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  1. zuzi

    Curious: Cutest nurses work on which unit?

    Now depends of your "cutest" standards....I am sure that are not like mine, lol. No "cutest" seen still, to make a genaralisation, but again my cutest standards are others, .... long story. Stay just a nurse is better! Neither Hollywood stars are not paid better on this times! LOOOL Is hard to be young huh? Wait a little old is better!
  2. zuzi

    Sunday 17th of January.

    Done with leadership in nursing, lol...back to the kitchen there is the place for women, lol....."foreign leadership style" - please the master, NEVER, lol... master of spoons, and bowls...how much i hate myself, when I need to please.... lol Dumplings chicken soup... and chicken livers sautee with garlic and mashed potatoes, plus pickles... KOSHER, darling! LOOOL Ice skating, Diane... uhooooooo... dosen't matter, the best to be the winner! Enjoy! Not one to talk Sabby chat with me...lol, hugs!
  3. zuzi

    Sunday 17th of January.

    Cold here...time to do thinks that I used to do it long time ago....and to enjoy. Jnnette I love the delicate Zuzi also....is so damn cold that I could not skate and my dreaming night job is not coming yet, lol so let write words, lol. Lot of papers about leaders and leadership, about management styles and strategies.... uhoooooo...I LOVE IT. Plus statistics about how them works in one case or other.... Unfortunately, we all, we need LEADERS, Nurse Leaders, REAL ones, AMERICAN ONES! To create a nurse leader first analyze the statistics and opinion pools. How nurses imagine a leader? To work for patients first, second and last. Is easy to create a ledear for a purpose, but hard to create a leader for all and much more to have a choerent managerial style. Is a hard work...... A leader need too give direct instructions or orders??? The studies show that is not necessarly (my opinion is that, IT is, a big mistake...but is a new style, lol) What is the balance beetwen professional people or "well" known people we need to have to sourranding a nurse leader???? The same case-studies show us that "well known" works, lol..... A leader need to have a high observation and high sensitivity to be able to delegate to each other the perfect tasks to do..... loooool, not really....I am so bad not agree with any case studies, lol Case-studies show us that a leader could act and without any verbal or wrriten instructions, to not be quoted or if somenthing will be screw up to not be blamed, but if will be a succes the effort is from ALL. Leadership management in nursing is very nice area, and if you are not there to seen it, you will not understand ever... why the thinks are how they are, and works how they work. Is not much easy to sing instead..... lol
  4. zuzi

    Sunday 17th of January.

    What a woanderfull day... up and shinning dear ones! I am back on my warrior style to be...he, he, he, you know why nothing is not going well, because from statistical (NUMBERS) OBJECTIVE point of view and all others measurables.... EVERYTHINK IS OK. How damn it is ok when is not, how you could play with numbers, trying to say that is ok...is NOT! Long time ago from where i came, was a HUGE joke with how we can play numbers.... statistics, lol, THEY asked to enhance the numbers of grain plants acres, EACH MONTH, and to report it! All dumb statistician or grain specialists, lol, knew what is the REALITY, and what they asked could not be happen EVER, but THEY asked for. So here we are... the numbers of "beautifull grained acres" was MORE than WHOLE surface of the country, looooool. Numbers talk and people that try to please others! As soon as we will don't have an objective view to the REAL situation down HERE, nothing will work. An exemple: How many UTIs we have this month? WHY? To whom? Why? How many reccurents? Why? WE need STRATEGIES to work! Not covering with papers! Who keep statistics about all of THESE??? I never seen it???? Is a secret told to the ears of "specials"???? We need statistics! Real objective ones! Statisticiens are paid by officials, I HOPE, not by companies, lol. I could not make a statistic about my bathroom because my brother in law mess it and I love him...sooooo.... Everyone need to know about it. To know what it is NOW, where we want to go from now, how, and what will be happen if will be there or not. And numbers again... and who was, is will be accountable about it???? We can not feed 100000000 people with one bread an a bottle with wine, and much more ask them to be happy, if we are not "a special"... but we can talk straight, based on numbers about it. I am soo bad today....need to go to confess my self...but I took a look on some statistics (I am in love with statistics by the way, lol) and i seen, how others could do it (they make numbers????? )....loo, I hope not.... I am not a nurse to cover your ass, neither to be part of covering asses, but I am one to straight up dirty messy thinks...nobody will hiring me with this attitude, loooool...is a rude, harsh one, lol....signed warrior Zuzi...closed to bankruptcy, lol
  5. zuzi

    Sunday 17th of January.

    Grace you shine my day with that pink boat picture....and the nice lady, uhooo. WOANDERFULL! Who she is? Very very very nice boat! A bijoux! Thanks! Today plan: to up on skates my HUSBAND. I don't think so that I could do it, but I will try! LOOOL Skating enlight the spirits, open the vision, you could loose weight...... so up ALL on skates! I bought a special GPS (i need one with my special talent to find crazy ones in my way ) "please turn right or left, you have a jerk on azimuth running on this freeway" loooool Huugs....
  6. zuzi

    If only ... dream jobs

    Yes Zoe, i am not allowed to have two part-time jobs just one nd stuck there and generally who do you think that hiring foreigns????
  7. zuzi

    If only ... dream jobs

    Zoe I just don't want to go to think at....just try to forget, forgiveness they can ask from their God not from me! Yes was bad really really bad if I had GC I was going out from there from the first sign that somenthing is not ok, but without... just stucked there....
  8. zuzi

    If only ... dream jobs

    You know Zoe many of us we have...GIVEN, by chance...to see the bad part of nursing care, the worst one and the good one! The good one is there...IS NOT A DREAM! I received early a link ...may be will help many other nurses or aspiring to a nurse job! MY DREAM JOB IS NURSE! Always will be! Everythink else come and molded to NURSE! Look here..... is not about US is ALL about US! With a rate bellow average or poor, a nursing staffing turnover 5-6 time than CA state average, with wages low per hour for staff but high for managers, with benefits low or at all.... how do you think that will be the quality of care????? WE want numbers ...we have numbers! We need GOOD NURSES! But good nurses will not go there or if they will.... they will run with broken hearts! Is all about us... we let thinks to happen! My dream... is to be NURSE in a top facility, with top people, top education service, top managemnt, top atitude, top everythink.... and belive me or not Zoe.... I SEEN couple of them and is really HEAVEN! But is not for me...I am a foreign one, never even allowed to be there... neither thinking at.... people like me are "sold" from a bad facility to another one. I could not apply ever for GC, my case is closed is messed up! Was no one interest that ME, Zuzi, to have GC, even if I paid for it.......so i don't! But you Zoe, and all american nurses, you could do it "live alive Zuzi's dream".... go there and work for the best ones ever...they are THERE, just to find them.... I have so much trust in you! Make Zuzi pride of you, when I will enter there to apply for a night job or a part-time one, I will know that one of you, my american nurses, are from AN and i will be so happy! Be the best...keep your dreams up! Don't let your dreams to be broken by no one ...don't play in "others" games, don't play them games, be ...... THE NURSE....... just as you know that it is and you learnt to be! And YES pray for me! You are good but you need good ones around you too! Look at the link... find the good ones there... and go for it...LOOK FOR NUMBERS.... THINK.... if the numbers are bad what is happend for REAL THERE? Probably is a similar link for each of the US states....or close to it.... I still dream at my perfect nursing job......may be one day..... http://www.calqualitycare.org/
  9. zuzi

    Polar Bear Attack

    So cute, so lovely, puffy, kind ....need to be hugged...dear him....:p.... these are not bites.... just sharping teeth...is a cuty!
  10. zuzi

    Sunday 3rd January, 2010

    Have a nice evening AN & Co, lol. At what did you dreamed today? Good wishes, bad wishes? A long talk today about dreams and wishes... a long story listend about a perfect relationship.... any type of relationships.... I seen and listen today a story.... like all my stories, a story about two beautifull people from my world...my old world, my beautifull world...about a her a MD and him a poet, ....people the same look the same, think the same, fell the same.....is about harmony is about resonance! You need to believe in it. Harmony and resonance, balance with you and others.....how hard is to find it......is all about it...we create it! I know that I am THERE when if ask for a feedback I received the response right the way....in the manner that I waiting for..... Only someone who harmonizes with you could think like you and fell like you....if is not a screw up one, or a professional jerk, lol! My perceptions are a little distortioned now...I am scarred still...bad life experiences.... I found a massage saloon today.... I enterd scarred...... I am scared .....and i wasn't..... People nice...me scarred... yes I am scarred of people... They , tried to make me to fell comfortable...me scarred...(may be they are the same like others.....smiling nice ...acting bad) I NEED TO HAVE TRUST, I need to be me again....try to smile...is not me....I could not fell the harmony.....need to run, I FEEL TO RUN......and I don't want....so I asked for help......help from "my good light"... If are good vibes around.....they will atract another good vibes... if are bad vibes around they will atract another bad vibes around....I could not have trust now...in anyones...neither in me...soooooo.... I choosed to wait..... one new client came, and another one, and more one...in 10 minutes was in 6 new clients..... TK you "my light"... I had the response...is a good felling......are good vibes....people came in! People the same they are togheter.....and atract people the same like them.....is about VIBES-ENERGY-HARMONY-BALANCE. Fell the vibe! Is how to find a perfect job for you, for me lol! A perfect match ever ....fell the vibe or not! Is easy! Just be good!
  11. zuzi

    Sunday 3rd January, 2010

    Moooorning! Back to my old style to be.... I missed it soooo much, lol.... Like always 1000000 thinks to do and fallow up...I am so behind with them.... Out to find Zuzi's style people.... let's have fun and enjoy this life with people JUST like....US! Butterflly flied to Mexico for warm wheater ...soo no Marguerita today....loooool...and of course no freeway...lol. Let's sing....sun and warm let's sunshinne! I like this music style and singer too, lol, dressing style, ALL IN ALL my style ever! Have a woanderfull SUNday! (to do again my highlights???) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bwme-OYShME
  12. zuzi

    Why is it, when you clean your house...

    Outside restrooms....what a beuatifull memory...lol.... when the winter is there and the wind blowing in and out in the outside restroom... and your "derier" is frozen and and your focus is to not step in on the "big hole"...... there you build the surviver skills.... not on the cozy pink toilet seat....bleached...lol
  13. zuzi

    Happy new year! 1-1-2010

    Happy New Year! Have a Great Great Year! All the good wishes to be fulfilled, but all the bad wishes who can go to pain and unahpiness to others to never be done. To have a woanderfull year and to receive back 10.000 more ALL that you gave to others!
  14. zuzi

    so how was your Christmas?

    Sorry to hear about it Leslie...you has a good heart unfortunately some time people give another meaning to good thinks or hearts... SirI nice what you did it! Here... a mixed up Christmas in fellings, healthy and behaviors. The sensation to run away, ASAP, came again.... is hard to explain. I was sick a sthomac flu and I needed to up lifting me up because if not me then who??? Packing and packing and packing again... if not me then who? I started again to hate myself that I am a woman and much more a foreign one, needed to accept my life "as it is". I tried to put the two of me togheter on the same page but HOW, when to be woman is part of weakness, or at least a , snicky, foxy, style that I hate so much. Christmas is to be in peace with your self and others... I couldn't, at this time I could not forgive, I could not forget....was too much.... as soon as I let the garde down I am punched in a bad way.......woman and foreign, let's trick her, let;s use her, let's abuse her, let's mess with her........we are all she is alone... I tried to go to church...all was closed...I tried to talk with myself...is not help...is too much hurt still.... they used me,..how stupid I was to belive. So where is then the difference beteewn good and bad???? Kido happy, DH happy.....was a nice Christmas....I am much more than unhappy, unhappy sick just thinking about how this arranged mess could happend with me....I know that will pass but I could not deal now with it....
  15. zuzi

    Merry Xmas from the desert

    Good morning Merry Christmas! Grace you grow up a good boy, that is all....be happy many moms wish to have aboy like yours! Hugs for both of you! Nbaby... OMG, poor people...take care ....what Santa brings to you? lol Went to sleep late in the night and wakeup early in the morning my head is spinning around.... A courier came late with a present last night.... I laugh by my self., what could be........Green Cards are not coming in the Christams Evening, looool, and at all by courier, lol Was a present couple of movie DVDs and a little note .... DH presents, he is happy, kido presents the same.....looked on DVDs....he has right...I am "JUST" perfect how i am now, PERFECT cheap to be used, for what reason I need to have even much more....hey but was a dream about a little house-farm with a big yard...but was in the bag with the dreams about GC...I know, I know...I AM PERFECT how I am, is for what us we need you......loooool! For this i love my hubby, is honest, lol! I hate "le baron" and "the perfection" that he seen in me, but this another story, lol... Merry Christmas look around you hapiness could be somenthing else than you wish to be and much more closer, choose wise, love with your heart, choose with your minds..."le baron" said...not me...lol

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