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  1. psu_213

    The Question Mark Equation

    I don't know???????????????!!!:lol2:
  2. psu_213

    The Question Mark Equation

    LOL, yeah. I just commented on the same thing in post last week where the poster put a string of exclamation points and question marks after an otherwise boring and inconsequential sentence!!!!!!!!!??!!!?!!! (it looked something like that) One ! once in while for emphasis of a big point is fine, but it makes me less likely to read a post because I think they are just being fanatical and/or engaging in hyperbole. BTW, I also find it interesting (annoying?) when people put two or three smilies after every sentence of their post. :twocents: (also: :devil::eek::D:confused::up::yawn::clown:)
  3. Quite frankly, I find that to be a totally different situation. I would intervene (or call in the police, etc.) in the case of a person jumping off a bridge. In the OP: the person is expected to die in days/weeks and may die at any time. Yet, if they are alive in a month, the pt says they may commit suicide. There is nothing definite to report here, and I think it's best to stay out of it.
  4. As for the original complaint....would I want a lawyer who did not have the drive/motivation/intuition to research these stats and intstead took the school's word on these matters (when obviously the school is just trying to look good)? I sure hope if my job, livelihood, license, etc. was on the line, my lawyer would put in a little work to make sure the facts are correct. Furthermore, she goes on to take the lazy way out by blaming someone else for her lack of research of the school and blames the school for the fact that she does not have a job. How this relates to nursing schools? Does anyone know a specific example of a nursing school that claimes a job rate that is inflated? I can think of one ad run by a for profit school that offers a "degree" in 'medical assistant.' (No, clearly not a nursing school) The husband says to the wife: "this sounds perfect for you...you know how much you like those medical dramas..." Hmmm. :eek:
  5. psu_213

    Guinness world record

    Since when is the difficulty of a degree measured by the number of exams one must take to earn the degree? If you are going to try to determine the difficulty of a degree by exams, it is going to be quality, not quantity. Plus, if I am not mistaken, Guinness does not delve into such subjective "records."
  6. psu_213

    claiming "against my beliefs" for immunizations?

    And I firmly believe that the fried food with a 6-pack a night will do wonders for heart health....but that does not mean I will tell my friends to lie to get more unhealthful foods.
  7. psu_213

    What is a TROLL and other terminology

    Do you travel in a bubble?:rolleyes:
  8. psu_213

    The human foot

    I'm officially resigning from this conversation...
  9. psu_213

    What are your thoughts on the Applebee's mix-up?

    That's true...customer service is way more valuable in hospitals than it is in restaurants like Applebee's. In addition, it is apparently OK to make pretty serious mistakes in restaurants...one human mistake in the hospital is obviously worthy of a lawsuit.
  10. psu_213

    What are your thoughts on the Applebee's mix-up?

    I agree. It would be akin to a hospital taking all of the medications out of the unit dose packs and put them into medicine jars with hand written labels on them...Prescription for Disaster (cue ominous music here....I should write the 60 Minutes headlines)
  11. psu_213

    What are your thoughts on the Applebee's mix-up?

    I'm not going to make any rash assuptions about the parents or the Applebee's.... The only thing I will say about this: the article said it was a mistake. A human mislabeled the container. A human poured into the kid's cup. A human served to the kids. It sounds like a human mistake and that sort of thing happens. Yes, they need to do their best to make sure the system is mistake proof, but, well, it happens. I nursing journals I read about med errors that nurses make, and I think how could they?? I'm sure some of them are excellent nurses who made human mistakes. Regrettable, but it happens.
  12. psu_213

    The human foot

    I'm barefoot (at home) right now...wear comfortable shoes at work. Being a male, I do not have the best perspective on this... Who was it who decided that on fancy occasions it is best to wear the highest heeled, most uncomfortable shoes (at least I have heard they are uncomfortable) that are likely to cause pain and possibly permanent damage?
  13. psu_213


    Aren't Amber and 13 the same person??? Seriously though, House drives me nuts....so unrealistic (then again, all medical 'dramas'--or are they comedies?--do). It's unrealistic, its a drama....what did lawyers think about Law and Order?
  14. psu_213

    Why is It That . . . .

    Maybe because 'HIM' and 'HIS' was in CAPS in the original post....
  15. psu_213

    Radioactive harm in Japan vs cigarettes and alcohol

    I really have no idea. Why are you asking this (not trying to be smart about it...just wondering what you had in mind)? Also, (and I hope I don't sound stupid asking this) what is third hand smoke?