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  1. hey you- d.do, imo, i wouldn't change anything about your onscreen persona. you are incredibly intelligent, comical, and highly sensitive when the situation warrants it. don't let anyone tell you differently.:balloons: you're the dude. leslie
  2. leslie :-D

    Love, lust, or marriage

    i agree with you, soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo very much. in my case, esp the husband. my kids are cool. leslie
  3. leslie :-D

    Random Thoughts

    random thought! marla NEEDS to get a puppy/dog as a companion to her lone dog. *the thought truly makes me smile.* leslie
  4. leslie :-D

    Random Thoughts

    love this...the way the black lab inched her way onto the bed. they're smart like that.:yeah: here's to inside dogs!!:cheers: marla, it's obvious you're another dog lover.:balloons: for me, dogs are wonderful companions, and add so much to one's quality of life. my son josh and i, are the true and avid dog lovers in the house. my dtr tiff and her dad, are the cat lovers (we have 4). everyone in our house, is happy. leslie :anmllvr:
  5. leslie :-D

    Random Thoughts

    re outside dogs... i was referring to owners who believe a dog's place is outside all the time. no concerns, such as farm dogs who are outside with the owner et al. my dogs are outside a lot as well. but when they want to come in, they scratch the door... and i'm happy to have them inside. of course, if dogs are accustomed to being out all the time, i'm not sure if they'd know to scratch or not. anyways, and speaking for myself, i love dogs being genuine family members, and consider their needs as much of my own kids. my husband sometimes yells at me, "THEY'RE ONLY DOGS!!. so take that cue as an unusual (??) dog lover. leslie eta: all 3 of them are superior watch dogs...whether they're inside or out.
  6. hmmph...reminds me of a business colleague i saw, and he was completely bald. (had never been before). with a big smile, i asked him, "keeping cool this summer, mr. clean?" he replied with one word: "cancer". i responded with, "you wear it well" and gave him a hug. that was one of the lower points in my life. so, i don't ask questions r/t baldness, or if a belly-prominent woman, if she's pregnant. :-| leslie
  7. leslie :-D

    The cat is dead

    omg anxious, that was beautiful. leslie
  8. leslie :-D

    Random Thoughts

    ugh...that **** kills me. oh...i guess i do have a wish.:madface: i'll let you guess. leslie
  9. leslie :-D

    What was the last wish you made?

    ok, i do have one. i would love to have a 1:1 with Him.:redbeathe i truly am looking forward to that some day. leslie
  10. leslie :-D

    What was the last wish you made?

    i'm like you: i truly don't wish. i tend to accept what has been given to me. but...i LOVE poi's answer, about taking away one's pain and suffering. leslie
  11. i mean, REALLY now.:yeah::rotfl::yeah: just perfect, tweety. leslie
  12. leslie :-D

    Random Thoughts

    having a dog(s), will NEVER let you down, kolohe. i'll never understand those petowners who have pets, but leave them as yard dogs, or anything that separates them from the family. big 'pet' peeve of mine. anyways, enjoy them.:redbeathe and i'm so glad you got siblings...i've never had it any other way. leslie
  13. leslie :-D

    Love, lust, or marriage

    yeah but, aren't you the one that has a long-distance relationship with your husband? i know that someone on staff, does. even so, it's a lot more probable to feel lusty if you don't see your spouse 24/7.:twocents: leslie
  14. leslie :-D

    Favorite Splurges :D

    up until 4-6 months ago, i drank a lot of diet soda. now i don't drink any. have heard too much escalating, neg press about it...about all sodas, incl the diet. now i drink wyler's light rasberry ice...no carbonation. come in single packets and you get 10/box, for $1. still, i do wonder if drinking ANY type of diet drink is risky for your health. or...does it have something to do specifically with soda. i do wonder. just can't drink plain water. leslie
  15. leslie :-D

    What are you doing right now?

    fart fog???:lol2::lol2::lol2: oy. that has to be worse than being maced...or even tased. :idea:...hmmm. i think you need to patent ff as your own. that'd be an sbd deterrent to potential criminal acts. "the fart fog frisbee; we aim to cease.":D leslie

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