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  1. I've been watching reruns while waiting for school to start next week. I know it's not close to reality but I love it anyways!
  2. staceym

    Foods that energize!

    Hey all, I'm starting my nursing program in 4 short weeks and was curious what your go-to foods for energy are? I'm trying really hard to focus on eating foods for energy for long days and lots of studying! Would love to see your thoughts...
  3. staceym

    Workout thread...

    ShantheRN, how's the progress going on the gym? I, too, have moments where I make the gym the monster, when rather it's sheer procrastination or laziness that's the real culprit for my lack of exercise. If it helps any, once you put on your clothes and make yourself go, you feel SO much better. I also like to treat exercise like a necessity such as eating healthy-I want my body to be healthy and strong so I feel good and live a healthy life. I also try to use exercise as an outlet for the stress/pressure of my life...I sleep better, I feel more focused and I know I'm doing the right thing. Maybe focusing on all the benefits of exercise will make it more appealing if not even an exciting thing? Good luck!
  4. staceym

    The Vegetarian Thread

    Hi! Still catching up on all the pages for this thread but I'll go ahead and introduce myself... I'm a flexitarian but headed more toward the vegetarian route with a relaxed view on having fish on occasion for the heart benefits. My soon-to-be husband is vegetarian so all our meals at home are generally the same. While I'm not the greatest cool, I'm always willing to learn anything to cook for us that's quick and nutritious! When I have more time I like to look through my "how to cook everything vegetarian" cookbook by Mark Bittman. It's a good tool for cooking new ( to me) vegetables. I'm going mostly vegetarian for a few reasons: it's better for my body, I feel better, after reading and watching several research based documentaries on meat production in the West, I can't eat meat for fear of what it will do to me and out of sadness for those poor animals. I just finished Michael Pollan's "The Omnivore's Dilemma"...don't even get me started on the stupidity and awfulness of the system that was created to manufacture beef. Oh and as far as fish goes, I only eat the Alaskan Wild Salmon (after doing research on that). But I'd love to swap recipes or talk issues or even share my latest obsession ...cold quinoa on spinach salad with avocado, olive oil and toasted almonds anyone? :)
  5. staceym

    What's On Your Plate?

    This is fun! I enjoy eating well but I have a hankering for unhealthy foods more often then I wish but I believe with time, this will slowly go away. I also have recently cut out all meat except fish so officially a "pescetarian" married to a vegetarian :) Therefore, egg/egg whites, quinoa, beans, and greek yogurt are staples in our house for protein purposes. Here's today's menu: B: black coffee, 1 serving of non-fat greek yogurt w/1 tbsp honey and 1/2 cup granola (forgot my blueberries at home!) S: handful of almonds L: bruchetta veggie burger, quinoa w/garlic chili sauce on top (DELISH!) and a few roasted red bell peppers; a dove dark chocolate square S: apple D: sauteed veggies (mushrooms, onions, zuccini) and black bean tacos on ww tortillas & w/cheese, lettuce, tomato, avocado and spicy salsa; roasted red bell peppers on the side (we are currently obsessed) Dessert: possibly a single chocolate cookie (I tend to bake a lot and give half the batches away to coworkers, family, friends, etc.) I don't count calories bc I really don't want to be obsessed or feel like I have to do it the rest of my life. I try to exercise everyday in some form, even if it's simply taking a 2 mile walk. I am finishing up a desk job this month so once nursing school begins and later being a nurse, I will be walking a lot on a daily basis anyways. I can't wait for that! A desk job is what made me gain weight to begin with....
  6. staceym

    Do you make time to workout during NS?

    oh MSN! I'm jealous... I will be there someday! And I forgot about the baked tortilla trick! I need to start that up again because chips with salsa and guacamole are a staple in my house...but I feel so guilty eating the tortilla chips. LOL. I will friend you now...
  7. staceym

    Do you make time to workout during NS?

    Runforfun, congrats on nursing school this month. Are you going for a BSN or ADN? I enjoy running and have just gotten back into yoga for strengthening and relaxation. I also have different types of exercise DVDs that help keep things interesting...I'm not really a gym girl. I think running before an exam is genius! Clearing the mind and relaxing really help me do better all around. And I'm totally game for keeping each other accountable, maybe we could start a separate thread for that? While my husband is no cook, he is always helpful about picking up food. We have a few good choices around (Chipotle, sandwich shops, Panera, etc.) but with downsizing to one income, I rather not eat out much. I plan on using my free time before school starts to really expand my cooking knowledge and practice healthy, quick meals and creating crockpot meals for big batches of something savory. My biggest issue will be snacking while studying as someone else mentioned... I will just have to keep lots of fruit and ready to eat vegetables. I will also have summers off for the next 3 years until I finish the program so it may be that summer will always be the time to really bump up the exercise to compensate for a few pounds gained...I may just have to be okay with that.
  8. Hi all, My fiance and I are going from both our incomes to just his when I start NS in September. With being incredibly busy from there on out, before hand, I would love to work out how we are going to do this. NS will already be an incredibly stressful time and I don't want to add the burden of cutting our monthly income in half...but yeah, no real choice. Has anyone else had to do this? Any tips? Suggestions? We are already working on paying off all our credit card debt and working on a budget. Thanks!
  9. staceym

    Workout thread...

    Been pushing the workouts lately and really enjoying it. Spin is my new love... class #3 was the one that made me swear to never stop! I think I burned like 800 calories or something in 1 hour... that's the kind of workout I want for my time! Epic, you are in the program, correct? And if yes, how far along are you? I start nursing school in the fall and just curious about what it's going to be like. And your post made me completely sure that I will be buying some HIGH QUALITY shoes for school. Poi, you better pick it up!! (haha, how's that for making you pick up the intensity?)
  10. staceym

    Workout thread...

    I wish mine needed to be contained....lol
  11. staceym

    What is your motivation for working out?

    Right now: Wedding Dress fitting: 7 weeks Bridal Shower: 10 weeks Bachelorette Party in Vegas: 3 months and 1 week Wedding then off to Honeymoon in St. Lucia: 4 months and 6 days (yay!) While getting engaged means more to me than getting in shape, it is definitely the best motivation I have had in a while. Not only do I want to feel comfortable in my own skin on my special day, but I also want to continue the habits I've started making long into my marriage. I just FEEL better when I do.
  12. staceym

    How to resist temptingly delicous foods??

    I've decided that I will try eating foods I love (that are good for me), skipping alcohol for a while and having 1 splurge meal a week in which I can eat WHATEVER I want, regardless of how many calories it is (but not stuff myself) and not feel bad. I'm also following Poi Dog's advice of not buying bad stuff and getting rid of what's still in my house.
  13. staceym

    Workout thread...

    My first spin class last night was awesome! It was probably one of the hardest workouts I've ever had but when I was done, I was so happy I did it! I am going to try to do it twice a week and move up to 3 days, along with my zumba workout on Saturdays and running twice a week. I also did circuit weights with my trainer before my spin class and focused on arms, back and abs. I'm pretty sore today but looking forward to circuit weights again on Friday. I do circuits with my trainer MWF and I am really starting to see results. Just got to get that eating in check and continue stepping up the cardio. Also, in regards to going to the gym alone, I too used to hate it. But since I got engaged, I really have a goal in mind everytime I go and it definitely helps me enjoy it more. Getting a trainer also helped me feel more productive with my time, especially because I can ask him about cardio and he helps me figure out how to push myself harder. Also, I tell myself just 30 mins and I'm done so I push it and then get out. Incorporating intervals when running also makes things easier because I end up focusing on making it through each sprint of 2-3 mins versus the whole 30 mins, etc.
  14. staceym

    How to resist temptingly delicous foods??

    Yep, that's me!
  15. staceym

    Workout thread...

    Trying my first spin class this evening... I hear it's going to be pretty tough but a good, solid workout. Wish me luck