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  1. Leader25

    When They See Us and Donald Trump

    One can not justify what another says but listen with an open heart and mind to both sides,the state of NYC at t...whatever ,forget it,useless to comment here.
  2. Leader25

    First word that comes to mind.....

    yours ,mine or ours?
  3. Leader25

    When They See Us and Donald Trump

    No ,sorry ,I could but will not .Not enough privacy .
  4. Leader25

    When They See Us and Donald Trump

    Having lived thru the many scandals which the media chose to distort or not mention at all in order to create agitation,stir people up much of this is manipulation on a very tragic story FOR THE VICTIM. There is also the hoax perpetuated by the same false media where the innocent falsely accused by a lying fake victim actually committed suicide. No 41 million can bring that person back. We must step back and be more analytical of the media when they are offering up someone to the wolves.Question their intentions more,the desire to make a bigger dollar in sales has led many down the wrong path.
  5. Leader25

    Regarding this trade war against China.

    You can not compare apples to oranges, Texan ,or USA, wages ,benefits,safety rules to China.
  6. Leader25

    TraumaRUs's Rules for Air Travel

    This has been my dream as I have to fly 2-3 x yr and had some of the worst trips, not having a first class seat although the price I have had to pay for sudden trips is the equivalent of a first class ticket.I have only been upgraded once and it was Delta but it does not go to where Iam going as a non stop. I refuse to fly anything but non stop ,even if I have to go to an airport an hour further away. I like to fall asleep to decrease the time of stress but I had a guy next to me and I was not sure if I felt him touching my ass,so now I put a big book between me and the middle seat when I am by the window. I hate flying so much now,I have looked at train travel,car and not feasible.
  7. Leader25

    Super Facts About Superfoods

    I just can not wrap my head around coconut oil being good for you after so many years of bad reviews,I know many who grew up on those coconut related products and have not seen any miraculous effects.So I guess I must wait for more studies or research. Having lived through the artificial sweetener scares,when everyone was told to drink Diet tab with lemon, then eggs were so bad,then egg whites were bad for awhile,avocados were a big no no,I remember OPrah coming on her show saying how full of fat they were,I am so confused.
  8. Leader25

    TraumaRUs's Rules for Air Travel

    I wish they would really enforce this rule more often,I see back packs that could double as a twinbed and shopping bags so full and bulging,then they have the nerve to try to push me with that stuff. I make it my business to get their two hours ahead but the curbside check in is not even open yet-airlines need to fix this. and if your child cant tolerate airplanes well,find something or ask your doctor,do not subject the rest of us to six hours plus of screaming(as seen in U tube demon child). There is enough anxiety after 9/11 about getting on an airplane without others making it worse.
  9. Leader25

    Free Donuts for National Donut Day!!!

    I agree %100.
  10. You sound like a gem and seem to be trying to work together to accomplish this difficult goal.The Mr.Mom role is great,it is a big help when her mind can be free to study and focus on her school work.Nursing school is very challenging.I also suggest not to forget each other in the middle of such a busy and exhausting life,and obligations. Plan occasional time together,does not have to be expensive,just devoting some time together,to reconnect,recharge.Talk and tell each other about your day.As far as the children go try to watch supernanny for tips on parenting. Nurses like to talk about their day and the stress but men do not want to feel the reliving of her day.So find something else you both enjoy talking about and listen even just a little about her day. Good luck to you,keep us posted.
  11. Leader25

    Am I Mean?

    Sometimes men hook up with nurses because they know about their earning potential,you have to decide what you want for your future.There is no fun in loving no matter how romantic and sweet when life and reality enters the picture.Financial problems,poor credit,do not make for a stable romantic life.When you are young it is easily overlooked until you find your children going hungry,without medical care, no rent money.I remember a nephew who told us he married this girl because they both wanted the same thing...to get ahead, be successful.He was not rich,her family had more,but he had a vision,and has made his and her dreams come true.They have spiritual and material wealth. So think about it,how do you want to live your future?
  12. Leader25

    September 2018 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    Yeah,it always brings the bloodthirsty Bela Lugosi fans here!!!
  13. Leader25

    Art and Music

    Eve of Destruction

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