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  1. No Stars In My Eyes

    Game of Groans

    Yep, that'd make ME groan!!!
  2. No Stars In My Eyes

    First word that comes to mind.....

  3. No Stars In My Eyes

    First word that comes to mind.....

  4. No Stars In My Eyes

    Sunday September 1, 2019

    BCg, We always went to that farm/orchard for apples, cider, maple syrup, etc. It is where, at a young age, I OD'd on maple-sugar-candies; it turned me off most maple-anythings for the rest of my life. Of course it was a lot different back then; no coffee, no donuts, no breads or sandwiches ... it was nothing fancy at all, just a small room on the right front of the barn, where a fireplace was always burning, there were shelves of bags and bags and bags of 5-6 different kinds of of apples and some home-made jellies and jams, cider, maple-syrups. And a very old woman with really bad arthritis in her twisted fingers/hands was always there. She lived in the house, but worked the orchards and in the barn all of her life, so all that labor took its toll. She was so friendly and cheerful all the time. There were a few rocking chairs and a couple or three cats lolling about. Nice and cozy on a cold day! Tweety, Today I am resting on my laurels; well, except I'm trying to do any up-and-down-the-stairs-ings that I can for hubby, as his left knee-ball is red, hot, and swollen. Got him sitting still w/legs up and cold-packs. He absolutely WILL NOT let me take him or go himself, to have it checked out today. So that I don't get panicky about the possibility of a thrombosis, I am hoping it is 'merely' his knee-bones getting ugly with him, plus fluid build-up. He had the same on his right knee prior to having it replaced, which is why I am thinking this left knee is doing the same thing. (*fingers crossed*) Maybe my fingerprints were helped to be worn down because in my youth I was a tree-climber, then as a poor person, without a spare quarter to my name, I actually did my laundry in my bathtub, including jeans, sheets, blankets, towels, etc. That's my theory of where my fingerprints went. Watching another Braves baseball game this afternoon. Hello sirI, Joe, herring, j22, amoLu, and anyone else who joins in!
  5. No Stars In My Eyes

    Saturday August 31, 2019

    Clarifying: My dog, Ozzie did not pee for three hours
  6. No Stars In My Eyes

    Game of Groans

    Why do chickens sit on eggs? They don't have chairs. -------------------------------------------------- Why don't elephants climb trees? They actually do, but they are so good at it, you can't see them.
  7. No Stars In My Eyes

    How about a Game of Questions?

    Those of us who live quite inland from anything resembling a seashore and seldom-to-never might ever happen to find anything even resembling a seashell, what are we to do?
  8. No Stars In My Eyes

    First word that comes to mind.....

  9. No Stars In My Eyes

    Saturday August 31, 2019

    Pin a on my ! Pat me on the shoulder! I was so good today I can barely stand myself . I woke up with focused energy; I decided I was going to sort out Nannie's collection of earrings, the heaps from which she has trouble finding matched sets, and has a bunch of one-one-ers, or mateless earrings. I untangled necklace chains, and hid my horror at some of the hideous, huge, bauble necklaces. Reorganized the jewelry cabinet... And THEN!... I have been so sick of seeing her clothes hanging all higgeldy-piggeldy and all the clothes hangers jammed together with several pieces (unrelated) layered together on one poor hanger on the clothes rod in her room, the awfullest collection of unwearable d/t being a size & 1/2 too small, skirt and jacket sets, and more etcetera. I flung them all out on the bed and organized the heavy, winter stuff at the furthest reach, then the suits she'd worn to church (she doesn't go to church anymore) and several of the suits are too small for her now, so they went toward the back as well. I put all her sweaters and jackets together, then blouses and blouse-sets, then pants, then scarves, et al. Transferred several armsful of hanging clothes she will probably never wear again, up to the master-bedroom's closet.WHEW! She would not let me donate any of the size 14's pants....she MIGHT lose weight, or "we" could have a yard sale (HA!), so they are in a bag labeled "Nannie's size 14's", the wording of which she had me turn toward the wall, so no one will be able to look at it and see the size she can no longer wear. Whoever might see or care, I have no earthly clue; though she does often think there are more people either staying here or visiting, so perhaps it's "THEM"! Anyway, it was quite the task, but I have earned multiple brownie points from Nannie and my hubby. Ozzie, however, thought it was an exceedingly boring pastime and slept through most of it except for wanting outside to pee three times. It did take a few or three hours, overall. This morning, I just happened to wake up with the energy and there was nothing on my dance-card, so I was determined to 'git'r'done', doncha know. It's been on my mind for a month or more, but for the longest time I couldn't summon spit at the thought of it. I know it will not stay organized, but OH WELL! *I* feel better, and we all know that's the main thing Wiped out; tottering up to bed. Have a good night, and the good carry over to tomorrow....
  10. No Stars In My Eyes

    First word that comes to mind.....

    Y*>******@{FWAP!} That is my computer art for a slingshot hitting its TARGET
  11. No Stars In My Eyes

    First word that comes to mind.....

  12. No Stars In My Eyes

    Game of Groans

    A haiku about getting out of bed: No no no no no No no no no no no no No no no no no
  13. No Stars In My Eyes

    Friday August 30, 2019

    Tweety, I read a short news bit about 200+ Whirlpool, and others, ceramic stove-tops being re-called for the 'habit' they have of spontaneously turning themselves on. A person doing the same is nobody elses' business, but I feel it is a dangerous warning that should be looked into by a recent owner of a new ceramic stove-top.... I don't know which kind you own, but when I read the item, my guts went "UH-OH!". Hence, this post. NSIME
  14. No Stars In My Eyes

    The Break Room Collective Novella

    Oddly, each of our cell-phones rang simultaneously and he sat up with a startling abruptness. I cussed under my breath as we each reached for our phones.
  15. No Stars In My Eyes

    First word that comes to mind.....