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  1. No Stars In My Eyes

    Tuesday February 19, 2018

    Good Gray Cold Afternoon to you all! Glad not to be up in the mountains, as THEY are getting or going to get a "Significant Ice-Event" and they ain't talkin' about Championship Ice Skating. S'posta be gray and cold through Friday. Dogs get groomed Thursday AM, so Ozzie will once again have to be wearing his turquoise sweater. Pip just likes to be buried under a blanket with the tip of her nose showing. Hubby and Nannie went to get their hair done; I told Nannie, like a good little dgt-in-law should, that her hair looks very nice. Nannie started squawking that "She cut it too short; there's no curl left in it. She was supposed to give me a perm. She's going away for two weeks, so I don't get my perm until then." (hubby adds, 'no, nannie, it's 4 weeks until you get your perm...') To which Nannie responds, "SQUAWK!GRIPE!GRUMBLE!SQUAWK!" I often would LIKE to say, "If you don't like it, or she doesn't do what you think she should do, SAY SOMETHING TO HER BEFORE SHE STARTS!" Yegods and little catfishes! But, y'know, if she spoke up ahead of time, what would she have to complain about? She said, about the 4 wk wait for a perm, "Well, that's just one more thing I'll have to worry about." [ok, nannie, let's make a LIST of ALL your worries!] This is the woman who, after she takes her evening wash, fixes and sprays her hair. She'll be going to bed within 2-3 hours, so what's the point? We don't give a flying-anything what her hair looks like between 7 PM and 10 PM. Hubby says she is trying to seduce the Sand Man. I'm doing okay, no major pain. But I am constantly catching myself ... either I shouldn't have done some move just after I've already done it, or I am about to do something, but realize it is on my NO-NO list. I have to keep reminding myself, "Just because you CAN, doesn't mean you SHOULD!" It's not that I am non-compliant, but I guess I am ...I am full of habitual movements, leaning, lurching, awkward bending, stretching to reach too far, sitting down but turning around from the waist to the left or right to see something, picking up the (12 lb) dogs at times... I am discouraged with myself because I am causing some aching and soreness with my unconscious and abrupt leaping up and all those other motions I make, lacking finesse. I am trying to behave. I've decided that the only 'exercise' I can do is to stand up straight and adjust my feet-knees-hips-shoulders-head-chin...like I learned way-long-time-ago in a yoga class. Do you know, it is actually kind of tiring? When I think I've got it all lined up, I realize I have to readjust and readjust my adjusting! By the time two minutes has past, I'm shaky! [Oh pitiful posture, seek thine ideal! And again! No. Wait...again!'] I will have terrifically strong thighs because I have to do deep knee bends to get things out of the clothes dryer or change the pup-pee-pads or pick up one of the 3,000 things I DROP every single day! So, Tweety, at work, take a bandaid, upon which you have written the word "NO!", and stick it across your lips. At home, when you pick up your ringing phone, ( I have done this myself, many times, truly and for real!) answer it by saying, "NO!" Joe, that insurance co. work might be the very thing for you. Whether it is or not, you have some time before you have to say yes to any job offer. Like others have said here, it is good to be cautious. *Sidebar re: the word CAUTION. An uncle, when a teen, wrecked more than his share of cars. His step-dad said to him, "You need to be more cautious!" To which my uncle replied, "Who could be more cautioner than I?" Ted, It makes me smile to think of your core being containing all that MUSIC-MUSIC-MUSIC! (Did that sound like Ethel Merman just then?) I'm sorry that sometimes it requires a pick-axe and mining tools to get the compositions out! I'm sure, though, that Amy's head shots came out GREAT. She is, I think, beautiful and photogenic. How'd she end up with you? Does she have really bad vision? Oops! Sorry! Baaaaad joke! I didn't mean it, HONEST! Your link to Boogie Nights made me want to break out my Bee-Gees CD and ... well, can't dance right now, so I left it in its case. Phooey. BCg, Glad to hear your dgt is doing better. Had something similar to that once. It woke me up at 3 AM when I took a deep breath, it HURT like I was being stabbed mid-back; I thought my kidney was on it's way to being severely deceased. They did a nuclear x-ray of my lungs, would not let me move at all until they had a diagnosis, they were thinking I might have a blood-clot. I didn't. It was kind of interesting to see my nuclear-green- sparkled lungs moving with each breath. They said, "Pleurisy" and sent me home with the prednisone. Hey to everyone who follows!
  2. No Stars In My Eyes

    How about a Game of Questions?

    AAAAHAHAHAHA! GOOD ONE! Gimme a minute to think of a question, OK?
  3. No Stars In My Eyes

    How about a Game of Questions?

    Would you believe it was something he used in the shower: COAST soap?
  4. No Stars In My Eyes

    How about a Game of Questions?

    Had a male friend, Jon, who got a lot of compliments on his 'scent'; thinking it was an aftershave or cologne, people would say, "What makes you smell so good?" and he would answer "Eau de Jonathan, of course!" Want me to tell you what his secret scent was?
  5. No Stars In My Eyes

    Monday February 18 2019

    Sooooo, I've been catching up on the last 4 days of this DD thread, but on the Saturday posts when I reached dianah's entry, my quota of 'reactions' was reached, so I can not react by liking anything else today. Boooo. Kinda stoopit, IMHO. Oh well. Steph, Wanna work a trade? Your 90 y.o. MiL for my almost 90 MiL? Somehow I think I would be the only happy person about the trade off. Hey, you poor sleepers ... have any of you even TRIED eating two kiwi fruits an hour before your bedtime? I wanna know if they help! Next shopping expedition don't forget to buy the kiwis! herring, your step-mom is extremely lucky to have you!!! Nel, AAAACCK! Customer Service Training? Jumpin' Jehosophats! Every year? Unbelivicable! Yeah, well, it's been a boring 4 days here. Ho-and-hum. Bleh. And meh. We keep trying to convince and help Nannie remember that the medicine in the white tube is ONLY for under her breasts and belly, and ONLY IF it's irritated there. The tall plastic bottle with the red cap is NOT medicine, and it's just for moisturizing her skin (and NOT 'curing' her to the point she will have the skin of a 20 year old.) She's not always forgetting this difference, sometimes she says it's helping, and our 'opinions' are wrong. Today her facial skin was 'burning' and her left eye hurts. Welp, hubby has pink-eye, so maybe that's what is happening to HER left eye. Me? I'm hand-washing like an OCD-er, and using wipes on handles and railings and faucets and whatever else I can think of to wipe down. GADS!
  6. No Stars In My Eyes

    How about a Game of Questions?

    Nope, never have worn lipstick; but can you believe that some people would ask me what brand and shade of lipstick I used? Is "none" a brand or a shade of lipstick?
  7. No Stars In My Eyes

    First word that comes to mind.....

    Mama, just killed a man; Put a gun up to his head, Pulled the trigger, Now he's dead. Mama ...
  8. No Stars In My Eyes

    How about a Game of Questions?

    An elderly woman putting lipstick on her eyelids, as eye shadow, because they took all her other make-up away ... is that "emotional lipstick"?
  9. No Stars In My Eyes

    How about a Game of Questions?

    ... And how does that make you feel?
  10. No Stars In My Eyes

    Happy Valentine's Day Thursday February 14 2019

    Part of me wonders if those 'white measles' are appearing due to her ingrained racism oozing out her pores!
  11. No Stars In My Eyes

    How about a Game of Questions?

    I put this down as my nickname under my photo in my High School Yearbook, because it was what I heard the most: "Stars, Be quiet" ......Sooooo, What's your best guess?
  12. No Stars In My Eyes

    Happy Valentine's Day Thursday February 14 2019

    Follow-up appt accomplished; the incision looks good (like an incision should!) ie healing nicely. HOWEVER I apparently have been too active and in the wrong kind of way, and I was not exactly scolded, but had the nurse go through all the no-no's with me again. No bending or twisting, no lifting of anything over the wgt. of a gallon of milk", that is an 8 - 10 pound limit. No pushing, no pulling, no reaching in an awkward position, squat if I have to get something off the floor. I need to either find my grabber, where-ever it is, or get another one. Tsk, tsk to me; I have to behave myself, consciously and conscientiously for 4 more weeks. Joe, I'm hoping you find a GOOD job to replace this one you're at now. There is nothing worse than dreading to go to work. (I think we probably ALL know that feeling.) BCg, sorry for your loss. Having someone your own age succumb is sobering, indeed. When I went to work at my first nursing job (MGH - on the 'ward' for Traumatic Spinal Injuries) it was tough having freshly paralyzed patients who were my age and younger. j22, Liked that phone call when you made the caller p-a-u-s-e ... but I wonder, did she THINK? Probably not, as there's a lot of knee-jerkers in the anti-vaxx movement. There are so many spots in the USA where the anti-Vaxx parent's children are catching and spreading measles, and it is so un-necessary. Maybe OUR whole generation is autistic from all those years of getting vaccinated, but we just don't know it! Nannie is slipping some more. (surprise!) Today the phone rang, I was right beside it in the kitchen, so I answered, but after 3 'hello's' with no response, I hung up. I was in the process of crushing up dog medicine before feeding the dogs, who were both barking at me. Nannie yelled up to me, "Who was it?" I said, "Nobody who wanted to talk with me I guess." She said, "That's alright, he (my hubby, out on the patio) answered it and he's talking to them." Uh ... he does not have the same phone number, nor the same carrier; but after a minute I gave up trying to explain it. Last night she wanted "those things you stick in your ear" because "The noise kept me awake all night." It's tinnitus, but she thinks it might be termites chewing inside the walls. She has NO termites here. Anyway, this morning she said she had cut off the tips of those things (Q-tips) and stuck them way down in her ear, "And I slept like a baby all night long." Fortunately she was able to remove the q-tip-tips. I have been rolling my eyes in the privacy of my own head, at some of the things she comes up with. The cream the doc gave her for the irritation under her breast ("breasteses') she is now putting on her face where she has a quarter-sized raised area from years of sun-damage, and she thinks it is helping. She SLATHERS gobs of Eucerin all over her skin, AFTER she washes with hot, hot water with Eucerin swished into it. She always says her skin feels better after her treatments, but the following day she says she looks like she has the "white measles". The cream has dried into flakes that she peels off, and, of course, in the process picks off things that don't need picking; then it is complaint time about how she might have to give up using "that medicine", because it is making her skin sting. Yah, honey, because you are creating little areas of raw skin. But ya can't tell her NUTHIN'! There is/are so many things I just shut my mouth about. She broke her relatively "new" glasses and lost them. She thinks her old glasses are no good because she can see the (huge) TV screen better without her glasses. What she NEEDS is a new prescription, but she believes her eyes are "getting better", because, among other things, she eats a small cup of yogurt every morning. She also calls THAT medicine, too. No more Nannie stories for now. We have been overcast all day, chilly but not actually too cold. Hope those affected by the snow and cold will get some more moderate weather SOON. And NO MORE RAIN on Nel and Biggy!
  13. No Stars In My Eyes

    How about a Game of Questions?

    I saw tmb's post just now. I couldn't slap her and deny I did it, because her office walls were glass and she was only there during office hours when everyone else was there at work and THUS there were too many witnesses ... Besides, she really wasn't even worth slapping. She was one of those "Bungee Bosses" (reference the Dilbert cartoon) in that she arrived as our new supervisor, was there less than 3 months, and whammo, out the door she went. Does THAT answer your question? Who ever said I had pigtails?
  14. No Stars In My Eyes

    First word that comes to mind.....

    Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard: (Poncho and Lefty)_____________ "All the Federales say they could have got 'em any day They only let 'em get away out of kindness, I suppose..."
  15. No Stars In My Eyes

    Wednesday - February 13th, 2019 - Good Morning!

    Very strange, right you are. And I automatically clicked on "Like" and it said, "No more reactions today, kiddo." (or something like that.) They don't want us to be reactive, I guess. But I haven't ever touched anything that'd set off a geiger-counter, so there shouldn't be that louder clicking sound going on...