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  1. DutchgirlRN

    I don't know what to do anymore

    my parents said "oh you wouldn't do that" referring to letting ds quit school, move out...aka...ruin his life. you betcha i would. it reminds me of when he was 2 years old and we had a wood burning stove. i kept telling him "don't touch" and he kept on going towards it like he was going to touch it. finally i said "ok go ahead touch it". he did, he cried, he got a blister on his finger. he never touched it again. motherhood is ever so hard. give me back the days when drawing on the walls, cutting their own hair etc... was the problem. :redbeathe(((((((tazzi))))))):redbeathe
  2. DutchgirlRN

    Grace Pics

    what a little cutie pa too te! i wish i could reach in and hug her. precious, just precious...
  3. DutchgirlRN

    I don't know what to do anymore

    :redbeathetazzi, i am so sorry to hear about what you're going through with your daughter. although it will be hard to do i'd be showing her that it doesn't bother you, let her see you making plans to change her room. tell her "it's ok, leave, i'm soooo over it" and be pleasant. in other words reverse psychology. if she still leaves then she will be attending the school of hard knocks. sometimes that the only way they can learn. god bless :heartbeat
  4. DutchgirlRN

    It's Thursday, 17th April 2008

    yucky...yucky...i'm feeling bad today. woke up the a headache, by the time i got to work i had diarrhea and stomach pains. checked my temp it was 100.2 i said i'm outta here. came home and slept from 11:00 to 5:00. apparently this crud is going around the hospital. i told ds "do not drink out of any of my drinks", he has a bad habit of that. well, went downstairs and fixed myself a diet soda...drank half...went to the bathroom and who do you suppose was drinking it? i told him "you were fairly warned bud". i hear this lasts 2 days. :mad: my dear little grandson who is 30 months old does not talk yet. i wasn't worried because my ds, my db, my df all didn't talk till they were almost 4 but then began talking sentences. my dd and sil had an evaluation with dear little grandson today. they were told that he is very smart for his age and therefore does not qualify for speak therapy through the state. my ds, db and df have high iq's as well. he tries so hard to talk but can't seem to figure out how to make his sounds into words. what worked with ds was putting him in preschool and within 2 weeks he began talking. he needs to be with other children his age who he can see and hear talking. he's on a list for a church preschool.
  5. DutchgirlRN

    Make up a total lie about the poster above you!

    yeah, you're right....mercy was making quite a spectical of herself, eh?
  6. DutchgirlRN

    Make up a total lie about the poster above you!

    did you guys see sabby on the news yesterday? she was dressed like a squirrel, in washington dc of all places, sitting by a bench in front of the capital sitting up begging for peanuts. i heard senator obama stopped by to give you a pat on the head.
  7. DutchgirlRN

    Am I being smart or selfish in hiring a housekeeper

    if that's what you want then i say go for it! i had a housekeeper once a week for several months. i didn't mind spending the extra money because i was making extra money but i stopped because i couldn't find anyone to do it well enough to suit me. granted i'm not a good housekeeper myself but if i pay someone i expect them to do a good job.
  8. DutchgirlRN


    i spend $1.00 a week on lotto. i figure my chances are just as good with one ticket since i'm not winning anyway...but the gambler in me has to have one per week. occasionally i buy scratch offs. i seem to do better with them. i usually break even.
  9. DutchgirlRN

    Really Need To Vent!!!!!!!!

    :icon_hug: i am sorry angie. i can feel your pain through your words. can you get a script for a generic antidepressant and get it filled at wally world for $4 ? going cold-turkey off of an antidepressant is not a good thing. as for me, if i don't get any help, i don't give any help. in other words. do your own laundry, fix your own food, keep your own little area clean...let the others fend for themselves. :twocents:
  10. DutchgirlRN

    Tuesday April 15th, 2008

    :hhmth:how true that is !!! thanks siri i got my taxes mailed off first thing this morning. :crying2: i hated to see that money go. i have so many better uses for it.
  11. DutchgirlRN

    Make up a total lie about the poster above you!

    medic was all excited...she was learning to birth babies. she found out there was a woman coming to the er in a taxi who was in full-blown labor. she ran down to the er...swung up the cab door hopped in and said "take your panties off so i can check you"....um oh...she realized this wasn't the right cab and this patient was not pregnant. slow down medic...don't get so overly excited!
  12. DutchgirlRN

    Make up a total lie about the poster above you!

    mercy...are you ratting me out...? i'll get you my little pretty...i have to come up with something first. i'm at work (if that's what you want to call it). i'll be b*a*c*k............
  13. DutchgirlRN

    American Idol ~ Simon and Paula's Affair

    Season 5 actually.
  14. DutchgirlRN

    American Idol Season 7

    I believe it's a female singer celebrity but for the life of me I have forgotten who. Sorry. :crying2:
  15. "coconut water (or juice) is the thin liquid found naturally inside young green coconuts —not to be confused with creamier coconut milk, which is made from the white flesh of older coconuts. coconut water provides potassium (about 600 milligrams per cup, more than a banana), along with some calcium, magnesium, sodium, and sugar. it’s debatable whether the saturated fat in coconut milk is bad for you, but coconut water has no fat to worry about. and it’s far lower in calories than coconut milk (about 45 versus 500 per cup). because coconut water has the same electrolyte balance as blood (it’s "isotonic"), it has been called "the fluid of life." during world war ii, it was used as a substitute for intravenous plasma. http://www.berkeleywellness.com/html/wl/2007/wlaskexperts1207.html

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