERY sharp and loud. I told her that hubby and I could have a baby monitor installed in her room, and take turns sleeping on the sofa in the den, just outside her room. Truth be known this 'fall' and particularly the telling of the incident of the"fall" was more for attention and pity. When we asked her questions for clarification on HOW the fall happened, and what did she do, how did she get up? ...she actually played the Dementia Card!!! 'You know I get mixed up and can't remember things." So. this woman with sore shoulders and elbows and wrists, an extremely large set of hips and a bottom, told us that she (supposedly) scooted on her bottom, all the way out to the den and to her recliner, where she rested enough so that she could get up into her recliner to rest, and then she walked back in those slippery little socks, and no walker... We did look for a baby monitor a while back, but could not locate any , especially where you'd certainly think you could find one. This time I will call every probability in the yellow pages. (We have no credit cards, and I have this aversion to adding to the coffers of Amazon, anyway.) and even search the area on-line for somewhere I can drive to, to get one. We had another 15 minute downpour tonight, but no thunder or lightening. I think I will go sit on the front porch to decompress before I go to sleep. You know how they say the electronics we play with interfere with, well, SOMETHING! NSIME
  15. No Stars In My Eyes

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    IMHO many voted for Trump simply because they were tired of 'politics as usual' and wanted someone 'different, from outside the Good Old Boys entrenched network of politicians, who they considered ineffective and poor representatives of their constituents. I heard people say, "Well, it couldn't be any worse..." Yup, they got the 'different' candidate in, all right. But little did they know what they'd voted in, in hopes of positive changes. In 2020, just be careful what you wish for,.