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  1. mystory

    Going to a weight loss clinic on friday

    Hi NurseLoveJoy, do you have any updates for us? I am interested in hearing your progress, as I have similar stats as you, am struggling with getting fit and interested in adding Phentermine to my current weight loss regimen. Would you recommend this route? Does your insurance cover this clinic?
  2. mystory

    Things you would say to your younger self

    Love and accept your body. The more you hate yourself and your body, the more you will self-sabatogue and gain weight. Forgive yourself. Extend the compassion you give to everyone else to yourself. Stick up for yourself. Don't drop your plans and sacrifice your social life when the guy you give everything to finally calls. I know it is rare he shows you any care and concern but keep your plans and ditch the guy. Dance. You love it, you just say "I'm not a dancer" when others ask you to go because you are scared to be vulnerable, look silly or fat or out of place. Dance..literally and figuratively.
  3. mystory

    Workout Videos

    I absolutely love the Firm tapes! They combine intense cardio (i.e. step aerobics) with strength training and the use of additional weights. They are extremely challenging, yet rewarding. I also am saving up for a video game console (Xbox 360 - Kinect) to make my work outs at home more enjoyable, varied, and frequent.
  4. mystory

    Embarrassed about being obese

    I had no problem securing a job after graduation despite my obesity..however my interviews were all over the phone due to significant distance . So I really can't comment in that regard. I was worried that while in school, my peers (fellow students) wouldn't fully accept and include me. Fortunately, my fears were unfounded as years later some of them are my closest friends. However, I was a bit bullied by my nursing professors and clinical instructors; I believe this was due to my weight. :sniff: It was totally unexpected, unfair, and disheartening. We all have different experiences. Hopefully yours will be a positive one. Good luck in your journies, both weight loss and nursing.
  5. mystory

    Yoga vs Zumba

    Zumba for me. I think every individual needs to do the exercise/s that s/he genuinely enjoys. Otherwise, it is not sustainable. I wanted to like yoga. Heck, I wanted to love yoga. I totally dig the idea of zen, the mind~body connection, guided meditation following a challenging yet relaxing workout, reflective music, proudly and conspicuously toting my mat around (hehe), etc.. but I didn't like it; it just wasn't for me. After several classes, I accepted this and moved on Zumba. Haven't looked back!
  6. Hi ladies, I am recently diagnosed with PCOS and am concerned about my ability to conceive. I am not asking for medical advice, as an informed patient and NP student I have done my research on the condition., know the stats, protocols, etc. I am asking for your experience. If you feel comfortable sharing (I know it's personal, I actually think reproductive issues are the most personal issues for women), can you tell me about your experience? i.e. were you able to get pregnant, did it take an unusually long time, did you have to seek fertility medication, did you lose weight/follow a special diet. Thank you in advance, and best wishes to all us women with this diagnosis.
  7. I agree. As a socially liberal feminist, at first I was appalled. However, I do ultimately agree that she can be held to the standards that the school establishes, especially if she signed a morals clause in her contract. My only objection relates to whether or not men are held to the same standard. If the school administrations discovers that a male teacher fathered a child out-of-wedleck (i.e. if they see child support is automatically deducted or that a dependent child is included in health insurance for a single, never-married male teacher), does he get fired too? Or, is that different because it can be kept on the "down low." Some possible implications for sexism here.
  8. I thought that this was interesting. What are your thoughts? Thanks in advance, I'm looking forward to the thought provoking discussion. http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/highschool-prep-rally/former-coach-fired-christian-school-wedlock-pregnancy-145601399.html Teacher and former "coach of the year" at a Dallas area private Christian school fired for being unmarried and pregnant. It was deemed by administrators that she could not be deemed a "Christian role model."
  9. Zim Zolciak of Real Housewives of Atlanta! Lol but I'm okay with not claiming her...
  10. mystory

    My new neighbor drove home intoxicated!! He is a nurse!

    In this case, I don't care that he is a nurse, license implications, professional standards, etc.. Also, I want to mention that I stay out of my neighbors' business..I live in nyc..I don't care if they're bringing in hookers or smoking pot all night, etc. To me, the concerning thing about this is that there is a drunk driver on your street. What if he hits a house, or car and injures others? What if he hits someone, a child even? What if this person is you or a loved one? I would keep an eye out and call 911 if I saw him driving and suspected he is intoxicated again. To me, the fact that you must be 100% certain before making a report is bull. If you see someone stumbling, slurring their words, and they reek of alcohol..yes there may be other explanations..DKA etc. If it walks, talks, and acts like a duck it may be a platypus in costume. But in all likelihood this is a drunk driver and I would want to be proactive and keep myself and my family safe.
  11. mystory

    What are you doing right now?

    Laying on my couch, surfing AN, semi-watching a college bowl game that I don't care about (Cincinati vs Vanderbilt), thinking about how I'm craving BBQ and what an anti-climactic end I'm having to 2011..
  12. mystory

    First word that comes to mind.....

  13. mystory

    Work dating...bad? good?

    I've broken many rules when it comes to love. I've dated a close previously platonic friend despite warnings that a messy break up would ruin a beautiful friendship. I've dated a colleague or two, regardless of the conventional wisdom that warns against it. Etc. I agree with The Commuter-When it comes to workplace romance, if the mutual interest and chemistry is there, I say go for it...because it's better to have an awkward or uncomfortable collegial relationship with an ex than wonder "what if" you would have pursued the prospect.