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  1. piglubabe

    Don't buy a dog, not any dog at all.

    sorry for the off topic comment but i just needed to vent somewhere.
  2. piglubabe

    Don't buy a dog, not any dog at all.

    Well I do agree that not every person is a dog person. Especially dog requires lot of care and pamper and time and all that. And we RNs don't even have a time on ourselves. there are days when I do double shift and I just leave my dog milk and purina food in a different bowl right by each other. and my dog is so smart he will eat only if he;s hungry. I came across with people feeding dog with shrimp. are any of you feeding shrimp? if you are what kind of shrimp u feeeding them? I googled and found out shrimp is not that bad at all for dogs but only little quantity. Shrimp – Can I Give My Dog