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  1. sugarmagnoliaRN

    Have you EVER or will you EVER date an MD?

    I'm currently in a relationship with Dr. Chase from House. Sure, he doesn't know and he's fictional, but that's ok right? :lol2: In all seriousness, no I've never dated one but I would if he were a good guy... occupation doesn't have much to do with my choices. One of my exes just recently started med school; current bf is a roofer.
  2. sugarmagnoliaRN

    Another FaceBook Rant

    I'll take non-texting any day!
  3. sugarmagnoliaRN

    Another FaceBook Rant

    My boyfriend does this with texting (non-emergencies)... I feel weird telling him to quit tapping on that dang screen but it's rude!

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